May 2012 - A Gift For You
A gift for you  |  May 12
Dear Tantric Blossoming Friends
What we have for you in this month’s newsletter:

~A free copy of of the audio About a Woman’s Heart and Breasts.
~Insights on how feminine sexuality differs from masculine sexuality, with a partner exercise for you to do at home
~A video of what tantra means to me.
~Some videos filmed at the end of our recent Being Man retreat – men speaking about their experience.

I hope you enjoy these experiences. And if you want to send us an email and say hello or let us know what’s happening in your life, we’d love to hear from you.
May 2012 - A Gift For You
The importance of saying yes to life…

It’s been a big April for me . . . A combination of fabulous highlights, such as the incredibly powerful Being Man long weekend retreat and my birthday celebrations with loving girlfriends in Sydney – and some challenging moments, such as returning to Tasmania for two family funerals and then house-hunting in Melbourne. It has really brought home to me the importance of saying yes to life.

Many of you will have heard me use this phrase over and over again… Say yes to life and what moves through you. I have had many opportunities to say yes this month through a variety of situations – as I have celebrated, shed many tears, felt exhausted, been uncomfortable, experienced giving and receiving deep love, felt incredible gratitude and much more. For me this is the essence of Tantra and being able to create transformation in everyday life – saying yes to life!

May 2012 - A Gift For You
Here is a video of me talking a little
what Tantra means in my life

May 2012 - A Gift For You
Tantric Wisdom for your life

Feminine sexuality – how it differs from


The theme of many recent conversations for me has been feminine sexuality and how that is different to masculine sexuality.
When I refer to masculine and feminine here, I am not talking about men and women, but the masculine and feminine as it exists in both men and women.
Some women are more masculine, some are more feminine and the same applies for men.

In our society most sexual conditioning is of the masculine variety with a focus on orgasm and ejaculation as an end point. Feminine sexuality is about relaxing into being with each other, opening to deeper levels of feeling and connection. Healthy sexual expression will include aspects of both.
As I say to clients “I am not here to set rules or create new levels of conditioning, but to support you to bring balance and awareness of what is possible.”

Here is an exercise to try with your partner to support you in stepping into a feminine experience of sexuality with a partner. Click here to read on.
May 2012 - A Gift For You
A gift for you

To receive your free copy of the audio

May 2012 - A Gift For You

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for women

Last month we introduced the new About a Woman’s Heart and Breasts audio.

This month, I am offering it to you as a free gift (if you have already purchased it we will refund or credit the purchase).

Here’s why: I have recently been working with a woman interstate who is in her 60s – we have had 3 sessions via Skype and she has been doing daily homework practices – including breast meditation and releasing activities. In the past for her, sex has been an obligation and she was disconnected from any feelings of pleasure in her body.
Just last week she shared with me that during the daily breast meditation she is beginning to feel pleasure and sensations in her vagina.
She asked if this is normal to experience during a breast meditation and I shared with her: Yes, because you are opening up to feminine sexuality – feeling your love and heart move from the inside. This is a huge breakthrough for her and one that I would love many other women to experience.

About the audio: this audio helps women to understand the connection between the heart and the breasts, why breast health is essential to your feminine essence, how connecting with the breasts forms a healthy part of sexuality and relationships, some tips for men in touching a woman’s breasts and a breast meditation for you to practice in your own time and space.

May 2012 - A Gift For You
Men’s retreat

Twelve men came on Being Man long weekend retreat with Tantric Blossoming recently.
It was such a BIG experience for all of us. I was delighted and amazed by how deeply the men connected with themselves internally and with each other, as well as the deep transformations that were witnessed by myself, David Anderson and the women that were present in service to the men for the weekend. It truly touched my heart that everyone was willing and eager to go deeply into all the places that were offered over the weekend.

May 2012 - A Gift For YouIf you would like to hear more, you can
hear from the men directly

May 2012 - A Gift For You
Tantric Nights – Brisbane launch

And there are some great events coming up this month – see below in our calendar section.
I am excited that we are launching Tantric Nights in Brisbane this month!!

Look forward to meeting some more Brisbane friends.
With love and a big yes to life

May 2012 - A Gift For You

May 2012 - A Gift For You
May 2012 - A Gift For You

Tantric Quote

“By entering a woman consciously, in love and presence, man can have an impact on the larger planetary imbalance. It’s as if woman is burdened with this collective past that she cannot shake off, but which can be “displaced” and released by a conscious, loving penis – freeing woman and bringing her back to her essential self, which is love.

And in purifying woman of her tensions, man is also purified. There is an innate circle of reciprocity; man heals and balances woman, who in turn heals and balances man. By welcoming man in at this level, woman brings him to a state of purity, relaxation, and love (as opposed to fostering the insecure, defensive, and aggressive stance that leads to war). Nature is truly remarkable.”


Tantric Sex for men
by Diana Richardson and Michael Richardson


More information and purchase



May 2012 - A Gift For You

Tantric Hearts ~

 Meet our community

May 2012 - A Gift For YouRole:

Tantric Blossoming facilitator,
~ Tantric Breathwork and Bodywork sessions
~ Beauty of Woman montly circle
Sacred Sexuality – an introduction for women
Exploring Sexuality – a day for women

Location ~ Brisbane

Favourite Tantric Blossoming event ~ Exploring Sexuality – a day for women
Favourite other event ~ 5 Rythms with Honor (Brisbane Fri nights –
Best ever tantric experience ~ During love making, having a more expanded experience then I thought was ever possible! Where I was in everything and everything was in me, total connection with all. I could feel, sense and see all of existence from the cells in my body, to all of humanity to far beyond what we can see and know. There was awareness and experience of all the paradox’s in existence like space and spacelessness, time and timelessness. And in a moment every phrase I’ve heard of Rumi made total sense. It went far beyond any feelings like pleasure and pain. I recall falling into a well of endless ecstatic laughter that was pouring out of me. It was all one grand experience – grand perfection. That’s what I call BLISS. I was in this this state for an extended period – some hours. It was the most liberating and connected experience of my life to date.
Describe your ideal day ~ Waking to some loving caresses of my body from a dear man with some gentle connection and love making. Then to the beach with some girlfriends for sun, swim and Acroyoga followed by an extended brunch at a cafe. Receiving a great massage. Then a couple hours quietly to myself ending with a little mid afternoon siesta, love making into the evening with a pause for a moonlit walk to a cafe for Thai dinner together, then walk home for more sweet love’n.
Recommended tantra book ~ Tantric Orgasm for Women by Diana Richardson
Favourite food ~ Fresh green smoothie and ice-cream (not together). I’m sure I could live on those two things.
What makes your heart sing ~ Touch, laughing, nature, dancing, singing a baby to sleep in my arms.
Favourite song ~ Among The Trees by Arrested Development
What would you like to be remembered for ~ Just being me, and encouraging others by example to be as free and connected with themselves and life as they can be.
Favourite smell ~ Sex and fresh jasmine.
What you most enjoy about working with Tantric Mentoring clients? ~ It’s inspiring to see people showing up with willingness, openness and all the vulnerability and bravery that it takes to make real change in their lives.
Read more about Lilamani’s journey

May 2012 - A Gift For You

Calendar ~ forthcoming events
To book go to
or call me on 0438 271 637
May 2012 - A Gift For YouTantric Nights
Social Evening for men & women, singles & couples  More

Sat June 16, 7pm-11pm
Body Mind Life Yoga, Level 1 / 84 Mary St, Surry Hills

Sat 30 June, 7pm-11pm
Breathing Space, Level 1/217 Chapel St, Prahran (above Chapel St Bazaar)

Sat May 26, 7pm-11pm
Vitalelife, 83 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington

May 2012 - A Gift For YouBeauty of Woman – monthly women’s circle 

Sydney   More
Tues May 16,
152 Victoria Rd, Bellevue Hill
Facilitator: Alison Petrie


Wed May 22, 7pm-10pm
1118 Dandenong Rd, Carnegie
Facilitator: Martina Hughes

Brisbane   More
Thurs May 24, 7pm-10pm
Red Hill, address provided on registration
Facilitator: Lilamani

May 2012 - A Gift For YouExploring Sexuality – a day for women

Brisbane  More

Sat June 2, 10am-5pm
Vitalelife, 83 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington
May 2012 - A Gift For You
Other community events
May 2012 - A Gift For YouGirltopia

Working with girls to create healthy transitions through puberty and adolescence

2-day Workshop for Adults
2 & 3 July |
10 & 11 July

Puberty and adolescence is an important transition for girls-a time of emerging female identity and potential empowerment; a time when genuine understanding of her changing body and emerging values, goals, skills and patterns of relationship can be greatly supported and celebrated by the adults around her.

In a world where advertising images and myths of the perfect female body abound, how can we encourage conversations with girls that sparkle with understanding, self- acceptance, curiosity, reþection and celebration? In truth, we cannot have too many of these conversations during puberty and adolescence, for these potent years lay the foundations for the woman the girl is to become.

This highly interactive two-day workshop is for anyone who works or lives with girls or young women. It is also for those wishing to explore the important foundations of a woman’s journey to maturity and self understanding-no matter what her age.

For full details visit or email

May 2012 - A Gift For You
May 2012 - A Gift For YouI Am Woman 2012 –
Empowerment, Cooperation, Celebration


Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat
Friday August 31 (2pm) – Sun September (4pm)

You are invited to a unique event for women only.
Join us for a luscious and transformative weekend in the beautiful natural surrounds of Kangaroo Valley NSW.

Immerse yourself in the feminine. Be supported to journey deeply into yourself through ceremony, ritual and powerful workshops with amazing presenters.

Deepen your Intuition,
Explore your Sexuality,
Love Yourself,
Free Your Voice,
Dance Wildly Rest,
Recharge and relax in our Nurturing Space.
Play, express yourself and have fun in our Creative Space
Enjoy luxury accommodation
Feast on delicious, nourishing vegetarian meals and snacks

Everything is set up to allow you to relax, let go, discover and celebrate your beautiful self.

For more information or to book online visit

Martina Hughes | 0438 271 637 | 02 9664 1110 |

May 2012 - A Gift For You