Relationship Tools For Men

2 Day Live Online Workshop

Create the Love, Sex & Intimacy You Desire

Sometimes life can be full of pressure. Pressure to achieve, to perform, even to take care of or be responsible for others. Maybe you are in a rut, bored or tired of feeling alone. Maybe you are in a relationship that just isn’t working the way you want it to?  Maybe you feel like something needs to change in your life, and you don’t know what that is.

This event, Relationship Tools for Men – Level 1 has been created for men who are ready to embrace the change they need, the type of change that empowers their life and inspires their outlook. This workshop is for any man who is wanting to start fresh, who wants to learn how to rejuvenate his relationship, who wants to discover how to have the quality of sex that he desires or to create a shift within that allows him to meet a different quality of woman.

In today’s world, men are wanting more from their relationships. Too often romantic connections leave men feeling disappointed, hopeless or trapped, particularly when the sexual spark seems to suddenly disappear and leaves men wondering “what just happened!?”

Today’s man wants to experience depth, intimacy and loving freedom

We are committed to creating a space where you can learn how to be the man you want to be, and align your life toward creating the love, sex, relationship and intimacy you desire!

We teach men how to love their partners in a way that is wholeheartedly received by women and to cultivate a connection that is fulfilling AND lasting!

During the two days you will explore:

 How to develop more presence through your body

Cultivating trust for greater physical and emotional intimacy

Your unique expression of being a Man

How to improve your experiences with women

Embody and express your masculine power

Give up being “the nice guy” and the other traps that leave you powerless with women

How to cultivate your sexual energy and use that as fuel for life

Develop clarity on your priorities

Tap into the power and presence available through your penis

This 2 day course is a prerequisite to Relationship Tools for Men, Level 2 – A 3 Day Retreat.

During this retreat we explore cultivating deeper masculine qualities, how to physically connect with a woman in a way that opens her more fully than ever before, receiving feedback from women on how you are received and experience by them, developing your presence and capacity for challenges, being able to communicate in a way that honours your sensitivity and depth and much more.

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