Mentoring and Friendship – Katie McMurray

Mentorship and friendship

Unusual relationships, including friendships, colour my life. Lucky, I have never been too attached to conventionality. Katie McMurray is a dear friend who falls into the unusual friendship category.  Because she is also my mentor and I am her mentor.

I know many doubt whether this type of multiple relationship dynamic works. I believe it’s up to the individuals. Consciousness, clear understanding of who each other is, respect and a whole lot of love is key to this friendship and mentoring dynamic.

There’s a whole lot more I could say on the mentoring and unusual relationships. But the point of this status is to share about Katie.

Katie came along to the Tantric Alchemy Training in 2013 committed to enormous change in her life. And she really went for it. In short, she wanted to feel better. She was awarded “Most transformed” by popular vote at the end of the training.

Every aspect of Katie’s life was reviewed during the training. She placed the microscope on relationship to self, family life, intimate relationships, working life and more. One of the surprises was seeing her revolutionise her business.

After the training, she wound down the core part of her business – publicity for business books. She trusted the new voice that was growing in her to recreate herself. She rebirthed herself professionally. One of the fruits of that process is an amazing workshop called Dangerous Blogger for Business Owners.

The Dangerous Blogger formula is amazing. Katie has been my writing mentor now for 6 months.  You may have read many of the blog posts that are a result of this mentoring.

Katie has encouraged me to write with greater authority. She has brought new direction to my writing. Also she has given me many great writing tips that are still being integrated. Katie’s directional capacity for positioning her clients is exceptional and multi-layered.

Katie offers her Dangerous Blogging workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. This powerful workshop will give you a new perspective on your written work.

Katie’s courage to transform herself has led to the transformation of her business and in turn, the transformation of many business owners and their public profile. I highly recommend the Dangerous Blogger event!  Take a look here to see her upcoming workshop dates.

At the heart of Katie’s work and my work is building relationships, whether they are conventional or unusual. It comes back to permission to be yourself and create the connections that serve you and those who resonate with you.