Sacred Sexuality Tincture – Women

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Sacred Sexuality Tincture – Women

28ml (organic)

Melt into a deeper dimension of lovemaking…

This tincture of herbs and flower essences is a transformative aphrodisiac for both man and woman. Sacred Sexuality is supportive and energizing to the body, while addressing and easing many emotional issues regarding sexuality. Sensitivity is heightened as lovers melt and merge, entering into profound union. In this experience of “let go,” many transformative and alchemical changes occur.

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Woman's formula Ingredients

Fresh milky oat heads (avena sativa), flower essence of pomegranate, flower essence of red ginger, flower essence gem elixir combination female sexuality (Pegasus #103) 60% organic grape alcohol.


Take 7 drops three to five times a day, and 1-2 dropperfuls in a little water before lovemaking.