March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration
A deeper layer of integration   |  March 2013
Dear Tantric Blossoming Friends
March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration Welcome to March! It’s been a very big time here at Tantric Blossoming – we’ve hosted Margot Anand in Melbourne, presented at the Byron Spirit Festival, and there’s a lot of preparation work happening for the upcoming Tantric Alchemy Training.
March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration

Byron Spirit Festival

To new subscribers on the list from Byron Spirit Festival . . . We loved meeting you at the Festival last weekend. Many of you came and spoke to Lilamani and myself over the weekend and shared your experience of heartgasms, feeling more connected to your body and opening to deeper connection within. A big festival highlight for both of us was the final evening with Dream Drone sound healing and dancing to Nahko and Medicine for the People. What a night!
March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration
Sugar hit or deep nourishment?

March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of IntegrationA short article about the two basic experiences of sexual interaction – and the choice that is yours to make.

Often there is a driven urge for sex… either solo play or with a partner, that can leave men and women feeling physically satiated but not truly met or fulfilled on the deeper levels of feeling and spirit. Read the full article.

March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration

Tantric Alchemy Training

Number of places

March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration

It’s less than 2 weeks until Tantric Alchemy Training starts and we have discovered we have the possibility to add 2 more people… but we need to know asap so that we can finalise venue and catering numbers.

I am so pleased with the program that I have birthed… it’s the culmination of the last 12 years of my professional and personal development and the deepest gift I can offer to my community.
March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration
What will be involved?

Tantric Alchemy Training will support a much deeper embodiment and integration of your physical, sexual, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies.

On my own journey of self enquiry initially I focused on the physical and spiritual openings, which were beautiful and expansive but with a sense of something missing. I switched my focus to the emotional and mental, which was incredibly powerful and healing… but still with a sense of something missing.

Integrating the sexual component over the last 9 years has taken me to a much deeper place, than I could have ever imagined possible.
And in the last 2 years in particular, I have explored many depths within myself around sexuality, emotions, feeling and relationships that I will be sharing during the training . . . some of which I have never taught before, but I which I feel to be the juice and key ingredient for deep heart opening, integration of true essence and full embrace and embodiment of life unfolding as it is.
March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration
Sexual and feeling integration

The consistent feedback we receive from sessions and events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is that I – and all our team of facilitators – hold powerfully deep places for sexual and feeling integration to occur.

I believe that the integration of emotions and sexual healing is the next frontier, and one that our team is truly embracing via personal and professional means. Sexual and feeling (emotional) integration paves the way for a much deeper layer of healing and clearing which flows into greater support for your mental, physical and spiritual bodies also, and leads to a life of increased passion, vitality and wellbeing.

March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration

All the details….


More details:

March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration
The Tantric Alchemy Team

We have a fantastic team of people who will be supporting us throughout Tantric Alchemy Training.

Lilamani – will be travelling from Brisbane and will be our lead assistant and co-facilitator. Her passion is supporting people on their inner journey through Tantra, Kahuna and ZenThai Shiatsu. Lilamani will also teach additional yoga and bodywork practices to enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual journey.
Lilamani with her extensive training in bodywork is our Tantric Blossoming bodywork specialist.
In her words “I love assisting men and women to connect deeply with their authentic essence, wisdom and vibrant expression, for a more enriched and fulfilling experience of life.” More about Lilamani.

Jenni Mears and Dig Bortolin are also part of our team of assistants and will be available to support you with your physical and practical needs within the space, ensuring the smooth operations of our daily activities. Jenni and Dig both have extensive experience in group healing spaces and are passionate about personal transformation for their own lives as well as assisting others to blossom.
Jenni is passionate about supporting women to embrace their heart radiant nature.
Dig brings strong presence and deep passion to holding space for men to heal and transform.

Jerika Black and Maja Monsted will be taking care of our physical needs by serving us delicious, nutritious and nourishing meals throughout the training. I have had sneak peeks at the menus and done some taste testing – and it’s amazing!!

I am delighted to be co-creating with this amazing team of people and to be supporting the participants who are taking this amazing transformative step of sexual and feeling integration.

With love, delight and open-hearted joy,
March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration
March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration

Calendar ~ events summary
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Beauty of Woman – Tues 19 Mar
Tantric Nights – Sat 6 Apr
Sacred Sexuality – an introduction for women – Thurs 4 Apr
Being a Sexual Man – Thurs 2 May

Beauty of Woman – Tues 19 Mar
Feminine Sexuality – a day for women – Sat 13 Apr
Tantric Nights – Sat 13 Apr

Tantric Nights – Sat 13 April

Feminine Sexuality – a day for women – Sat 22 June

For Women Only – Tues 2 Apr

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March 2013 - A Deeper Layer Of Integration