Hug with Heart – Helen Zee

Hug with heart
Helen Zee was one of many who attended Tantric Nights. She first walked in the room a little over 4 years ago. However, she set herself apart by phoning me a day or two later. She asked me that all important question, “What next?” 

I knew this was someone who was up for a big journey. Possibilities were discussed. Appointments were booked. Training was on the table as an option.

Helen said YES! A big resounding YES to all the opportunities I suggested. Time and time again. She has been so courageous and dedicated to her own transformation. 

Service is key to everything we do at Tantric Blossoming. Some people are born to be of service. Helen is definitely one of those.

When I asked her to step in as a facilitator, she said YES. Some time later, I asked her “What about creating your own events?” And she said YES. 

The commitment Helen brings to her own journeying, now creates the foundation for others to transform. So here it is, Helen’s creations, straight from her heart to yours. 

Sensual Play for Couples
Ignite your Inner Lover
Visit our community events page to learn about Helen’s upcoming events.