Loving Each Other Through Touch

One of the greatest joys I have experienced via Tantric Bodywork sessions is that people feel love through simple conscious touch. It’s not a doing practice, it’s not busy, it’s not about forcing things to happen.

I remember many moments in sessions when I was sitting there feeling and experiencing the opening of a person’s heart, body and sexual energy in absolute awe. Awe for the incredible capacity of someone to open so deeply, so truly through such a simple practice. One significant memory is of a client telling me that she had never felt physically touched with love before. I personally feel extremely honoured to be able to hold such spaces for people.

Tantric Bodywork is about holding space, touching points on the body and allowing the person to come into their own energetic flow. Because of all the programming that happens in our lives, most people are only familiar with forms of touch that carry an agenda – to satisfy a sexual goal, to appease an emotional need, or some other unspoken expectation.

But what happens when the touch has no agenda? When agenda is replaced with an intention for the person to feel love and embrace their own magnificence? There is depth, allowing, and transformation. Each person will have a unique inner journey with the energy.  There is space for the man or woman receiving to come home and ground into the depth of feeling and energy in their own body.

Our sexual energy, which is too often steeped in a wide range of negative emotions, taboos and misconceptions, contains incredible healing capacity. Sexual energy becomes repressed in our society as people have been taught not to speak about sex, not to be expressive sexually and to withhold any display of aliveness within the body.  Sexual energy is minimised to sex, rather than its more full possibility as a pathway to vitality, well being and full-bodied expressive living.  Sex is then treated as a commodity and people become very prone to distortions around sex. Distortions include using sex to sell products, to manipulate people, and to bargain within relationships.
Accessing the fullness of sexual energy is alchemical work. It allows space for the emotional heartbreaks and sexual trauma to come up for healing. As past wounds are acknowledged, felt and expressed within the body, space opens up for new realisations and experiences. People feel more available to the innate riches of life. In alignment with this, our innate masculine and feminine essences can be accessed and supported to ripen into fullness within the body.
A man or woman in alignment with the depth and power of their sexual energy is more comfortable in their skin, more expressive of their inner world and can live in accordance with their deeper truth. As a result, they will feel greater intimacy in relationships, deeper levels of satiation with their purpose in the world and a sense of inner peace.


Loving Each Other Through Touch

Over the past 12 years, I have held space for 1000s of men and women in Tantric Bodywork sessions. These experiences have created deep and profound healing, and have allowed many people to step into living and loving in their full human and spiritual expression. It’s also been incredibly rewarding and enlightening for me, personally.

Nowadays, my time is more limited, with retreats and training being my main focus. I only offer Tantric Bodywork to the Tantric Alchemy students, so that they can become fully versed in this experience and be able to offer it to others at the completion of their training.

I am blessed to have 4 wonderful people on the Tantric Blossoming team, who are offering Tantric Bodywork. They have all trained with me in past Tantric Alchemy programs therefore I am fully able to endorse the work that they do.

Helen Zee is based in Melbourne, and is available for sessions with both men and women.

Tim Hopkins is based in Cairns and visits Melbourne several times a year. He offers sessions for women in both locations (he may also be available in Canberra and Sydney).

In Sydney, Alison Petrie has been working with me for many years to support the transformation of both men and women.

In Brisbane, Kathy Reed is available for sessions with both men and women.

I highly recommend all 4 of these people, as they each have incredible gifts of healing, love and wisdom to offer through Tantric Bodywork sessions. I could write many complimentary words about each of their individual gifts, but for now I will say that each of them fully understands the essence of this work – to embody love, and to support others in experiencing themselves as love.

At Tantric Blossoming, we teach people to truly know, feel and embody love. The kind of love that opens bodies and transforms lives. Love that is bold and tender, sensitive and fierce, full-bodied and authentic.

If you are interested in doing a session with any of our practitioners, please contact us to discuss.