Teaching People to Love

Over the course of a few conversations recently, I really landed in the feeling and depth of this.

What we are doing at Tantric Blossoming is teaching people to love. Really and truly love. Not the romantic version, not the fluffy version. But to really love. To learn how to feel, to connect, to say yes from the inside out.

We give permission and space for all of who a person is, we support them to take the charge out of their stories. We validate their feelings. We provide nurturing, soothing and support in ways they have never experienced.

Our work with people can be challenging and is held in tender compassion at the same time. There is space for everything. All of who a person is. Everything is welcome.


People often express pain and taboo and stories that have never been shared. Myself and our team of practitioners are creating safety and an incredible depth of tender loving for all that is.

We teach people to love themselves by providing love. When one has not known love, how can they find it internally. They need to feel it first. To have a moments imprint of being gifted and held in love.

Then they can re-create internally for themselves.

When one truly knows how to be self-loving, then loving another is possible. Here’s to a world full of love!

Thanks to the incredible team of people around me who have supported my deepening into these gifts also. So much love and gratitude. Teaching People to Love