June 2014 - Life Call Us Deeper
Life call us deeper
Dear Tantric Blossoming friends

2014 has certainly been full of challenge and unexpected moments for me!

The first few months of the year, I experienced some considerable personal difficulties and felt life calling me to a new level of transformation. This came to a climax on my 41st birthday in April when I found myself on the floor crying, attempting to bargain with life to make things easier for me. The outcome of this moment was for me to clear my schedule. With great reluctance, I cancelled the 2014 Tantric Alchemy training, only to find extreme spaciousness on the other side of the decision and a lot of support from our community.

I have dedicated so much of my life to personal transformation and then using the learned experience and wisdom to support others… and it is what I love doing and will continue to do for many years. What I have discovered recently, though, is life calling me deeper – to step back from supporting others for a while to focus on Martina’s ownjourney.

And so here I am, writing from Bali… The beginning of a 2 month holiday to claim forgotten and previously unexplored parts of myself.

Where are you being called deeper by life? In your creativity, your sexuality, your willingness to dive into the heart of painful challenges?If we resist these callings we create further tension in our bodies, disruption in our feeling state and chaos in our spirit. Especially when it feels difficult, we simply need to breathe and step in slowly to feel and let life lead us. 
Amlapura, Bali

Business continues as normal

While I’m away, I feel grateful that business is continuing in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Tantric Nights and Tantric Nights for Couples will be offered as usual by Lilamani (Brisbane), Alison Petrie (Sydney), Jenni Mears (couples – Melbourne), Dig Bortolin and Helen Zee (Melbourne).

If you are interested in tantric breathwork and bodywork sessions, please email us and I will organise a time for one of our team to contact you. All of our facilitators bring exceptional gifts of holding space so that you can discover what you are looking for that already lives inside of you. These private sessions have been a support to 1000s of people over the nine years of Tantric Blossoming.

Spiritually meets Sexuality – 5 day retreat in Byron Bay

June 2014 - Life Call Us Deeper
I’m excited to tell you that I’ll be offering a 5 day retreat – Spirituality meets Sexuality – in Byron Bay in August this year, after returning from my two months of holidays, retreats and deep self-enquiry.

I feel this retreat is bringing in new dimensions of my gifts, via the personal processes I am currently travelling through, as well as the distilled wisdom of my 41 year journey to date.

THE DATES – Friday 15 – Wednesday 20 August
WHO FOR – This is a mixed retreat for men and women, singles and couples… All welcome. We will have some separate sessions for couples and singles, men and women.

If you’ve been in the Tantric Blossoming community a while: please note that this is not the same as the 2010 weekend retreat.

We haven’t prepared a flyer for the event yet, but if you are interested please email me and I will send you some information about it. We’ve taken 8 bookings for this event already, so email me today if you are ready for the next huge step on your tantra journey!

With love and deep passion in my heart,

Calendar ~ events summary

www.tantricblossoming.com/calendar.htm or call us on 0438 271 637

Tantric Nights – Sat 21 June
Beauty of Woman – Tues 17 June
Tantric Nights for Couples – Sat 28 June
Healing Touch for Women – Sat 5 July

Tantric Nights – Sat 21 June
Healing Touch for Women – Sat 28 June
Tantric Nights for Couples – Sat 12 July

Tantric Nights – Sat 21 June

Spirituality meets Sexuality – 5 day retreat
15 – 20 August – email Martina on inspiration@tantricblossoming.com for more details

Martina Hughes | 0438 271 637 | inspiration@tantricblossoming.com