January 2014 - Personal Reflections On Love
Personal reflections on love  | Jan 14
Dear Tantric Blossoming friends
What is love?

How are you experiencing the start of 2014?
I know there have been some turbulent energies at play from an astrological perspective at the end of 2013 and feeding into this year, so I have been watching myself and a number of loved ones exploring deep waters in the last few weeks.

I feel blessed that attending Satori (a 6 day self-enquiry retreat (see www.kirakay.com for more information) each December feeds into my everyday life with beautiful gifts of insight, wisdom and tools that enrich my life.

The question I explored this year was: “What is love?”

Spending 6 days sitting intensively with a question allows for release of past patterns and conditions as well as creating new pathways and new ways of being inside of myself. It’s as though the question allows me to feel and see previously hidden parts of myself from the inside out.

In the course of answering the question I had the opportunity to see how much anxiety, hypervigilance, control and management had been at play in various aspects of my life. I have been dedicated to inner work for 15 years, so I am not new to self- enquiry, however there are still parts of self waiting to be expressed.

I find satori beautifully supportive in my own process – and as well as feeding me personally it also supports and informs the ways in which I work with you all over the coming year. I had some really powerful insights and movements relating toWhat is love? which will be shared in this years events and particularly the Tantric Alchemy Training.

This is one of my responses written in my journal during Satori:

Love is compassion. Compassion is a broader and deeper and sweeter place inside of me than I have ever felt before. I have felt compassion for the entirety of my being – for who I am inside and out, for all the parts of me, for everything I have felt and experienced.

My heart is full with the possibilities of what 2014 holds for us all! I hope to share with many of you the gifts which allow my continued blossoming.

See our calendar of events for what is happening in the next few months in your city!

With love, compassion and gratitude,

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