September 2014 - Transitions

Dear Tantric Blossoming friends

We are certainly living in tumultuous timesenergetically – and I know I have said this before, but it feels like right now we are in another peak.

I wrote a note on Facebook this week, a personal reflection on the current shifts and the advice I am currently giving to myself each day. I have received a lot of feedback from people to say that the note very much relates to them and their current life situation. Hopefully, the advice in it can support others in the way I have been supporting myself recently. (see below)

Tantric Blossoming news

Mentoring sessions

In these times you may need additional support in your life…

  • If you are looking to go much deeper into your inner world
  • to release yourself of the shame and fears that keep you playing small
  • to heal past wounds around your sexuality..

I am currently opening up a few places for new mentoring clients.

I am working with people either face to face or on Skype, providing an energetic space that encourages a deeper journey into self-love, self-acceptance and trust of the wisdom that lives within you. Coming into our own fine balance of feminine loving and masculine presence leads to greater wisdom, joy and authenticity across all areas of our lives… this is the gift I wish to share with my small group of mentoring clients. Please contact me for further information.

The Pleasure Intensive

Change of date

We have moved the date of this new retreat to 27 to 30 November (or 26 to 30 November for the 4 day option). View the details

This will be an event full of decadence and indulgence on every level… Self-love, self-pleasure, partner massage, tantric practices, sensual dancing, exquisite food journeys… All of your senses will be delighted!! And we will be having some mini-pleasure adventures coming up in Melbourne and Sydney between now and then to inspire and deepen the pleasure experience. 

And on the subject of pleasure…

The Art of Making Love to Cake [eBook]

Our beautiful and talented Jerika Black who prepares all the food for Tantric Blossoming retreats has created an ebookThe Art of Making Love to Cake. It has some delicious recipes, insights and tips for creating more sensuality, intimacy and pleasure with food – and the magic of Jerika’s words will have you rushing into the kitchen to begin making your very own raw cakes today!

You can buy your copy here

Beauty of Woman is back in Melbourne

And Beauty of Woman is back in Melbourne on Tuesday… I am facilitating and looking forward to sharing with women in Melbourne after several months away from this nourishing monthly event.

With love, wisdom and pleasure,


A personal share and my advice to myself… Maybe it can help you too.

So many of us are going through big transitions right now. For some it is in the external environments activating the internal, others have quieter external environments but are still feeling strongly activated internally.

I have had a lot of external activations and big transitions all around me for 12 months now. There have been many situations that have been really difficult to deal with and sometimes I haven’t had the resources to deal with the particularly traumatic circumstances happening around me… and that included my own personal life and the lives of people I hold dear in my heart.

What I am noticing as I hold myself more closely is that my inner world was always going to go through transition this year. This year is the year for my world to change.

So whether these external events had happened or not, my consciousness had its own plan for this year – the further dismantling of my patterns, my beliefs, the holding in my body, the identification with the external, the identity of me in a particular way.

And so I am still quite strongly in a lot of transitions and I am more able to stay present with challenge than I was a few months ago when the state of trauma in my body was at an all time high… However, I need to monitor my energy and my choices day by day. How much energy do I have available for work, for social interactions, for conversations? It’s a very vulnerable place for someone like myself who has always been so identified with being capable.

It’s the most uncertainty I have experienced in myself ever. However, it may also be the most truthful place I have been in. Because I am not putting up the usual mask of coping, being capable, I can handle anything… and so on.

I am seeing myself and feeling myself more clearly than before and having greater compassion for my own humanity. And there are times when it feels really sweet and I am completely open, and other times where it feels unbearable to see and feel the parts of me that have been denied previously. And so I come back to staying close to myself…

This is quite a tall order when energies and currents on our planet are changing rapidly day by day; everyone is talking about how fast things are moving. And so, staying close to myself and being in touch with my humanity and checking in on my needs day by day is a strong position to hold.

I was sharing with someone this morning that I am noticing in the collective that our inner worlds are transitioning faster than ever before and so it is quite uncomfortable for many of us. I am pulling back from the temptation to point the finger outside to say that my discomfort is because of what is happening outside. I am sitting much deeper with myself than ever before. I am sitting in the depths. I am aware that I am being activated by the external at times, but the real pain and the real gifts are all on the inside.

And so day by day this is my advice for me.. and maybe you will find it useful too…

stay connected to my inner world,
stop and breathe,
place my hands on my body,
be alone, check in on my needs,
check in on my available energy for others,
move the body, dance, walk, yoga, run,
be in nature,
journal, paint

… And maybe some days simply stay in bed. Whatever is appropriate in each day, knowing it may be different for me each day… And I can ask for help and support… Share with others where needed… Trusting and allowing the process of life to work through me.

Sometimes I feel alone in the experience and can resist the sensation of aloneness but more and more I am feeling the gift in the aloneness… that then the journey really all begins and ends with me. And at the same time, I know I am not alone… so many of us are on this journey together right now.

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