September 2012 – Alchemy Is In The Air

Alchemy is in the air  |  September 12
Dear Tantric Blossoming Friends
What we have for you in this month’s newsletter:

~Tantric Wisdom for your life
~A personal note from Martina
~Do It In A Dress – help raise money to send girls to school in Sierra Leone.
~Calendar of events
~Community event – Quodoushka 1: A Shamanic Approach to Spiritual Sexuality

Tantric Wisdom for your life

Can Tantra be practiced alone? On this short video I talk about solo tantric practices to open the body sexually and create more pleasure and sensation.

Alchemy is in the air – a personal note

This year sure is turning into a wild ride. I have been travelling big extremes recently as I know many of you have: the highs of loving support, increased flow, gratitude of incredible people around me and amazing new opportunities; and lows of being challenged in several close relationships, feeling torn about who I am in these relationships, the continued breaking down of masks I thought I had removed and generally feeling messy within myself – resulting in flu that’s forced me to bed for 5 days. Let’s hope next time I spend 5 days in bed it’s because a new love has come into my life!!

All of this is helping me find deeper clarity about what’s a priority in my life and for the future of Tantric Blossoming.
Recently we held two Intimate Nights events – one for women in Melbourne and a mixed one in Sydney – and both were incredibly deep and transforming events and feels like the zone I want to play in more regularly.

In these spaces I experience the incredible alchemy that tantra can be. The opportunity to transform our stories, masks and dramas into inner knowing, love and openness. Sometimes alchemy can be messy but then so are a lot of fun things in life – having sex, food fights, walking in the rain.
Alchemy is about going to the core of who you are, how you are living and the choices you are making – consciously or unconsciously – for your life, and from this place turning the unseen into the seen, so that your choices and life can be created out of what you desire rather than what you don’t desire.

This will be a big part of the foundation work that we do in Tantric Alchemy Training – our 12 month facilitator training program, which commences with a 5 day residential retreat March 20 – 25, 2013. More information about this will be released as soon as possible.

Do It In A Dress – send girls to school in Sierra Leone

The Tantric Blossoming team is “Doing It In A Dress” to help raise money to send girls to school in Sierra Leone. Watch this video to learn more:

To sponsor any of our team members,

Martina will be wearing her school dress for all October events and $5 from each Tantric Nights ticket sold in October will go to Do It In A Dress – and many of our regulars and assistants in October will be joining us in dresses!! Let us know if you would like to wear a school dress too – they come in a variety of sizes for men and women. 

I look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events.

With love, intimacy and alchemy

Calendar ~ forthcoming events
To book go to
or call me on 0438 271 637
 For Women Only – webinar

Online  More
1st Tuesday of each month
Tues 2 Oct , 6 Nov
Facilitator: Martina Hughes
 For Men only – webinar

Online  More
2nd Monday of each month
Mon 8 Oct, 12 Nov
Facilitator: Martina Hughes
 Beauty of Woman – monthly women’s circle 

Sydney   More
3rd Tuesday of each month (no October event)
152 Victoria Rd, Bellevue Hill
Facilitator: Alison Petrie

3rd Tuesday of each month
Hughesdale (nr Chadstone), address provided on registration
Facilitator: Martina Hughes

Brisbane   More
2nd Thursday of each month
Red Hill, address provided on registration
Facilitator: Lilamani

 Tantric Nights
Social Evening for men & women, singles & couples  More

Sat 20 Oct, 7pm-11pm
Yoga in Daily Life, 117 – 119 Anzac Parade, Kensington

Sat 27 Oct, 7pm-11pm
Breathing Space, Level 1/217 Chapel St, Prahran (above Chapel St Bazaar)

Sat 20 Oct, 7pm-11pm
Vitalelife, 83 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington

Other community events
 Quodoushka 1
A Shamanic Approach to Spiritual Sexuality
Nov 1 – 4, 2012

A residential retreat for singles and couples, 90 minutes from Melbourne, with Mukee Okan and John Thunderwolf. Elder wisdom and guided practices in a safe space exploring your natural self as the magic of the matrix of creation.

The Q space always honors the sacred law – all things are born of the Feminine, sparked by the Masculine.

Register online:
or call
Bhava: 0417.537.587 |

Free Q preview in Melbourne
Monday October 29, 7 – 9.30 pm with Mukee.

Martina Hughes | 0438 271 637 |