July 2013 - Growing Community
Growing Community | July 2013
Dear Tantric Blossoming Friends
July 2013 - Growing CommunityJuly 2013 - Growing CommunityWow …
There has been so much opening, flowing, growing and changing here at Tantric Blossoming overthe last few months. It’s been an incredible time.

And Tantric Nights will be 5 years old this month – come celebrate with us in Sydney on 20th July!

I feel incredibly grateful for the gifts of the Tantric Alchemy training, Being Man retreat and Intimate Nights which held much of my loving focus through May and June.
I learnt and experienced a deepening of my own gifts through all of these events, which I love to feel within myself. Also there has been significant openings and growth within our community over this time – in the collective feel of what we are sharing and in the expansion of individual journeys.
July 2013 - Growing Community
Being Man Retreat

The Being Man retreat saw 17 men open deeply to new places within themselves, to feel emotions that have been long buried, to transform their understanding and ability to interact with women and much more.
I feel honoured for having the opportunity to co-facilitate a men’s retreat. It’s a rare privilege and experience and I loved sharing my authentic feminine – full of power and vulnerability – with this group of men, in support of them having the opportunity to feel the feminine fully. Thank you to my co-facilitator on the men’s retreat, David Anderson, for everything you brought to the men.

Here is an article I wrote, inspired by the Men’s Retreat – originally shared on the

Blossoming Facebook page, where it caused quite a stir!

Healing the Masculine

So often, men have been manipulated and controlled by the feminine, second guessing themselves based on what is happening for the woman around them – be it mother, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend …

The constantly changing nature of the feminine, which sometimes is our true nature and sometimes is bad behaviour just to see how a man will behave … The insecurities that we act out on men … The way women are more emotionally and verbally articulate often leaves a man speechless with nothing to contribute … because we often know how to push the buttons that hurt most.

July 2013 - Growing Community

July 2013 - Growing Community
Thank you David

David’s time working with Tantric Blossoming has come to an end through our mutual agreement. Thank you, David, for the contribution you made to our team over the last two years – we wish you well for the next stage of your journey.

July 2013 - Growing Community
Canberra and Byron Bay launch this month

We are launching this month in both Canberra (Tantric Nights with Alison) and Byron Bay (Feminine Sexuality with Lilamani).
It’s great to be including these in our schedule. I hope that the locals enjoy these events and support us in creating tantric communities in these new locations.
July 2013 - Growing Community

Tantric Blossoming has some media opportunities unfolding at the moment.

July 2013 - Growing Community Last week I was on ABC Melbourne talking with George McEnroe about my transition from Chartered Accountant to Tantric Educator.

This week I am being interviewed for 4BC in Brisbane and next Tuesday night I will be LIVE on Taboo, a half-hour show on ABC Brisbane. On both these shows I will be speaking more specifically about how tantra can benefit relationships. You can tune in to ABC Brisbane via your computer if you live outside Brisbane – simply go to www.abc.net.au/brisbane and on the middle right of the page click on the white ‘Listen live’ button.

July 2013 - Growing Community I was interviewed by Leigh of Attraction Institute recently – we spoke at length about how men can create the experiences they desire with women – including approaching women, what to say, how to include your sexuality, improving relationships and much more …
I recommend listening – it’s a topic both Leigh and I are passionate about so we had fun recording the interview. Listen to the interview
July 2013 - Growing Community
And in the meantime I am taking some days off to sit in the sun on the Sunshine Coast – one less week of Melbourne winter for me!

Visit our calendar section below to view the upcoming events in your city.

With deepening love in my heart,
July 2013 - Growing Community
PS Jerika Black from our Melbourne community who also prepares the food for our workshops and retreats is launching a Raw Food – Raw Senses workshop on July 20. It sounds like a delightful afternoon she has planned – see below for details. She is also available for catering and I can vouch for the incredible array of taste sensations she prepares for our events.
July 2013 - Growing Community

Calendar ~ events summary
go to
or call us on 0438 271 637

Sacred Sexuality – an introduction for women – Thurs 4 July
Tantric Nights
– Sat 6 July

Beauty of Woman – Tues 16 Jul
Tantric Nights – Sat 20 Jul

Beauty of Woman – Tues 16 Jul
Tantric Nights – Sat 24 Aug

Feminine Sexuality – 28 Jul
Tantric Nights
– Sat 10 Aug

Feminine Sexuality – a day for women – Sun 21 Jul

Blossoming Woman – 30 Aug to Sep 1
(30 mins from Gold Coast airport)
Heartfelt Tantra for Couples – 26 to 29 Sep
(90 mins out of Melbourne CBD) 3 places remaining

July 2013 - Growing Community
Other community events

July 2013 - Growing Community Raw food – Raw Senses

Come explore creating raw food using all the senses and take a bite out of life.

I’m excited to be offering a play shop exploring the senses and connection while preparing vibrant, alive food. You will learn some basic raw food recipes that can easily be incorporated into any diet and will leave with plenty of inspiration to play within your own kitchen.

I have been exploring my passion for flavours for many years now catering for retreats, cafes and many loved ones. Combining my love of simplicity of ingredients with passion and joy you will be interactively guided into your own inner orgasmic chef.

We will be creating a raw dessert, main meal, sensuous salad, raw dips and raw chocolates.

All you need is an appetite… no prior experience in raw food or cooking

Spaces are limited to 7 participants
Held 20th July from 2pm to 7pm
Cost will be $100.
All produce will be organic, meals will be gluten free and vegan.

To find out more you can contact me on 0447 627 844
or email jerikablack@hotmail.com

In deep deliciousness

Martina Hughes | 0438 271 637 | inspiration@tantricblossoming.com

July 2013 - Growing Community