Interviews of Martina

Interviews of Martina

Creating Epic Relationships Summit

Martina Hughes being interviewed by Robyn D’Angelo, The Happy Couple Expert, for the Creating Epic Relationships Summit. Martina speaks about slowing down and expanding your sexual energy and love, from the inside out. Also, tips for transforming the connection between you and your partner. Watch the interview here.


Living A Sensual Life

Interviews of MartinaMartina Hughes shares with Trish Everett on Sensual September Summit how to live a sensual life. Discover the difference between sensuality and sexuality, how to engage with your solo sensual play as a daily practice, learn the benefits of sensuality in your life, and how to bring this into your relationship.

Playing time: 64 mins


Universal Soul Love

Interviews of MartinaMartina Hughes speaks with Lana and David of Universal Soul Love about what tantra is, how tantra can benefit your life, how we can balance masculine and feminine energies, what happens in a tantra workshop and more.

Playing time: 50 mins


Increasing Orgasmic Energy on ‘Taboo Tuesday’

Interviews of MartinaMartina Hughes speaks with Heather Stott on ABC Brisbane about what tantra is and connecting with the orgasmic energy that lives inside us all. Orgasm can be found in the buzz of energy that fuels every area of our lives, and then can be used for improving our health, wellbeing and relationships with others.

Playing time: 13 mins


Tantra – what’s it all about?

Interviews of MartinaAn interview with John Scott on Radio 4BC’s Health and Wellbeing show.
Playing time: 42 mins



Male-Female dynamics in relationships

Interviews of MartinaAn interview with Martina Hughes at The Ultimate Tantra Summit, speaking about male/female polarities and how these dynamics play out in relationships.



How men can create the experiences they desire with women

Interviews of MartinaAn interview with Leigh Louey-Gung at the Attraction Institute
– speaking at length about how men can create the experiences they desire with women – approaching women, what to say, how to include your sexuality, improving relationships and much more. Playing time:1hr 5mins


Tantra – releasing sexual blockages

Interviews of MartinaMartina is interviewed by Bessie Bardot and Richard Marsland on the Late Date Show. Learn about Tantra – experiencing stronger orgasms, releasing sexual blockages.

For men
: orgasm without ejaculating.
For women: how to introduce your partner to tantra.

Part 1 (4’22”)
Part 2


The connection between breath and Tantra

Interviews of MartinaMartina Hughes is interviewed by Ann Harrison about her presentation at the 2012 Australian Breathwork Association Conference. Martina discusses the gentle loving approach of Tantra, using the breath to awaken the heart and sexual energy.



The tantra approach to intimacy

Interviews of MartinaAn interview with Carolyn Dickson looking at the difference between the ways a man and a woman experience intimacy, and how approach the conflicts that can arise.

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Martina shares about her tantric journey

A radio interview with Martina by Tahnee Woolf on Blog Talk radio. Martina shares about her Tantric journey, from overcoming fears to embodying feminine essence in the body, supporting men to become more masculine, feelingfully alive through sexual energy practices, going inside one’s self and leaving behind the search for external fulfilment, with tips for connecting polarity in the body, living with gratitude for your life, bringing a feminine approach to business and more.


Interviews of MartinaWomen and Sex
Vogue – April 2011 (PDF 2.9Mb)





The best sex I never hadInterviews of Martina
Marie Claire – Dec 2009 (PDF 4.2Mb)




Interviews of MartinaLetting go of toxic relationships
by Tamra Mercieca
Women’s Health & Fitness – July 2009 (PDF 1.4Mb)




Interviews of MartinaThere’s no accounting for sex life
mxnews – Feb 2012 (PDF 323Kb)




Interviews of MartinaLet’s talk about Sex
by Emma Gardiner
emPower magazine, Oct/Nov 2008

Insights from Sex Lives of Australian Woman, Joan Sauer’s book about a survey of 2000 women that revealed some surprises.

View online (starts page 20)


Interviews of MartinaTara tries…tantric dancing

Cosmopolitan, July 2012