Wall Street Powered by Sex

Wall Street Powered by Sex

Suddenly, during the 1980s money, power and corporate deals became sexy and Wall Street was the place to be. Traders, bankers and corporate brokers went from being overlooked by society to being perceived as glamorous.

Lust for money led the way. As credit cards increased in popularity, consumers enjoyed freewheeling spending, borrowings reached new heights, and regulations loosened around finance and lending institutions.

Corporate greed and material aggrandization were lionized and celebrated. Moneymakers pushed the boundaries of what was possible, striving for status through deal size and risk.  But the lust for bigger deals led to major crashes. The financial crashes of 1987 and 2008 were fuelled by the desire for a bigger game and more money.

Life in the 1980’s reflected the shift in material values.  Whilst capitalism boomed, men and women wore power suits, plastic surgery increased and everything became bigger and more polished. People focused on building empires and images of success, rather than family and community.  

The recent Oscar nominated movie, The Big Short, details the true story of the USA 2005 mortgage crisis, which led to the global financial crisis (GFC) of 2008. Essentially banks took advantage of people; millions of home loans were issued without appropriate credit checks and bonds written against loans that had no value.

Creating an illusion of value, when there was no substance or foundation – bankers treated it like a game, but people’s livelihoods were at stake. This particular example led to the financial and emotional devastation of millions of people as they lost homes, life savings and retirement funds.  It was not sexy at all.

Even bankers, who not long before, were revered as respected community members, had flouted the law. They ignored people’s wellbeing and followed their greed to pursue personal gain.

I have no doubt that sexuality is expressed through finance and power. My clients even describe the feeling as a sexual charge in the lower body.  It activates their desire to consume and possess. They report sexual feelings and are certainly consuming and possessing, so why do they feel so bereft and empty?  

Drug, alcohol and sex addiction often become the trap for traders and business executives chasing the next high. Wolf of Wall Street, the real life story of Jordan Belfort, (former stockbroker jailed for stock manipulation), depicted how intrinsic drugs, alcohol and sex were to the fast lifestyle of a trader.  And why do they need more consumption in order to feel as good as they once did, when they had less?

Let me try to answer this for you. I’m going to talk about sex now. We all know the exhilaration of sexual charge in the body, the feelings of lust and the desire that increases until the moment of penetration. This same lusty desire can be mirrored in the negotiation of a business deal. However there is one critical difference. The business deal does not come from, nor activate, a key part of our body and psyche. While the deal turned you on, your heart was turned off.

My clients are often drawn to Tantric work because they have been successful in the external world, but struggle with an inexplicable sense of emptiness. I traversed this landscape myself, from immersion in pursuit of corporate achievement as a Chartered Accountant, all the way to burn out. In the end, my heart wasn’t in it and my body couldn’t keep up. Staying healthy in this environment was impossible. It was like trying to exist on food without calories. My heart was starved, my life force diminished.

Since I made this transition thirteen years ago, I have supported many others to take similar leaps. I want to be clear here. This is not about completely denying external achievement. Rather, it’s to create opportunities to feel, express and be informed by your inner world. Living a life where my inner feelings and sensations inform the outer direction has been a great step towards my wellness and thriving. I can run a successful business and keep my heart fully engaged.  

Sexual power increases more naturally this way, with the heart in tact. Connection to myself and others opens the heart to feel both the beauty and tragedy of everyday life.  We need to let ourselves feel.

Through working with business executives, I see the struggle created in a life of disconnection. This fear of feeling their vulnerability has often been the catalyst to focus externally. But being in touch with the capacity to feel, supports them to be more whole leaders, supports them to make more humanitarian choices and truly relate to the people who are their employees and customers.

When corporate executives learn to say yes to their inner fears and desires and tap into the alchemy of living from the inside out, their lives change dramatically. They discover a world of inner connection that greatly enhances their relationships and businesses.

We need leaders who follow their hearts and lust for inner connection. They can use the newfound energy this brings to fulfill their purpose in the outer world. Let’s bring this possibility to Wall Street and all the major financial centers around the world. Yes, a Wall Street powered by sex.