One Last Dance!


Sadly, after almost 8 years Tantric Nights is coming to an end; it is time for one last dance. This has not been an easy decision to make. There have been many personal, business and community factors to consider.

Personally, my heart feels called to offer my gifts in other forms, and Alison is also in creative mode around what comes next. At the level of Tantric Blossoming, community and business wise, it feels like time for newness and change.

Since Sydney has been the long term home and foundation for Tantric Nights, we are planning a big Sydney based farewell and would love to have as many of you as possible join us there.

The very last opportunity for celebration, community and connection – Tantric Nights style, will be co-led by Allison and I on the grand finale on the 25th June!

For everyone who has loved and grown and journeyed with us during the last 8 years, please do come and dance with us at this final event.

Both Alison and myself have some personal reflections on our journey with this incredible event and all of you as a fabulous community, that we will share with you via email in the coming weeks.

For today, we felt it was important to communicate the decision to all of our beloved community members so that you can keep the date free and be part of the final event.

In the words of David Bowie, “let’s dance”!!

Final Tantric Nights – Saturday, 25th June
7pm – 11pm
Barefoot Yoga, Paddington

With love and heartfelt connection,