July 2014 - Integrating Power And Vulnerability
Integrating power and vulnerability
Dear Tantric Blossoming friends

Hello from Hamburg, Germany

The last 7 weeks have been an intense journey into new depths of self discovery which are currently integrating within me. I have explored new layers of polarity within me and within life.

I have sat with deep sweetness and flow in life whilst holding the ache of long held trauma and pain. My body has felt incredible lightness and held darkness and confusion.

I have experienced the sweetest vulnerability side by side with overwhelming power. I have held and loved and tended to all these places within me whilst allowing space for release. I have learnt from my anger, I have softened in my tears, I have said yes to my softness and my strength and danced the richness of these places.

Some of the biggest gifts have been an opening to greater compassion, trust and capacity for saying yes than ever before. These gifts are strengthening in my personal integration every day.

The passion for sharing this new richness is bubbling up within me. And I am delighted to be able to share these gifts with you at Spirituality meets Sexuality in Byron in August.

Life is all about the dance between opening and closing, masculine and feminine, penetrating and surrendering, longing and creating, life and death and much more… I have played with all these energies and discovered the more deeply I love and own all of I am – light and dark – the more powerful and vulnerable I become in life.. And I feel the interconnectedness of these energies, which allows space for the inner conflict to fall away.

We will allow space for all these energies and the flow of your natural expression at Spirituality meets Sexuality.

We have been told spirituality and sexuality are separate, but the journey of tantra shows us they are part of the same energy…
It’s all life, it’s all the energy that wants to open and expand our awareness.

My greatest longing is for you to find the sweetness in the pain, the power in your vulnerability, the ability to say the deepest yes to life, to surrender and create at the same time!

The retreat will support you to deepen your journey to a greater fulfilment of your essence.

July 2014 - Integrating Power And Vulnerability

Details and bookings

Date ~ 15-20 August 2014. 
Friday (arrive between 4pm and 6pm) to Wednesday (close at 4pm)
Venue ~ Sangsurya, Byron Bay
Cost ~ $1850 pp

July 2014 - Integrating Power And VulnerabilityMen
July 2014 - Integrating Power And VulnerabilityWomen
July 2014 - Integrating Power And VulnerabilityCouples (M + F)

or book by visiting the website

If you have questions about the retreat please let me know. It’s open for men and women, singles and couples.. And there will be separate sessions for each of these groups as well as sessions for everyone!

Delighted to share a new depth of journeying with this community very soon!

With all-embracing love.

Calendar ~ August events summary

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Tantric Nights – Sat 23 Aug
Healing Touch for Women – Sat 16 Aug

Tantric Nights – Sat 2 Aug

Spirituality meets Sexuality – 5 day retreat
15 – 20 August

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