What We Offer

What We Offer

Our workshops are suitable for newcomers and those more advanced in Tantra. Our focus is on supporting everyone to deepen their experience of inner and outer connection, and this is an ongoing experience with infinite potential. Whether you have done many workshops or are new to Tantra, there is always the chance to learn to breathe more fully, to relax the body more deeply, to receive the masculine / feminine energy in a more integrated way and to bring more presence to your self and others and more.

What We OfferWe offer a variety of workshops and retreats for women, men, couples and mixed groups, in:

  • Sydney (Paddington and Crows Nest)
  • Melbourne (Prahran and Hughesdale)

We are happy to travel to other parts of Australia and overseas if you would like us to run one of our existing workshops or retreats or to run a program customised to suit the needs of your group.

OUR RETREATS COMBINE breathwork, bodywork, touch, meditation and movement activities as well as sharing and discussion on a variety of topics.

THE SPACE created is fun, healing, gentle and personalised to meet you wherever you are in your process.

NO PRESSURE – you can choose your own level of comfort and participation at our workshops and retreats. There is no sexual intercourse, overt expression of sexuality or compulsory exercises. Our offerings that include nudity are Blossoming Woman, Being Man, Walking on the Edge, Integrating the Shadow, Living Your Essence and Deepening in Union retreats as well as our Tantric Alchemy Training.

You can review testimonials to read what clients have said about past events. Check Our Events Calendar for what’s on when and bookings. Descriptions of our workshops can be viewed via the following links:

Beginner Intermediate  Advanced

Please contact us if you would like to discuss which workshop would be best for you.