Going Deeper

Going Deeper


Going Deeper

Being Man Level 1

2 Day Non-Residential Retreat

This event has been created for every man who is wanting to start fresh, who wants to learn how to rejuvenate his relationship, who wants discover how to have the quality of sex that he desires or to create a shift within that allows him to meet a different quality of woman.

Over the 2 days you will discover much more about yourself, your way of being in the world as a man and how to improve your overall experiences with women. You will learn how to develop a quality of presence and trust that has people really pay attention to you, learn how to be more aligned with the fullness and depth of man that you know yourself to be on the inside and expand into the capacity of your sexual energy and use this as fuel for life.

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The Men's Retreat was amazing, powerful, profound and enjoyable. I loved everybody who was involved and felt very much engaged over the weekend. I didn’t know what to expect, though I knew I wanted and needed to face the energy overwhelming me and all that meant, especially in regard to sexuality and relationships. I can't explain how much more grounded and comfortable I feel with myself. I came away in touch with the richness of the experience. Reflecting that I hadn’t been able to release the energy I had been wanting to let go of, which I experience as sexual and healing energy. Then on Sunday night something moved and it came up in particular to heart space - to open up an area of pain and hurt which was the release I had sought. It feels like there is a lot of integration going on at the moment. I will continue with the practices, go back to yoga to continue the expansion and grounding that has helped and magnified over the weekend, and continue the journey to adulthood with aliveness. 

Ken, Sydney


Going Deeper

Blossoming Woman Level 1

2 Day Non-Residential Retreat

Have you been cycling around the same ruts and patterns, wondering what the next step is? Maybe you find yourself wondering what’s the point? or does it get any better? Does your relationship feel stale or have you have been eternally single? If the answer to any of these is yes, then maybe it is time to do something new.

This 2 day event has been created for ALL women, for women who wish for something different, for women who are frustrated by the ‘same old’ experience of life, for women intrigued and excited by what a deeper connection to herself can lead to, for every woman longing for something more.

Blossoming Woman Level 1 is a delicious and gentle first step to being welcomed into a women’s only space. During the 2 days, you will learn how to connect more deeply with the expansive heart energy and powerful sexual energy that lives inside of you, you will discover that the secret to nourishing yourself and overcoming burn-out lives inside of you, and you will explore how improving your relationships with men can be much easier than you may think or believe!

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I just wanted to write and thank you with all my heart for offering not just a workshop full of inspiration but one with such open heartedness, comfort, care and that gentle whisper of self empowerment. Whilst in the begining hesitancy played a big part of even attending, surrendering to the flow of life itself and taking that step forward has proven to be such a blessing. Lots has unfolded since and I'm sure will continue to do so, and now there is a certain air of excitement that stirs within. Thank you for your help in opening my eyes once more to the true beauty of this world in which we share.

Fleur, 33, Central Coast

Thank you so much for your work, I find you really inspiring, and your work very revealing. I seemingly have some trauma around intimacy and I notice that doing the exercises you recommend has really got things moving. It feels a lot better than the stuck feeling I have had around intimacy for years.

Katherine, 33, Melbourne

I got back in touch with feelings and emotions I haven’t experienced for quite a while. Giving myself permission to feel like a goddess and be blessed with my sexuality. Allowing me some more tools to help trust again and know feeling sexy is ok. Great exercises to share with my husband.

Lorraine, 57, Sydney

Thank you for facilitating a fabulous workshop on Saturday afternoon, Sacred Sexuality for Women, it was truly an amazing experience and a wonderful birthday present. The sacred space that was created was magical and an eternal bonding with all the women globally, the divine feminine was awakened in us all and it was beautiful.... I expanded in consciousness and felt a deep healing and connection within my self and universally. I would like to highly recommend this course to you all and especially as it makes a great birthday present for your friends. You are a gifted and authentic facilitator and we thank you for your energy and efforts in providing a great opportunity for us to experience the beauty of Tantra. Existence seems to have become even more colourful after Saturday's participation. Thank you.

Jasmine, 37, and Larisa, 26, Sydney

Thank you so much for the experience of such an amazing workshop. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Tantra. Not only did my sex life take a step up dramatically overnight but I have new insight into the woman I really am.

Josephine, 40, Sydney

Thank you again for the Sacred Sexuality experience. It was beautiful to feel so in tune with my body and share that with other women...the energy in the room was incredible. It has been 1 week since the Sacred Sexuality workshop...& I have felt more in tune with my body and settled in my mind than ever before. Before the workshop I felt I feared sex, had lost all desire for making love and was not feeling positive about myself in general...but after learning how to reconnect with myself and understand my body better, the idea of sex is not daunting at all...I'm actually excited! After sharing & spending time with the beautiful women in the group I also feel a strong desire to connect on a deeper level with my female friends which is so nourishing. Thankyou for empowering me and reminding me how blissful and divine it is to be a woman!

Stacey, 31, Sydney

WOW!! The space that was created at Sacred Sexuality for Women last night and the wisdom shared by Martina took me to a place within myself that was raw and vulnerable but also authentic and exciting! Feeling into the openness and the aliveness of the energy in the room was healing, inspiring and transforming. Thank you Martina!

Sabrina, Sydney

Thank you for the workshop, saying thank you seems inadequate for the gift of awakening which has occurred within me. It truly was a night of reconnection to myself, my femininity and my sexuality - all of which I have been disconnected from for such a large part of my life. For the first time I could feel the energy within all of me at once and its ebb and flow, where usually I only feel energy circulating around my heart centre or solar plexus. I discovered what it felt to be whole again from within.

For various reasons, sex and love making have not been a part of my life but after tonight I feel ready to explore this aspect which I have denied myself for so long, and that in itself is a major miracle! So once again, thank you Martina for such a profound workshop.

Much love.

Belinda, Sydney

Going Deeper

Being Man Level 2

3 Day Residential Retreat

Whether you’re single, happy in your relationship or unhappy in your relationship… This retreat will help you to understand women and to be able to connect more effectively, bringing out your best qualities and guiding you towards loving, heartfelt relationships.

Whether you’re tall or short, brawny or skinny… Being masculine is about what happens on the inside. The more authentic a man is, the more attractive he becomes to women. Women desire a man who is connected to himself, allowing her to feel safe to surrender and let go into her deepest feminine essence.

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Thank you for a wonderful retreat. The course was professionally organized, well structured and ran well. The food was delicious and nutritious and I felt well satisfied with the servings. Speaking from my heart ... You opened up my eyes to see how I was connecting with both men and women. My masculine man was dormant and has now re-awakened. I feel so energized as a sexual masculine man again. I'm finding it easier to stay centred, and to feel grounded in my unique male energy. I felt that my body and mind was cleansed and allowed to start fresh again. The workshops with the women and how to read their bodies and to allow space, was very insightful and powerful and has already been put into positive practice. Thank you for creating the space for a group of courageous men to challenge life and grow.

Damian, 52, Melbourne

The primal quality of the practices created a feeling of going into the men’s cave. It was awesome to be in such a wonderful group of guys where you could witness their masculinity and in return experience your own masculinity. It was inspiring the different life experiences which everyone brought to the group and the feeling of connection with the whole group. It was an experience I have grown from and I am able to keep reconnecting with that energy since the course.

Greg, 39, Sydney

Thank you for a very practical and memorable workshop. I am slowly including the new practices into my daily routine, and seeing changes within myself and in my life. I am surprised how a slight change in perspective, is making such big quantum changes in my life . . . Looking forward to attending any future men’s workshops that you are running. 

Cass, 38, Sydney

I read your email and all of this fire just tingles through me. :-) I LOVED the retreat. It was amazing to spend time with so many amazing people who all share a love of the divine. To be open to you and the other woman was the most beautiful and sensual experience that I have ever had. Thank you again for being a fearless, deep, tender, sensitive, open, loving woman and for allowing me to see who I am in that. I love the space inside of me so much. 

Colin, 37, Sydney

I had done over a decade of self development work before I attended the Being Man retreat, where I experienced some of the biggest shifts in my life in relating with myself, my sexuality and women.... I wouldn't only recommend this to men, I'd suggest it's a must go! This work has been key in relating with all women in my life including mum and sisters and positively impacted on all areas of my life.

Paul, 45, Byron

My husband Brett attended the Men's Retreat, he wanted to go but was a little sceptical. WOW, what an amazing transformation for us. We now have a new love, bond, connection and amazing energy after 9 years of marriage. I have fallen in love with my husband all over again. His touch is electric and his whole being is different in such an unexplainable way. We always thought we had a good marriage and now it's just more than we ever expected and everything in our lives has become magical.

Christie (wife of men's retreat participant), Melbourne

I must admit that I was a little hesitant in signing up for the Being Man retreat as I thought I would feel intimidated by the presence of so many men. How wrong I was and how grateful I am that I took the plunge and said 'yes' to attend the workshop. I have done a number of self development practices but nothing, I repeat nothing, has had such a positive effect on me. The sessions were amazing, the facilitators brilliant, the other participants were awesome and the results are staggering. I feel like a new man. I feel powerful, in touch with my self, grounded and have a much better understanding of women and myself. I learnt so much from the other participants, I was challenged and faced many things that have been holding me back. I wish I had taken a photo of myself before the course and then one now. My partner said when I walked in the door after the course, wow, you look taller and younger and you 'feel' different!! Guys, I am 58 and have done a lot of things in my life, like many I have struggled in relationships and with myself. At times (many) I have felt tired, lost, confused, angry, pissed off, rejected and been baffled in how to relate to women and other men. After spending those few days with the amazing facilitators and the other men, I am now a new man who is full of life, power, love and understanding. I am moving forward as a much happier person and I encourage you to take a risk and be brave enough to change. You will become the man you deserve to be.

Anon, 58, Melbourne

"For starters the facilitators are revolutionaries and have developed a 3 day program that is completely all encompassing and always relevant to a man of our time.Each practice throughout each day develops mind soul and body inclusively.So interesting, so challenging, so exhausting, so supported and enlightening.The venue and the food are organically divine.The women facilitators will blow your mind with their bravery, knowledge, insights and reverence.You will share this life significant experience with 15 other men whose courage and support you will always respect , and a bond that sticks due to the amount you inspire each other.This is my true experience and I have never felt so appreciated in my life.Do it." 

Wayne, 34, Melbourne

"It's amazing what gets squeezed into 3 nights n 3 days - feels more like a weeks worth of personal transformation. You'll be up for a ride..peaks..troughs but it's all carefully structured to make sure you arrive at the end empowered n clear on what you need to do to take your next step n eat life like a lion. Along the way there's a few utterly unique experiences you can't get anywhere else. An added bonus is the special connection you make with your fellow travellers. If you're thinking of doing this - do it! You deserve to back yourself brother." 

Dorian, 47, Melbourne

Never before have I struggled so much with a testimonial; there are no words to accurately describe Martina Hughes or the Being Man retreat. Martina is quite simply amazing. She plays the game (of life) as a Grand Master with the subtlety of butterfly kisses and the power of hurricanes. She is woman! Hear her roar! Ably assisted by a team of angels and surrogate father figure and Qi Gong practitioner par excellence Jared, and using little more than touch, breath, movement and visualisations. I was cocooned in love to safely explore the scariest of places, my heart. I had no idea I could experience so much pleasure with my clothes on!

Andrew, 55, Melbourne

Going Deeper

Blossoming Woman Level 2

3 Day Residential Retreat

This retreat is for any woman who wants to experience herself as a Blossoming Woman – a woman who embraces herself as love, engages deeply with her sexual energy and lives an integrated life. A Blossoming Woman knows and feels herself as much more than the roles she plays in others’ lives… she lives and breathes from the inside out.

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A friend suggested I go on the Being Woman retreat after I shared my frustration at my uninspiring sex life. I didn't really understand how the retreat would help, but I was willing to give it a go. To my surprise and delight, the retreat helped me connect with my sexuality and femininity and has given me new ways to relate to myself and those around me. It's difficult to explain what happened to me - but it was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels like there might be something they're missing, but they can't quite put their finger on what.

Rachel, 31, Sydney

Dear Martina, Don't know what you did over the Ladies weekend at Lilyvale but whatever it was I just wanted to say thankyou for spoiling my darling. I asked her when she got home for a score out of ten when she got home and all she could say was, "TEN TEN TEN TEN."

A Happy Husband, Sydney

I felt the six weeks was a time of coming home to womanhood, sinking deeply into myself, my knowing, and the Divine within. Martina holds such a nourishing, nurturing, comforting, inspiring, revealing and unfolding space. I was invited into a deep rest within, letting my own truth be seen and heard without the need for explanation or words of justification. During this time, I moved within, feeling grounded in every sense and essence, giving myself permission to live fully, freely and passionately as a woman.....opening my heart to love and be loved..... Thank you for the beautiful gifts you share, so open heartedly from within.

Kate, 29, Sydney

Thank you so much. I am continuing to enjoy the fruits of the course and have been blossoming in many new and wondrous areas. I am currently in the process of creating a new business to further support myself. I thank you again for creating such a wonderful course.

Nicola, 28, Sydney

Dear Martina I just needed to take a minute out to express my gratitude for the remarkably shifting effects of your delicious tantra for women workshops. I can feel the awakening of my feminine essence thru so many areas in my life. A sense of honesty has been pervading my life, freeing up so much stress and discomfort that has masked the constant suppression of what I am afraid to reveal. I send thanks and sincere gratitude for this opportunity to grow within myself and affect others around me in such a positive way. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Zoe, Sydney

Thank you so much for the course – I really did get some very valuable and useful tools and there are things that I think about all the time that help me operate in my world in a more mature and loving way. Lots of love and thanks.

Tammy, Sydney

I decided to head along to the Blossoming Woman retreat out of curiosity after experiencing Martina leading Sacred Sexuality for Women evening in Sydney. Wow!  The Blossoming Woman retreat was the most powerful workshop I have participated in.  Totally heart opening and connected me with the divine feminine in a way I have I have never experienced before.   Martina holds the space for you to experience vulnerability and ecstasy.  A powerful and loving and divine experience!

Freya, Sydney

I came to explore Tantra after an opening I experienced with a man. I was eager to learn how to become a better partner and lover, to enrich the connection, to reach higher levels of intimacy through lovemaking. My first step was to attend Sacred Sexuality for Women facilitated by Martina. At the end of the session she told us about the Blossoming Woman retreat and there were a few spots left. I followed my gut and said ‘yes’ to the experience, with no idea what I was opening to. It felt scary and it felt very right at the same time.  

What I experienced during the Blossoming Woman retreat was not what I was expecting: I experienced myself. I found my truth.  I was looking for answers from the outside when it was all inside.  By creating a space of trust, safety, fun and love, Martina helped to peel off the layers. In the middle of this circle of amazing women, there I was - bare, strong and vulnerable, with tears, laughter, screams, love, energies, passion, fun, music, compassion, it all came to me ... I have opened to my energies, a breakthrough to different sensations, to a different understanding of the world. Spirituality. Orgasmic flashes of warmth through my body. Feminine connection. Everyone has a unique experience, my opening is deep and profound. There is no turning back. I will keep walking on the path, I love what I found, the possibilities seem limitless. A beautiful phrase was given to me during the retreat “the mind knows restrictions, the body knows freedom”. I want freedom. The freedom to be just me; imperfect and flavourful.

Sandrine, Sydney

An opportunity came my way to explore an evening of Tantra and with lots of fear and curiosity I went along to a Sacred Sexuality for Women evening with Martina as host. During the evening Martina spoke of her upcoming women's retreat and I found myself booking my space, with absolutely no idea what to expect I just intuitively knew it was for me.

Firstly the setting at Amarant deep in the Yarra Valley was magical, surrounded by the bush with all the wildlife sounds to listen to away from the hectic life we live. Breath taking scenery and the gorgeous timber lodge with beautiful rooms was just perfect. We were graced to be nutritionally nourished by the beautiful Rachel during our time at retreat, such a treat to be served gorgeous food and not to have to worry about preparing or cooking.

Attention was paid to detail by Martina so that we did not have to concern ourselves with anything, she wanted us all to spend the retreat totally focused on ourselves, something as women we forget to do!

Everything was set up beautifully and this allowed us all to completely relax and go on our Tantra journey facilitated by Martina.

I am astounded by the profound effect the retreat and the beginnings of my Tantra journey has had on me. It was a life changing event for me where I opened the door to a reconnection with myself that had long ago left me.

Martina has an amazing ability to hold the space as you explore who you truly are as a woman, I loved being in her space and her wonderful energy inspired, uplifted and captivated me throughout my time at retreat. So much so, that I did not want to leave. The connection created at the retreat with the women I shared my time with has continued and we are all meeting regularly, supporting each other as we continue our individual journeys.

This journey continues for me as my partner now joins me, we will be going together to Martina’s couples retreat in November!

I would absolutely recommend going on the Blossoming Woman Retreat with Martina to any woman who wishes to explore her feminine and reconnect with self.

A truly wonderful experience.

Thank you Martina for the amazing work that you do.

Anon, Melbourne

Thank you so much for your wisdom, magnificence and guidance, I feel truly rejuvenated and inspired to learn more on how to bring out the free women in me! The retreat was an amazing experience! 

Milena, Melbourne

Going Deeper

Heartfelt Tantra for Couples – A Weekend Retreat

Heartfelt Tantra for Couples is an opportunity to experience heartfelt intimacy, together with powerful sexual energy. On this 3 day retreat you have an opportunity to learn how to cultivate deeper union, increased passion and greater bliss in your everyday interactions with each other.

Transforming your everyday interactions with each other can be simple, but when you are both reacting out of your old patterns it can be more than challenging. We will share with you how to bring about this transformation with simple steps…

You will learn how to recreate and feel the joy of a lingering loving glance across the kitchen table, the power of a caress on the back as you pass in the hallway and the expansive nature of deeply felt lovemaking which creates sensations and pleasure which lasts way beyond the physical experience.

For more information on this event, and to see upcoming dates, click the Events Calendar button below.


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We want to thank you both for an amazing experience on Sunday - we learned so much about what is possible for us and you provided us with many tools that we can now practice and enjoy. It was a caring, intimate atmosphere and we would like to be kept in the loop on forthcoming events.

Anita, 55 and Ian, 51

The Tantric Couples weekend was one of the hardest things I’ve done but also one of the best things I have ever done. The practices and discussions led by Martina and her team released a lot of suppressed emotions in me and I finally allowed myself to cry and start releasing grief. It was an amazing feeling and I found myself finally “free”. Free to explore and free to connect at a deeper and more intimate level with my partner. Thank you Martina for a wonderfully enlightening weekend with lots of caring, listening and tips for us as a couple to take home to our everyday life.

Lotta, 43, Melbourne

The Couples weekend offered me a safe and warm place to look within myself and challenge my view of my relationship with Lotta. I have a tendency to “give”more than receive and the weekend allowed me to see that being that way not only deprives me of the pleasure of receiving both a loving touch and a warm heart, but also diminishes my partner’s ability to fulfil herself in giving to me with tenderness and heart felt emotion. The workshops, both emotional and physical, were challenging yet rewarding. I was pleased to support Lotta in her times of need and have her hold me when I felt like a hug as well. Martina and all the leaders were knowledgeable and created a loving and safe space for the activities. The location is amazing and the meals were delicious! The weekend opens your eyes to what is possible to create in relationship if two people share a common love.

Jeremy, 54, Melbourne

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing weekend. It was excruciatingly painful, interesting, insightful, powerful and worthwhile. I feel more connected with my husband than I have for some time, and my mind is still processing a lot of my own 'stuff'. And, yes, there has been some sensational sex since.

Woman, 43, Sydney, married 20 years

I wanted to thank you so much for a beautiful weekend. I feel really open today. Steve and I both feel very close, connected and so looking forward to our adventure to England. I woke up this morning feeling quite amazing!! Kate and Lilamani were incredible support and their presence really enhanced the complete love I felt during the weekend. Also, the people at the retreat were truly inspiring - it is really such a reflection of the space you create and invite people to enter. A big thank you to Ben for being present in every way too. What an awesome man he is! Thank you again for holding the space you always do and being an inspiring woman, and friend!

Gia, 34, Sydney

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