What is Tantra?

TANTRA! Is it for sex-crazed maniacs or spiritual seekers?
Or just maybe it’s a deep homecoming to self!

Is Tantra for the sexy ones or the spiritual ones?

Sex-crazed maniacs are the ones who are interested in Tantra. Are they just looking to get as much sex as possible? Is it true that they go to all these events to engage in orgies?

Or is it really the spiritual ones? Is it for those who don’t have sex because they are so spiritual? But they can meditate and project their sexual energy out into the cosmos.

It’s come to my attention recently that many people write Tantra off because they think it’s all about sex. And yes, that is part of it, and it’s so much more than that. And others write off Tantra because it’s too flaky and woo-woo. It’s come to my attention that many do not understand what Tantra really is.

What if Tantra was much more everyday, pragmatic and simple? What if it had the potential to transform the way you think, the way you feel and the way you experience life?

What is Tantra?

Tantra is about connection to your inner self. Via the connection to the inner self, the heart opens more deeply, the mind opens more broadly, and the consciousness becomes more accepting and discerning. We live in times of mass mental stimulation. Thinking, processing, planning and strategizing are the more common ways of being in daily life.

Attention is paid to the physical body but very much as a way to look good, to improve strength and fitness – focusing on results rather than feeling. There is very little awareness of what it feels like to be inside of one’s body. To be aware of the daily movements of energy, sensation and feeling can dramatically enhance one’s life. Yet mostly in today’s world, that type of connection is overlooked.

Feelings as a navigation process

The feelings in our bodies are our navigation systems. They provide commentary to the way we are moving through life. They let us know when something is in flow by providing us with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. They let us know when something is not right by bringing us to a slow down and possibly a stop.

We use the language of our body – “I can feel it in my bones” or “gut feeling” but disconnection from the body is very prevalent in today’s world.

We live in times where the mind is king. The mind triumphs over the body, people not listening to how they feel. And as a society we are getting sick because of this. Pushing forwards regardless of how we feel creates a huge cost.

I have been there pushing through my feelings, looking for answers at the bottom of a glass. Pretending to myself, that I didn’t have feelings and that I was bulletproof. Forcing myself to work in ways that did not feel good. Even when my body was screaming at me to make change, I kept on going. Because that is what people do isn’t it? Just push on through.

What I realised is that pushing through uncomfortable places in my life – engaging in work, relationships, and social activities that did not feel good and were not aligned with me – created more difficulty in my life. I drank more to disguise my discomfort; “I am busy” was my mantra and I was overly engaged in other people’s lives.

I see now that behaviour kept me separate from myself. Kept me away from acknowledging that my life wasn’t working.

Transformation Through Tantra

Working with clients now for over 12 years, I see this often. People staying away from their feelings, staying busy and distracted and running on over-stimulation.

Asking what is Tantra is the first step for many people. This leads many to joining Tantric workshops and retreats where they deepen in self-awareness and grow new levels of appreciation for creating real relationships.

After engaging regularly in Tantra retreats, many of our clients report that they feel much more peaceful. This comes as a result of learning to listen to oneself, learning to pay attention to the feelings as an internal navigation system. I see people grow in inner strength – stepping into awkward conversations where they once would have run away, opening their hearts to love and appreciate others fully where they once were restrained and knowing how to create healthy boundaries.

People transform their lives through Tantra in ways that they could have never imagined. I have seen men and women improve their family relationships – with their parents and their children. I have seen people recreate themselves, making significant career changes, as they learnt to listen to the inner calling. People become more aware of their inner world and as a result, more aware of the outer world. I see people who have been highly guarded and protected in their lives become softer, more receptive, more expressive and more relaxed.

Tantra is the Integration of Spirituality and Sexuality

The opening of life force through Tantra creates enormous benefits throughout all areas of life – vocational, family, relationships, emotional, physical and sexual! Yes, Tantra can dramatically enhance your sex life.

Tantra integrates sexuality and spirituality. But it’s not just for the sex-crazed maniacs or the spiritual seekers. It’s for everyone. It’s inclusive. The only requirement for Tantra is that you can breathe.

Much of what we explore in Tantra focuses on breathing, movement and awareness of the body. And at the same time we explore how to live in more authentic ways. Showing up in life fully as the man or woman you desire to be. In this part of the journey we often explore masculine / feminine dynamics, psychological aspects, ways to create connection, healing past trauma and so much more.
My focus is always on keeping things pragmatic and applicable to daily life situations. Providing our clients with teachings and wisdom that can be utilised in simple ways. Sharing wisdom that can create new perspectives and the possibility of immediate change.

Tantra as a Deep Homecoming to Myself

I define my Tantra journey as a deep homecoming to myself. As a way in which I began to know myself from the inside out, a journey through which I surrendered and gave up the external pushing. It’s the way in which I embraced my feminine essence and learnt to use my masculine energy more constructively.

Tantra is the space in which I learnt that my feelings, my peace of mind, my depth of sensations, my orgasm, and my aliveness are all only one breath away.

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