September 2013 – Pleasure And Intimacy For Healing

Pleasure and intimacy for healing | Sep 2013
Dear Tantric Blossoming Friends
Community Collaborations

Future Sound of Yoga – Halloween Party

Tantric Blossoming has been invited to collaborate on some awesome projects in the coming months. I will be presenting at a Halloween event hosted by Future Sound of Yoga in Sydney, on October 26.

I’m a fan of Angel and Matt’s work and feel honoured to be part of this event, along with Michelle Mahrer of 5 Rhythms and Mason Taylor of SuperFeast. So get your Halloween outfit on and come party with us – it will be the party of the year!

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Sydney Spirit Retreat

Alison Petrie is facilitating at Sydney Spirit Retreat on November 22 to 24.
I went along in February this year – it was a beautiful event held in the magical location of Mangrove Mountain, NSW, with yoga, tantra and dance available from some of Australia’s best teachers.

Pleasure and intimacy for healing


 Vagina Healing practice

In this video I outline how women can heal their vagina with gentle touch and awareness internally. This practice can also be done by men on women for healing and increasing sensitivity and pleasure within the vagina.

Healing can be pleasurable, and pleasure can lead to healing. There is often guilt associated with sexual pleasure which the mind judges not to be healing. However if we can accept pleasure then it can be a very powerful healer.

In some of my own recent intimate experiences I am exploring a whole new level of openness and love through pleasure. Through this I have noticed a change in my nervous system and openness in all relationships – present and past.

Our Tantric Alchemy training is progressing beautifully. Recently we had some days focused on pleasure and intimacy for healing and everyone felt how much it supported a deeper level of opening and connection within our group. I know in some group spaces there is preference for catharsis and in others preference for pleasure.

Personally, I feel there are times and spaces for both. Life is about balance and variety and there will be different needs depending on the stage of growth and openness. At Tantric Blossoming we weave in opportunities for catharsis and pleasure through private sessions, workshops, retreats and training. We use our intuitive insights to discern which is appropriate at any given time.

We will be exploring pleasure and intimacy more deeply in the upcoming couples retreat and it is one of the topics Lilamani and I will be discussing on radio this Sunday evening.

Lilamani and Martina on 4BC radio on Sunday night

Lilamani and I will be on Brisbane radio, 4BC on Sunday night talking about how to enhance relationships. We will be looking at why relationships break down when there is lack of depth and intimacy, how sexual pleasure and intimacy can create healing, bringing connection back to sexuality and how men and women approach sexuality and emotions differently. It will be a very full and interesting segment!

DETAILS: Good Relations with John Scott, 10pm to Midnight
Use the webpage to listen live on Sunday night from anywhere in Australia.

Participant shares his experience of Tantra

Daragh, a recent participant at Tantric Nights, Intimate Nights and Being Man – a weekend retreat, wrote this about his tantric journey to date. I really enjoyed reading it and Daragh has given us permission to share with you here:

I look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events.
With love and inspiration,

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Tantric Nights – Sat 21 Sep

Beauty of Woman – Tues 18 Sep
Tantric Nights – Sat 12 Oct
Being a Sexual Man – Wed 13 Nov
Feminine Sexuality – Sat 16 Nov

Beauty of Woman – Tues 18 Sep
Being a Sexual Man – Tues 1 Oct
Feminine Sexuality – Sat 12 Oct
Tantric Nights – Sat 12 Oct

Tantric Nights – Sat 19 Oct

Heartfelt Tantra for Couples – 26 to 29 Sep
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Other community events

Night Creatures Halloween Party – Sydney, Oct 26

Sydney Spirit Retreat – Mangrove Mountain, Nov 22 to 24

Raw food, Raw Senses playshop – Melbourne, Sep 14
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