May 2013 - The Challenge of Choice
The challenge of choice | May 2013
Dear Tantric Blossoming Friends
May 2013 - The Challenge of Choice I am in Tasmania unexpectedly this week for the funeral of my great aunt. She lived a very full life of ninety-three years. It has me reflecting, however, on how different the lives of women were fifty years ago compared with today.


Things have certainly changed and much has improved; there are much broader choices available today for all men and women.

But this also creates pressure and challenge for many people as to how to choose where to invest time and energy – particularly for those who are not compelled to creating a family as first choice.
I have worked with many men and women who are confused about their roles and responsibilities in life (both those with families and those without), given the shifting perspectives in our society. A lot of the experiences we offer at Tantric Blossoming create healthy balancing of masculine and feminine energy for men and women, coming to a place of true understanding, acceptance and self love within.

For myself, I feel blessed that so much of my life has been dedicated to conscious growth and knowing myself from within. This has opened me deeply and allowed me to experience much love and support in the communities I am connected to in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Tasmania.

It was an added blessing
to be able to visit Tasmania this week and know that Beauty of Woman was facilitated in my absence by Jenni Mears – one of our Melbourne-based community members and an assistant in this year’s Tantric Alchemy training. Thank you, Jenni, for offering your gifts to the women of Melbourne.

Being Man – long weekend retreat for men

May 2013 - The Challenge of Choice
Number of places

This retreat is co-facilitated – David Anderson and I join forces to create a great opportunity for men to undertake deeply transformative tantric practices and learn how to embody this in everyday life.

David leads the men through conscious practices for releasing and opening to deeper masculine energy, whilst I provide a feminine perspective on how men can relate more authentically with women.
Together, David, myself and the other women involved support men to understand what women respond to, what are the qualities of energy which will transform relating with women and much more.

There are only 2 places remaining – so please book today for your place.

Canberra events in July

Alison Petrie from Sydney is offering Canberra events in July this year. For all of you from Canberra, this is your chance to help us in creating a Canberra community. Alison is happy to travel to Canberra regularly if we have enough people interested to join the events.


Tantric Alchemy training

Tantric Alchemy training is now entering its 4th month and our group is blossoming beautifully in their individual processes – there have been big highs and lows already, emotional releases, challenges, energetic openings and much more. I am looking forward to introducing these amazing men and women and their gifts to our community over the next year.

The next Tantric Alchemy training will begin in May 2014. If you are interested, I suggest you undertake private sessions and attend Tantric Blossoming events in 2013, as preference for places will be given to those who are familiar with our community and work.

I look forward to seeing many of you soon at our upcoming events. See below for a full schedule coming up in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Launceston.

With love, gratitude and a tender heart

May 2013 - The Challenge of Choice
PS For Melbourne residents
I’d like to introduce Jerika Black’s Tantric Kitchen.
Jerika creates fabulous organic vegetarian/vegan meals and is starting a home delivery service – scroll down for details.
May 2013 - The Challenge of Choice

Calendar ~ events summary
go to
or call us on 0438 271 637

Being Man
– 30 May to 2 June
(Yarra Valley, VIC) 2 places remaining
Blossoming Woman – 30 Aug to Sep 1
(30 mins from Gold Coast airport)
Heartfelt Tantra for Couples – 26 to 29 Sep
(90 mins out of Melbourne CBD) 5 places remaining

Being a Sexual Man – Thurs 2 May
Beauty of Woman – Tues 18 June
Feminine Sexuality – a day for women – Sat 29 June
Tantric Nights
– Sat 29 June

Beauty of Woman – Tues 18 June
Tantric Nights – Sat 22 June

Tantric Nights – Sat 22 Jun

Feminine Sexuality – a day for women – Sat 22 June

Sacred Sexuality – an introduction for women – Thurs 4 July
Tantric Nights
– Sat 6 July

May 2013 - The Challenge of Choice
Jerika Black’s Tantric Kitchen ~ Melbourne

May 2013 - The Challenge of Choice
Raw chocolate caramel cake with wild blueberries.
May 2013 - The Challenge of Choice
Tempe balls with tomato salsa

I have a passion for creating healthy nourishing sensual food and would love to make this available for Melbourne residents to experience from their own homes.

I will be offering home delivered organic vegetarian/vegan meals from early July for around ten lucky customers.

There will be raw and cooked options for lunch and dinner meals, as well as raw breakfasts, desserts and snacks options. Packs of meals will be available at discounted prices.

I combine ingredients from a deep place of meditation and love combining flavours and textures to create vibrant nourishing meals.
Nurture your body and soul by adding these easy meals into your diet – great for people who are busy, or just enjoy eating love!

To find out more you can contact me on 0447 627 844
or email

Some feedback from people I have catered for before…
“Jerika’s delectable creations are a feast for the senses. The food she prepares fulfils my body with nourishment, joy and deliciousness.” Amy.

“I’ve eaten over twenty different meals created and cooked by Jerika Black. Jerika’s food is always wholesome and delicious. It’s also surprising and delightful. Jerika is renowned for her out-of-this-world desserts and cakes. I’m happy to say I’ve eaten quite a few- she even made my last birthday cake. Her love for food and people is evident in the care she brings to every aspect: her recipes, ingredients, preparation and presentation. She’s a wonderful chef and I’m happy to recommend her meals and catering.”
Martina Hughes | 0438 271 637 |

May 2013 - The Challenge of Choice