November 2012 - Feed Self First
Feed self first  |  November 12
Dear Tantric Blossoming Friends
November 2012 - Feed Self FirstWOW!!! What a beautiful last couple of months in the Tantric Blossoming world. I have enjoyed sharing with so many of you at events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. I feel so much love and passion for this work I share with you all. It is a delight to be doing what I love and sharing with so many people who are opening their hearts through Tantra.

Sometimes the Tantra journey can have us feel overwhelmed, joyous, beautiful, loving, sad and crazy… which is all part of coming home to ourselves, learning to trust our hearts, our bodies and spirits.

If you want to learn more about Tantra, here is a video of me sharing at Soul Sessions on Valentine’s Day 2012.November 2012 - Feed Self First

November 2012 - Feed Self First
I invite you all to join me on this journey – the journey of opening your heart through Tantra.
We will have many more opportunities for sharing this work with you in 2013 – via our online webinars, individual sessions and workshops, retreats and our very special Tantric Alchemy Training!

The journey of Tantric Alchemy is about integrating the unconscious so that we can live more consciously and create the lives that we desire. That is my passion… to know myself, to feel what is inside that may be unconsciously driving me, to integrate, to say yes to every part of myself and to love myself so deeply that all is love.
Please ring or email me if you would like more information about the training – places are booking up fast.
November 2012 - Feed Self First
Tantric Wisdom for your life

It’s been the topic of many conversations I have had recently via presentations, workshops and social media communication…

November 2012 - Feed Self FirstWomen, Love & Sex: feed self first

As we grew up, we were conditioned that everything was about what we could do for other people, how you could “get” men to like you, how you need to please men and take care of their needs.

This is a slippery slope that many of us women never return from…

What I have explored through tantra, and keep on opening to in myself, is being open for me, primarily … knowing, feeling and experiencing that both my heart and sexual energy are for MY wellbeing BEFORE anyone else’s benefit or gratification…

When a woman understands the difference between being open for herself and using her sexual energy to “get” attention,
she is liberated.
And she will earn the respect and admiration of
the men around her.

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November 2012 - Feed Self First
Events December to mid January

Tantric Blossoming will be on holidays from mid December through to mid January.
We have a few events on offer for the rest of 2012, to support you in opening your hearts and inspiring your life as you move towards the holiday season.


or call us on 0438 271 637

November 2012 - Feed Self First
In Melbourne with Martina

Sat 1 Dec: Feminine Sexuality – a day for women

This is a deeply healing and nourishing day for you to connect with your unique expression of sexual energy, to open your heart and body to greater feeling, to understand masculine and feminine dynamics in relationships and more.

Sun 2 Dec: Deepening the Dynamic – a day for men and women, singles and couples

A perfect way to understand the flow of energy between man and women, to open your heart and to know how to open your partner’s heart, feeling more deeply into union with each other, understanding masculine / feminine interplay through simple practices and sharing, no nudity involved.

For repeat attendance of either of these events
use the code
‘repeat’ when booking online for
a 50% discount.
November 2012 - Feed Self First
Available globally – online webinars

For Women Only and For Men Only

Many of you have expressed recently that you were unaware of our webinars, so I thought I would share a little bit about how they work. Martina leads discussions and practices via video sharing. There are 6 video spaces on the webinar so we sometimes have participants on video too. You can however, choose to close your video off if you would prefer privacy.

The great thing is that you are in your home, having experiences that can support you to learn how to be more in your masculine or feminine, to open your heart, to feel energy in your body, to express your needs and more.

Each month we explore a different topic to support you to know your true self and live the life you desire. It’s a beautiful forum for connecting with other men or women and feeling safe to explore as you are in the privacy of your own home.

November 2012 - Feed Self FirstTues 4 Dec: For Women Only (with Martina)


November 2012 - Feed Self FirstMon 10 Dec: For Men Only (with David as Martina will be on retreat)

Men – Stop wanting your woman to be like you (an article by David)
David will be sharing with you on this topic so that you can stop expecting your woman to be like you and create a healthy relationship dynamic instead.

November 2012 - Feed Self First
Special events in 2013 with Margot Anand

November 2012 - Feed Self First

I am very excited about the Margot Anand events in Melbourne, Sydney and Byron in 2013.
I attended her presentation and workshop at the Sex and Consciousness Conference this year and loved her down to earth, realistic, open way of sharing about tantra and her journey. She is a pioneer and inspiration to all of us in the field of tantra, having walked this path for many years and integrating it on a very deep level in her being.

As Tantric Blossoming friends, you are eligible to receive a 5% DISCOUNT on all of these events by using the discount code – Martina – in the promotional code field when booking.

For dates, full details and bookings visit
November 2012 - Feed Self First
And a final note of thanks

November 2012 - Feed Self FirstI would like to share my heartfelt gratitude to the team of people who bring these amazing experiences to you in three different cities –
Allison Brown (Alli – admin assistant),
David Anderson and
Alison Petrie (Sydney based facilitators),
Lilamani (Brisbane and Byron Bay facilitator) and to the many men and women who assist at our events with registrations, food, setting up in all three cities – we couldn’t do it without your loving support.

And to all of you for reading the newsletter, sharing with us and attending events and sessions – a big wave of love and gratitude coming your way.

With a loving open heart
November 2012 - Feed Self First

November 2012 - Feed Self First

Calendar ~ events summary
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Feminine Sexuality – a day for women – Sat 1 Dec
Deepening the Dynamic – Sun 2 Dec

Online webinars

For Women Only – Tues 4 Dec
For Men Only – Mon 10 Dec

Martina Hughes | 0438 271 637 |

November 2012 - Feed Self First