Integrating The Shadow


Diving deep with the shadow

Each Tantric Blossoming Intensive 7-day retreat provides deep and heartfelt experiences to support you in stripping away the layers and falling into the deeper, sweeter and more authentic parts of yourself.

This will be the last retreat held at Amarant, as it’s closing down in its current form. Amarant has been a central feature in the Tantric Blossoming community over the last 6 years… and so this retreat will also be the last opportunity to enjoy this magical, powerful and transformative space.

Transformation happens when we bring to consciousness the suppressed parts of the personality. Suppression includes the denial of the spectacular, magnificent and bountiful parts of self and hiding the messy, dramatic and unappealing parts of self.

This retreat is for people who have already been exploring deeply via tantra, personal development, and spirituality – and are ready for the next challenge. We create a deeper foundation in the group by having a minimum requirement of past experience; this leads to more grace through the processes and sharing. It’s for people who are willing to be naked emotionally, to be witnessed in your depths by others, and to hold space for others in their depths.

The Program:

This particular retreat will focus on supporting you to feel the parts of your psyche that have been suppressed, controlled or distorted throughout your life. When parts of yourself have been denied they will leak out unconsciously in the way you relate to others. It may be that others exhibit the suppressed flavours of your personality or that you compensate for certain uncomfortable aspects by being overly focused on the opposite polarity.

The shadow can include your beauty and light as well as your darkness and fears. Having the shadow aspects witnessed in the group space brings tremendous healing and transformation. In seeing, feeling and embodying these parts of the personality, space can open inside for new ways of being and living. Suppressed parts of self are equivalent to holding trapped and stale energy in the body, there is enormous relief and increased capacity when this is released.

The Facilitation

One of my greatest gifts as a facilitator is being able to feel the energy that is in the room and what is needed for individual and collective openings. Tuning in like this every day means that the retreat experience is very alive, fresh and dynamic. The greatest healing and transformation occurs when we have a suitable combination of support and challenge.

The support comes about through loving gentleness in the facilitation, through open-hearted exchanges with fellow participants, through the incredibly nourishing land and environment. The challenge comes about via being asked to look even more deeply inside of yourself, through facilitation that takes you beyond where you have been previously and practices that are designed to stretch you. In this way, I see it as a delicious blend of masculine and feminine aspects towards integration.

My facilitation style includes a variety of tantric practices – embodying different types of energy, activating sexual energy to bring suppressed aspects to the surface, tantric breathing, healing touch and massage, movement, eye gazing, self enquiry and reflection, dynamic exchanges with the group, revealing sharing circles and other inspiration that may reveal itself on the day. The retreat will include nudity.

Topics that we explore may include: relationships, enhancing sexual energy, creating clarity in communication, expressing healthy boundaries, learning to say a deeper yes to yourself, what does true self nourishment look like, can you ask for your needs to be met, how do you show up open hearted in daily life, integrating power and vulnerability.

Your First Retreat With Tantric Blossoming?

If this is your first retreat with Tantric Blossoming, you will need to have done extensive personal development work in other spaces. And you will be required to commit for the full five day experience. Please contact Martina first to discuss your suitability for this retreat.

Other Information

Venue and Accommodation

The retreat will be held at Amarant Retreat, 80 minutes out of Melbourne in the Yarra Valley. It is located on 25 acres of temperate rainforest in the Yarra Ranges National Park, making it ideally situated to support us on this transformational journey. Our workshop activities are conducted in a room that overlooks the Yarra Valley, inspiring a sense of expansion and support for the transformational work. The surrounding bushland is ideal for walking and reflection to integrate your journey.


Catering is organic, vegetarian food. Dinner is provided on the first night, breakfast lunch and dinner on the full days and breakfast and lunch on the last day

Integrating the Shadow

We offer quality in all our experiences from the facilitation, the space that is created, our assisting team, the venue and the food! It’s an ideal way to move away from daily commitments and immerse yourself into experience that will transform your life.


“The intensive was my idea. When Martina said she had her retreat space booked, but was not certain of a theme, I put in my personal order. I wanted to attend an event where people who had done a lot of journeying with Martina, would just drop right in. The superb location is on the edge and so is this retreat.

You will be supported to experience the very depths and edges of your internal truth. You will be supported to experience your courage to express these truths in relation to others, through the retreat journey. I strongly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting a next level experience with a loving, unwavering facilitator and looking for a strong group to journey with.”

– Katie McMurray, mother, business owner and creator of Dangerous Blogging

“Intensive is very apt. Every feeling I experienced seemed intensified. Nothing was beige. There was challenge, support, love and connection. A beautiful environment that facilitates further connection. The depth I dropped into was amazing. At times I felt raw, tender, frustrated, light, dark and so much more. The connection and love that I feel for the other participants has been ongoing and continues to evolve and deepen. We all continue to ride life’s waves but the voyage is so much easier now with this crew in my boat. The retreat is now an essential part of my life’s learning.” 

– Fergus Nelson, Canberra

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