Blossoming Team  |  March 12
Dear Tantric Blossoming Friends
It’s been a huge couple of months already at Tantric Blossoming… After months of talking about it, I have finally moved to Melbourne… The house at Randwick where many have been for sessions and workshops has been demolished!!

I am so grateful for everything created by the Tantric Blossoming community and for how beautifully that house supported us through many transformations and journeys.

One of those has been the expansion of our facilitator team from one person to now four of us! Between us we ran 11 events in February – the most ever in one month, and David and I also presented at Soul Sessions and theSex and Consciousness conference. This would have been impossible without the wise and loving presence of Alison Petrie, Lilamani and David Anderson. The gifts each of them bring has allowed me to relax into the blossoming team and let go of thinking that I have to do everything myself!

Each of the members of our team has a high level of personal and professional integrity, authenticity in their own journey, wisdom acquired through their dedication to transformation, ability to hold deep spaces for others and an incredible capacity for compassion and lovingness.

My intention for Tantric Blossoming experiences is to hold space for what our clients need with an open heart, clear mind and depth of presence and I know each of these facilitators are gifted with those qualities.

New section ~ Tantric Hearts

So that you can get to know our expanded team and other members of our community better, I am starting a new section in our newsletter called Tantric Hearts. Each month we will profile someone who makes a contribution to our community.

This month we feature Alison Petrie
, whom many of you know already from Sydney events but maybe you will learn something new. And following the profile is a link to her bio on our website – worth reading to feel the gifts she is bringing to the sessions and events she offers.

Events for women – clarification

Feedback indicates that there’s been some confusion about the different events we offer for women. So let’s clarify and support you in having the experience you desire.

Beauty of Woman
This event was inspired by Alison Petrie – with the intention of creating an experiential, feeling, relaxed space for women. Our focus is on nurturing, nourishing and connecting with feminine essence. It is not a teaching space and does not focus on tantra or sacred sexuality. It includes dancing, silent and active meditation, touch, partner exchanges, sharing and massage – all to support you in feeling the beauty of being a woman.

Sacred Sexuality – an introduction for women
This is the first event I created to support women in understanding the benefits of tantra and why they might want to explore it; to provide 4 keys to open sexual energy alone or with a partner; to explore the interplay of masculine and feminine dynamics, to introduce energetic orgasm and lead participants through simple exercises for opening sexual energy.

Exploring Sexuality – a day for women
This was created to provide a deeper, healing and teaching space. Through discussions and exercises we provide support to heal past sexual trauma and relationship pain, to open into deeper feeling states and celebration of feminine through the heart and breasts, looking at sexual challenges and practical advice on how to deal with them, understanding different types of orgasm, improving communication and embracing new blissful, expanded states.

And in May I will be launching our NEW EVENT for women ~

Intimate Nights especially for women.
This will be a 2 day naked event designed to support women to feel more relaxed, accepting and loving of their own bodies. More information will be sent out to women about this event in the next few weeks.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me and our blossoming team. It touches my heart to offer these gifts to so many amazing people through our sessions, workshops, retreats and training.

With love and gratitude

PS. I was recently interviewed for The Ultimate Tantra Summit – you can listen to the interview here.

PPS. Here’s a gift for you – 3 chapters from Tamra Mercieca’s revealing and inspiring book Getting Naked. You can buy the book online here

Tantric Hearts ~
 ~ meet our community members
Alison Petrie
Role: Tantric Blossoming facilitator, offering
~ private Tantric sessions for individual and couples,
~ Beauty of Woman monthly circle,
~ Sacred Sexuality – an introduction for women

~ Exploring Sexuality – a day for women
   and co-facilitator on Being Woman weekend retreats
Location ~ Sydney (but likes to travel)
Favourite Tantric Blossoming event ~ Womens’ Retreats
Favourite other event ~ Kundalini Dance (see Tara Fischer on Facebook)
Best ever tantric experience ~ creating a tantric ritual space with a partner and feeling at one with the universe through extended lovemaking.
Describe your ideal day ~ early morning walk and beach swim, yoga or dance class, extended blissful lovemaking.
Recommended tantra book ~ Tantric Sex for Men by Diana Richardson
Favourite food ~ mangoes, mangosteens, all tropical fruit
What makes your heart sing ~ Seeing people light up through healing, new realisations and inner freedom.
Favourite song ~ Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley, Alison by Elvis Costello (hard to choose just one!)
What would you like to be remembered for ~ my award received on the last facilitator training for being the most orgasmic person (light-hearted choice) or teaching people a new more loving way of being on the planet (serious choice).
Favourite smell ~ Frangipani
Read more about Alison’s journey

Tantric Quote

“Let your woman be your mirror, let your man be your mirror. Look into her eyes and see your face, move into her to know yourself. Then one day the mirror will not be needed. But you will not be against the mirror – you will be so grateful to it, how can you be against it? You will be so thankful, how can you be against it? Then, transcendence.

Transcendence is not repression. Transcendence is a natural outgrowing – you grow above, you go beyond, just as a seed breaks and a sprout starts rising above the ground. When sex disappears, the seed disappears. In sex, you were able to give birth to somebody else, a child. When sex disappears, the whole energy starts giving birth to you. This is what Hindus have called dwija, the twice born. One birth has been given to you by your parents, the other birth is waiting. It has to be given to you by yourself. You have to father and mother yourself.”


Love, Freedom & Aloneness
by Osho

More information and purchase

Calendar ~ forthcoming events
To book go to
or call me on 0438 271 637

Tantric Nights
Social Evening for men & women, singles & couples  More

Sat Mar 24, 7pm-11pm
Levity Health, Level 1 / 38–40 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction

Sat 28 Apr, 7pm-11pm
Breathing Space, Level 1/217 Chapel St, Prahran (above Chapel St Bazaar)

Beauty of Woman – monthly women’s circle 

Sydney   More
Tues Mar 27, 7.30pm-10.30pm
152 Victoria Rd, Bellevue Hill
Facilitator: Alison Petrie

Wed Mar 27, 7.30pm-10.30pm
Caulfield North
Facilitator: Martina Hughes

Sacred Sexuality – an introduction for men 

Sydney  More
Wed Mar 28, 7pm-10.30pm
152 Victoria Rd, Bellevue Hill
Facilitator: David Anderson

Exploring Sexuality – a day for women

Sydney  More
Sat Mar 31, 10am-5pm
Ananda House, 1 Macquarie Terrace, Balmain

Melbourne  More
Sun Apr 1, 10am-5pm
2/25 Manor Grove, Caulfield
Facilitator: Martina Hughes

Being Man – a 3 day retreat   More

Billabong Retreat, Maraylya (Dural/Windsor)
Apr 12-15, 2012

Other community events

Therapeutic Acroyoga Workshop

~ with Tanya and Lilamani

Saturday 17 March,
1pm to 5pm
$75 (early bird) or $90 Clayfield,

Bookings: Lilamani 0407 391163

Therapeutic Acroyoga is giving healing touch whilst suspending the receiver passively in the air. You will have full opportunity to give and also surrender as the receiver.

No matter if you are a seasoned Acroyogi, or totally new to the joyful nurturing practice of Therapeutic Acroyoga, all levels will be catered for within this progressive flow. That’s the magic of this practice – there are always new limits to stretch beyond.

Martina Hughes | 0438 271 637 | 02 9664 1110 |