Couple’s & Singles Events

Through my experiences with Martina and the study of the Tantra, it has given me a greater presence in every day life and a deeper understanding of relating and openness with people on any level. To really understand the true nature of our own sexual energy has lead to greater life force, joy, love and connectedness, to both myself as well as those I interact with and harmony in life. I have found Tantra to be a truly beautiful way to experience my own expansion of consciousness through a gentle yet very opening practice that is profoundly transformational.


I was surprised by how natural and 'wholesome' the psychology/philosophy of Tantra came across to me on Sunday. The elucidation was thoroughly engaging. Your exited gestures - energetic nature - your gratitude... validate the efficacy of Tantra. I am convinced that this system could be very pragmatic, perhaps more so than many other practices I have encountered. From anecdotal reports of Tantra work, I was expecting some kind of internal conflict. Instead I found myself laughing and laughing on the inside! How joyful to hear someone challenge the psycho-social trash they've inoculated us with. Where to from here? 


Thank you for all your support and presence during the weekend in Wagga. I learnt a lot and felt a lot and left feeling inspired, uplifted and in my heart. The learnings and experiences have really helped me and I am enjoying bringing them into my everyday life.

Sarah, 39, Wagga Wagga

I've been practising the techniques over the last week and am very happy with the progress so far! The workshop has definitely awakened a sleeping serpent! Thanks again for last Sunday. Very much looking forward to the journey.

Fiona, 46, Melbourne

It was a real pleasure to come together with others who are open to sharing and experiencing the beauty of connecting using the tantric practices you teach. I look forward to being more aware of my own energies and bringing consciousness into my intimate interactions with others. The hugging exercise was really blissful.

Rebecca, 33, Sydney

Martina, you know your stuff!!! Thank you!! It heightened my respect for the energies of the male and female. I feel more free in my own sexuality and desires. 

Margie, 55, Wollongong

Martina shows wonderful gifts of insight, experience, sensitivity and knowledge in her presentation. Her passion for tantra is catching and I feel hooked again. 

Marunta, 64, Sydney

Great content and well presented. Very experiential. I have a real sense of growth and understanding. 

Scott, 40, Sydney

We want to thank you both for an amazing experience on Sunday - we learned so much about what is possible for us and you provided us with many tools that we can now practice and enjoy. It was a caring, intimate atmosphere and we would like to be kept in the loop on forthcoming events.

Anita, 55 and Ian, 51

The Tantric Couples weekend was one of the hardest things I’ve done but also one of the best things I have ever done. The practices and discussions led by Martina and her team released a lot of suppressed emotions in me and I finally allowed myself to cry and start releasing grief. It was an amazing feeling and I found myself finally “free”. Free to explore and free to connect at a deeper and more intimate level with my partner. Thank you Martina for a wonderfully enlightening weekend with lots of caring, listening and tips for us as a couple to take home to our everyday life.

Lotta, 43, Melbourne

The Couples weekend offered me a safe and warm place to look within myself and challenge my view of my relationship with Lotta. I have a tendency to “give”more than receive and the weekend allowed me to see that being that way not only deprives me of the pleasure of receiving both a loving touch and a warm heart, but also diminishes my partner’s ability to fulfil herself in giving to me with tenderness and heart felt emotion. The workshops, both emotional and physical, were challenging yet rewarding. I was pleased to support Lotta in her times of need and have her hold me when I felt like a hug as well. Martina and all the leaders were knowledgeable and created a loving and safe space for the activities. The location is amazing and the meals were delicious! The weekend opens your eyes to what is possible to create in relationship if two people share a common love.

Jeremy, 54, Melbourne

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing weekend. It was excruciatingly painful, interesting, insightful, powerful and worthwhile. I feel more connected with my husband than I have for some time, and my mind is still processing a lot of my own 'stuff'. And, yes, there has been some sensational sex since.

Woman, 43, Sydney, married 20 years

I wanted to thank you so much for a beautiful weekend. I feel really open today. Steve and I both feel very close, connected and so looking forward to our adventure to England. I woke up this morning feeling quite amazing!! Kate and Lilamani were incredible support and their presence really enhanced the complete love I felt during the weekend. Also, the people at the retreat were truly inspiring - it is really such a reflection of the space you create and invite people to enter. A big thank you to Ben for being present in every way too. What an awesome man he is! Thank you again for holding the space you always do and being an inspiring woman, and friend!

Gia, 34, Sydney

Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend retreat, it was powerful and transformative. There really are no words to describe what we experienced but what we experienced we will have forever. All our senses were tantalized and you helped us explore and feel our essence, letting us feel safe in a cocoon of nurturing energy. I loved every single activity - I felt very vulnerable and confronted with some but you always made me feel safe to open up and with each activity I felt more free in my body. Greg and I are now more connected on a deeper level and we feel more alive; it is so beautiful and we are grateful to have had this experience together. You are so beautiful and what you do is a gift; please continue doing what you do as you touch people's lives in such a special way.

Larn, 33, Sydney

I have found the Tantric Nights for Couples that Alison runs very effective for re-connecting with my partner. We have been to every night she has run and each one has been a different experience. Alison holds a really safe and sacred space for couples to connect. Every time we have been to one of these nights it has been a very positive experience.

DG, 51, Sydney

My partner Matt and I attended the tantric couples night to get some quality time together to connect in our busy lives. We had been to tantric nights and really saw value in being in an intimate space where we could feel relaxed and guided by Alison together with other couples. We have been twice now and both times I have felt really nourished and appreciated the space to express myself and my love to Matt. Alison has a beautiful style that really allows whatever needs to happen to emerge. We will definitely keep coming back.

Lou, 34, Sydney

I have had a very powerful experience coming back into my normal programming / conditioning after the retreat. I can clearly see the illusions of my life, and how I have set myself up in a way where I am always busy / full and needing to get somewhere other than here - I have lovingly simplified my life over these last few weeks, creating space around and within myself to breath, listen and feel . . . I feel that this inner journey is about awakening and loving myself in ways I cannot even imagine at present. Thanks for a beautifully rich weekend :) 

Cass, 38, Sydney

Thank you so much for creating such an incredible space at the Spirituality Meets Sexuality (SMS) Retreat. You have opened my heart and eyes to a more authentic place. The challenging, yet beautiful experiences and connections I had at the SMS will be with me for a very long time. You helped me to open up to new places within myself that allow me to be more connected with myself, those around me and to the richness of life. I think differently, I feel different, I am different... in a delicious, beautiful way. You all were able to guide me to accept and embrace my Mars and Venus, my spirituality and sexuality and start to understand the importance of each in my life. I am conscious of how I now act and feel differently. My connections with people are more open. My conversations with myself are more honest. Thank you so much. This is just the beginning and I'm excited about the journey ahead. Thank you from all of my heart.


Rob, 48, Sydney

The intensive was my idea. When Martina said she had her retreat space booked, but was not certain of a theme, I put in my personal order. I wanted to attend an event where people who had done a lot of journeying with Martina, would just drop right in. The superb location is on the edge and so is this retreat. You will be supported to experience the very depths and edges of your internal truth. You will be supported to experience your courage to express these truths in relation to others, through the retreat journey. I strongly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting a next level experience with a loving, unwavering facilitator and looking for a strong group to journey with." Katie McMurray, mother, business owner and creator of Dangerous Blogging.

Katie, Sydney

The retreat took me a big step further on my inner journey towards freedom. Its beautiful setting, the safe atmosphere, and the wonderful people involved, helped me to tap into a space within me which is free of expectations and goals – I found an awareness of the moment, of what’s happening in the here and now of my life. Never have I been as conscious about what I do and why I do it as I have been since the retreat.  The experiences I made there provided me with profound insights into some damaging patterns of my life that I didn’t dare dealing with before and which had turned into tense blockages for my life energy.  Some of those blockages I could release, others I started to tackle. Shrugging off the fear and laziness of going beyond the known path and questioning those self-imposed boundaries was a big challenge to overcome, but oh so liberating. I am now more willing to open myself and tear down the walls around my heart than ever before.  If I manage to stay on track of this process in my daily life, I will be a happier man. Very life changing. Thank you, Martina.

Urs, 31, Germany

This is essential learning for all men and women, and Martina has the ability to bring these profound teachings to a wider audience with her wisdom, clarity, warmth and sense of fun! For me personally it aligns beautifully with the Buddhist teachings I am currently undertaking, particularly the emphasis on being, rather than doing or thinking with full breathing, staying connected and enjoying the present moment. I was particularly impressed with the way Martina responded to comments from the group, the way she listened and provided valuable insights.

Richard, Sydney

Intimate Nights

A big Thank You to you, Martina, and your team. I started attending your events only this year and they have helped me a great deal by helping me alleviate the negativity permeating my life. You have made me a lifelong convert and fan of Tantric Blossoming and I will continue to attend as many events as possible, for I would like to continue my personal growth under your caring, kind and divine tutelage. Hopefully in time, I too can blossom. Once more, my undying gratitude towards you and your team for helping me rediscover of all that is good and beautiful in this life. So see you in 2014.

Mundeep, 28, Sydney

Feeling heartfelt gratitude for the weekend spent with Martina Hughes' Intimate Night's workshop. The spaces created, the vulnerability of the other participants and the heartful facilitation allowed for depth, truth and finally release of a dark hidden part of me. Feeling the tenderness of my intergration is now giving rise to a lightness around my previous self criticisms of my body and also the courage to keep moving forward on my journey to receiving love in all my relationships.

What a beautiful workshop!! Thanks to the team and all the brave participants and a self pat on the back to me for going there and playing full out. Martina Hughes runs some amazing programs and for me Intimate Nights has been the most confronting, but not for what I expected. Biggest shifts for me since finding The Journey. I love and recommend her programs whole heartedly.

Dig, 50, Melbourne

I didn't get so say goodbye to you on Saturday night, but wanted to express my gratefulness for your presence and commitment to us all over the intimate nights sessions. What I most appreciated was your capacity to stay the distance with us all, so when I got my turn, near the end, you were there with me. I know you love this work, but it nevertheless takes energy, focus and commitment (staying power!). I am very grateful for that.  I think for me it was a fabulous opportunity to 'practice' being present with others. That was the gift I took away with me, so I am a little more able to make those beautiful connections and stay with them than I was before. With love and appreciation.

Simon, 54, Melbourne

Intimate Nights has been a beautiful experience of personal understanding and growth both for me and the others present. It was wonderful to interact with such lovely souls, who gave such love in return. I have realised that my view of myself has been blinkered by my own sense of worth. I am worthy of love. We are all so worthy of love. Tantra has opened my eyes to a different way of living in the world, and this is the flow that I am buoyed by. It has helped me to look in the mirror and smile... Thank you gifted teacher.

James, 53, Melbourne

I received a lot from Intimate Nights. It was such a great space to be in, with useful feedback on how I relate with other people. Also to bare my soul to others in such a safe and nurturing environment was a very opening experience - releasing emotion, very cathartic, and now things seem much clearer. I am more aware of my thoughts and able to make sense of things and take action around making some changes. Scary but very empowering at the same time! Thanks again for the opportunity. Loved meeting great people too.

Tim, 50, Cairns

Intimate Nights is a beautiful event that really supported me to open up blocks and build confidence in myself. Martina created a place of healing, fun and openness that allowed us to shed inhibitions. As a shy young man it with was freeing to see myself and the other participants in our true beauty when we shed the barriers literally and on the 2nd day the deeply touching emotional sharing of our experience. Thank you Martina.

Julian, 37, Melbourne

What an incredible couple of days! I am so grateful to have been part of the group and the touching, enriching, moving and intense experience. It will take some time for it all to sink in but I wanted to acknowledge your amazing facilitation straight away. You have a great gift and we all benefited from it in the last couple of days. Thank you!

David, 41, Melbourne

I just wanted to thank you again for facilitating such a wonderful healing space, where I could learn, share, experience and be true to myself. I am so grateful to have participated in Intimate Nights as I felt it was so cathartic, releasing so much blocked, dark, heavy energy. I felt as if I experienced many awakenings not only through my own truths but through the many mirrors provided by other’s experiences.

Luka, 24, Melbourne

I am very grateful for the opportunity to share this extraordinary experience. I had done some judging of myself and others I think to avoid honesty and so I almost avoided the second day. But I knew I had to see it through or I would feel even more isolated. I had felt a sense of invisibility on Friday. I felt quite strongly at one time that the group experience was not for me. But after Saturday that changed completely for me. In listening to others I understood more and more why I was there, and how connected I was to this group. Almost everyone's story held an element of truth for was amazing.

I would like to also thank you for your openness and sharing about your own life. I felt incredibly empowered by your honesty and I felt more connected to you as a facilitator than perhaps ever before and empowered to share. It is so important for me to engage in tantra so that my sexuality remains in light. I have felt lost when I have not been open or honest and so my energy becomes darker and hidden. In rediscovering my sexuality through tantra, there is a freedom within me that I had always sought.

And that's another reason it was so important for me to have this opportunity. You allow space for me to be in the light with my sexuality. I feel understood, that I have been given permission to be both strong and weak. To be myself. Thank you again for allowing me this opportunity. At several moments when I was unsure of myself I began to judge myself and the experience but I understand so much more now about why it is such a powerful experience and I thank you for allowing me to share in it. 


James, 49, Melbourne

As soon as I sat down I felt this strong presence come over me and immediately knew something was happening. The opportunity to be naked in front of other men and women, without shame or embarrassment has brought healing to me. I felt like my sexuality and manhood was accepted without judgement. It is liberating and releasing and I began to get a sense of, ’hey being naked with a woman is fun!’ In other words it doesn’t have to be a drama. I thoroughly enjoyed the night. I would love to be part of another one.

Kevin, 56, Sydney

Once again, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend Intimate Nights. There is certainly no doubt in my mind that your workshops add clarity and expansion to all who attend, no matter where they are on their personal journeys. I continue to be guided to change my bodywork style to facilitate and serve the sacredness of the feminine. My expansion through your workshops and my willingness to go deeper into me has magnified the respect and presence that I am able to hold for women. With heartfelt gratitude and love. 

Peter, 56, Melbourne

Thank you Martina for the Intimate Nights workshop and for continuing such valuable work with your community. I was so impressed by the way you held the space gently and skilfully, and it was definitely 'held'. The work you are doing fascinates and moves me and I wish I was closer, I'd come to everything!

Lucy, 43, UK

Martina's Intimate Nights in April 2010 was a beautiful, heart-opening experience. The hardest part for me was taking off my clothes at the start of the night, but I felt so much love and support from the group that it was a truly breakthrough experience for me. The rest of the night was pure joy for me - feeling so much love, appreciation and delight from so many open-hearted men; feeling such deep kinship with the women. Dancing, touching, learning, playing, connecting, feeling, revelling...! And the de-brief the following day was truly extraordinary. I felt so honoured to witness the sharing of such deep truths and the fragility and vulnerability that people offered. On that day I experienced a huge healing on an issue with men that had pained me for a long time. I'm profoundly grateful to Martina for creating such a nurturing, loving, joyful space for growth.

Tahnee, 37, Melbourne

This workshop is the most beautifully supportive and safe environment to conquer body issues, if you truly wish to do so. Martina holds such a nurturing, accepting and beautiful space!!! This is not just 'one of those workshops' :)

Wayne, 34, Melbourne

I have been blessed with the opportunity to share in two Intimate Nights experiences. Each experience was different but had the same expansive effect on me, due largely to Martina's presence and the dynamics of the group that attended. My first experience awakened me to a long held inner turmoil that I thought was truly dealt with over a decade ago and the resulting forgiveness and freedom that I afforded myself has unleashed a thirst to keep expanding and to continue to be a better 'me'. My recent experience gave me the clarity that I knew was in me, but was reluctant to acknowledge. Allowing the clarity within me was highlighted by the acceptance from Martina and the beautiful men and women of the group. The benefits that I received were fully realised by an openness to go deeper within me and that being naked is not being without clothes, it was for me, facing my vulnerabilities and showing the inner me, the real me. With much love and gratitude.

Peter, 56, Melbourne

Martina, I feel a deep gratitude and freeing of my wild woman, a rawness and aliveness after a huge release of the power of rage and life force energy that has been locked up in my body heart and soul ... I feel I am moving in waves and there is more of the unknown power love and raw aliveness to come ... thank you with all my heart ... with love Marina :)

Marina, 47, Mebourne

One of our event regulars in Melbourne, Tony, has provided us with a diary account of his process and unraveling internally and externally after the December 09 Intimate Nights experience. His diary acount is deeply honest and compelling. Read Tony's account.

Tony, 48, Melbourne

Men’s Events

"For starters the facilitators are revolutionaries and have developed a 3 day program that is completely all encompassing and always relevant to a man of our time.Each practice throughout each day develops mind soul and body inclusively.So interesting, so challenging, so exhausting, so supported and enlightening.The venue and the food are organically divine.The women facilitators will blow your mind with their bravery, knowledge, insights and reverence.You will share this life significant experience with 15 other men whose courage and support you will always respect , and a bond that sticks due to the amount you inspire each other.This is my true experience and I have never felt so appreciated in my life.Do it." 

Wayne, 34, Melbourne

"It's amazing what gets squeezed into 3 nights n 3 days - feels more like a weeks worth of personal transformation. You'll be up for a ride..peaks..troughs but it's all carefully structured to make sure you arrive at the end empowered n clear on what you need to do to take your next step n eat life like a lion. Along the way there's a few utterly unique experiences you can't get anywhere else. An added bonus is the special connection you make with your fellow travellers. If you're thinking of doing this - do it! You deserve to back yourself brother." 

Dorian, 47, Melbourne

My husband Brett attended the Men's Retreat, he wanted to go but was a little sceptical. WOW, what an amazing transformation for us. We now have a new love, bond, connection and amazing energy after 9 years of marriage. I have fallen in love with my husband all over again. His touch is electric and his whole being is different in such an unexplainable way. We always thought we had a good marriage and now it's just more than we ever expected and everything in our lives has become magical.

Christie (wife of men's retreat participant), Melbourne

Just wanted to send you a belated thank you for your webinar. I found your information relevant and your energy beautiful. Having participated in body work with women before - I have never met a woman who I feel truly holds the space for men as you do. I truly believe you are very balanced in your masculine and feminine and love the fact that sex and intimacy is not only sacred but held close to your heart.


Thank you so much for the workshop. After a very long time of feeling closed emotionally and “in my head”, I speak the truth when I see and now feel with an open heart that I am on a journey to authentic sharing. I found your “speak” and use of analogies enlightening thus allowing myself to put pieces of repressed emotional and sexual energy together. The education you gave relating to a man and a woman’s polarity and how they come together has now allowed me to bond on a more spiritual level with the beginnings of an open heart ready to receive the love of my partner/lover. I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to attending more workshops and also Tantric Nights.

Mal, 47, Melbourne

I have been to many events facilitated by Martina and never cease to be impressed by her capacity to be rational yet intuitive, penetratingly forensic yet warmly feminine. 'Being a Sexual Man' was no exception. A bunch of us men, with many different yet somehow similar issues to work through, were inspired and challenged as we worked through a series of emotional and physical exercises with Martina. As a result, I feel better equipped to rejoice in, and celebrate, my essential masculinity. Thank you Martina! All good blessings.

David, 43, Melbourne

I wanted to take this time to thank you for the amazing influence and inspiration you have had on my life to get me to this stage where I can commence a new life of service. You were my first introduction to tantra. I have so much gratitude for your presence in my life. Your presence, the space you hold, your wonderful shining heart and your professional integrity are such gifts to the world.

Sean, 41, Melbourne

The Walking on the Edge retreat was amazing! I’ve never experienced anything like that. For me there is a depth of love and openness that I have only felt in the retreat space. A certain magic that happens when people are free to open, to bring all the deepest darkest parts of who they are to the table - to be seen, to be heard and received for all they truly are. And then held in love, with compassion and empathy as they journey through what is showing up for them. There’s a certain awe for me around watching Martina create this space and the community around Tantric Blossoming. For me it’s more than that, the love, the safety to show up as I am in that moment - to be heard and supported in ways I have never felt before. It’s like what I imagine as the ideal version of family. Yet it goes much deeper for me - to receive love, so much love, it frightened the pants off me. Yet leaving the retreat, I was so sensitive to my environment. I could feel so much, the people in the street, the sounds, the energy of Byron. And as I settle into daily life I long to return to a place of love in such abundance. To open with my new friends and journey together to places deep within and shine the light of love on places not yet explored.  See you on retreat!

Rod, 44, Torquay

Thanks for the workshop today... It was interesting, challenging, appealing, useful... love your work :)

Darren, 48, Melbourne

I just wanted to thank you for the 'Being a Sexual Man' workshop. Awareness gives you the power to change. I have already felt a great sense of awareness which I believe will help me to recognise, focus and embrace my sexual energy, my ability to freely give love and my openess in receiving love. Thank you so much again.

Sebastian, 47, Sydney

I read your email and all of this fire just tingles through me. :-) I LOVED the retreat. It was amazing to spend time with so many amazing people who all share a love of the divine. To be open to you and the other woman was the most beautiful and sensual experience that I have ever had. Thank you again for being a fearless, deep, tender, sensitive, open, loving woman and for allowing me to see who I am in that. I love the space inside of me so much. 

Colin, 37, Sydney

I had done over a decade of self development work before I attended the Being Man retreat, where I experienced some of the biggest shifts in my life in relating with myself, my sexuality and women.... I wouldn't only recommend this to men, I'd suggest it's a must go! This work has been key in relating with all women in my life including mum and sisters and positively impacted on all areas of my life.

Paul, 45, Byron

This event helped me to unravel the 'mystery' around why I was letting myself be treated the same way in my relationships with women. It was confronting at first, but then I was able to see the path that I needed to move on. An unbiased and loving woman's perspective was what I valued more than any other program I'd participated in before. I've learnt so much from Martina and invite you to attend and see for yourself.


Never before have I struggled so much with a testimonial; there are no words to accurately describe Martina Hughes or the Being Man retreat. Martina is quite simply amazing. She plays the game (of life) as a Grand Master with the subtlety of butterfly kisses and the power of hurricanes. She is woman! Hear her roar! Ably assisted by a team of angels and surrogate father figure and Qi Gong practitioner par excellence Jared, and using little more than touch, breath, movement and visualisations. I was cocooned in love to safely explore the scariest of places, my heart. I had no idea I could experience so much pleasure with my clothes on!

Andrew, 55, Melbourne

Love this work Martina. The Being Man retreat I attended a few years ago was absolutely brilliant and profound, such a well thought out program that covered so many aspects of "Being Man" through all ages and stages of a man's life. Can't speak highly enough of your integrity and passion for this life-changing work,, and the feminine reflection of man on these weekend is so crucial.

Eamonn, 38, Melbourne

The Men's Retreat was amazing, powerful, profound and enjoyable. I loved everybody who was involved and felt very much engaged over the weekend. I didn’t know what to expect, though I knew I wanted and needed to face the energy overwhelming me and all that meant, especially in regard to sexuality and relationships. I can't explain how much more grounded and comfortable I feel with myself. I came away in touch with the richness of the experience. Reflecting that I hadn’t been able to release the energy I had been wanting to let go of, which I experience as sexual and healing energy. Then on Sunday night something moved and it came up in particular to heart space - to open up an area of pain and hurt which was the release I had sought. It feels like there is a lot of integration going on at the moment. I will continue with the practices, go back to yoga to continue the expansion and grounding that has helped and magnified over the weekend, and continue the journey to adulthood with aliveness. 

Ken, Sydney

Thank you for a wonderful retreat. The course was professionally organized, well structured and ran well. The food was delicious and nutritious and I felt well satisfied with the servings. Speaking from my heart ... You opened up my eyes to see how I was connecting with both men and women. My masculine man was dormant and has now re-awakened. I feel so energized as a sexual masculine man again. I'm finding it easier to stay centred, and to feel grounded in my unique male energy. I felt that my body and mind was cleansed and allowed to start fresh again. The workshops with the women and how to read their bodies and to allow space, was very insightful and powerful and has already been put into positive practice. Thank you for creating the space for a group of courageous men to challenge life and grow.

Damian, 52, Melbourne

The primal quality of the practices created a feeling of going into the men’s cave. It was awesome to be in such a wonderful group of guys where you could witness their masculinity and in return experience your own masculinity. It was inspiring the different life experiences which everyone brought to the group and the feeling of connection with the whole group. It was an experience I have grown from and I am able to keep reconnecting with that energy since the course.

Greg, 39, Sydney

Thank you for a very practical and memorable workshop. I am slowly including the new practices into my daily routine, and seeing changes within myself and in my life. I am surprised how a slight change in perspective, is making such big quantum changes in my life . . . Looking forward to attending any future men’s workshops that you are running. 

Cass, 38, Sydney

Private Sessions

It was lovely to meet you yesterday via Skype - I found the session extremely useful, and I'm so relieved that you can make sense of what is going on - it has got a lot moving inside, both in my feelings and in my thoughts. Thank you also for such a marvellous summary of our discussion, the issues it highlighted, and the exercises for homework. I'm truly looking forward to this journey, it's such a relief to be finally breaking down chains from the past, and at last growing and moving forwards.

Richard, 43, UK

Thank you so much for your compassionate guidance, for listening and honestly sharing what you see and hear, and for your non-judgemental presence. These are such gifts to me right now. I slept so well last night, and that is rare for me. My body really relaxed into a deep restorative sleep. I have a feeling our work together had something to do with that! Thank you for the summary to our session and for the links. I'm committed to a daily practice for my own awakening. I'm so happy we're working together.

Maria, 43, USA

I am still blown away from the sessions with you. To me it was a huge experience. I had so many moments of realization and understanding what is really going on. It has been wonderful, I am so glad that you came to Germany. The sessions with you have given me a feeling that true development and improvement is possible. And above all it has given me hope for my future. And for that I am truly very, very grateful. You are an amazing person.

Gerald, 32, Munich

What you are doing is changing my life. I live for this; it is a much more beautiful way of being. Thank you.

Mark, 42, Sydney

Just a quick note to say how amazing it felt for me to be completely real and honest. Thank you so much for creating the space to allow that to happen, and for allowing me to share so much of myself. I feel totally safe with you. I'll continue to work on what we discussed; your advice and guidance has been hugely beneficial so far. Thank you again for the beautiful session yesterday.

Chris, 36, Melbourne

Thank you so much Martina for our session on Thursday. I was blown away by the amazing space you helped me create through my courage (in your safe and loving environment) to look at the challenges that stop me feeling fulfilled and happy. Since Thursday, lots of lovely new views have opened up for me and I have been feeling so peaceful and grounded. I have been practising my breathing and breast massage and its really interesting to note that the blockages in my digestion have released over the last few days. I am feeling more energetic, the pain in my back has diminished considerably... its been amazing and I sincerely thank you. I want everyone to know how free, energetic and healthy you can feel when you give up the old stuff, let go and start to love and blossom from the inside out.

Lindi, 49, Melbourne

Focusing on my breath and your direction allowed me to move through the sensations without being overwhelmed. That was refreshing. Throughout a growing spaciousness spread in my body. An unexpected freedom and release occurred so naturally, that it took me by complete surprise. I did not know my body could do that! It felt awesome and humbling. Lots of old "stuff" was surfacing, with sharp pains and twitches occasionally. Once again the breathing and visualisation helped. Immediately after the session, I felt an incredible buzzing through my body. I felt opened up. Something shifted deep down. With your guidance it was a wonderful and challenging first step in my journey. Your calm and reassuring way helped immensely. I look forward to the next part of the journey. Many thanks.

Tony, 37, Sydney

My sessions with Martina were deeply healing. She created a safe space where I was able to heal old wounds of shame around my sexual desires, reconnect with my passion and make friends with my vulnerable selves also. It was powerful to connect more deeply with the subtle energies in my body and relax happily into who I AM rather than trying to BE someone better...

Dunstan, 36, Sydney

I just wanted say thanks for the session on Friday afternoon. Its made me think more about where I am heading in my life and talking with you reminded me of what is truly important.

Karl, 33, Sydney

I just wanted to say thank you for our session today. It was pretty intense for me and a lot of stuff has come up and come out, it means growth and movement is happening. I wanted to say to you - I feel really safe with you. When I opened my eyes and looked at you during the breathing part of the session, I just felt really held. That felt important for me. I so appreciate everything that happens in your purple room.

Gia, 32, Sydney

Thank you Martina for a life changing series of sessions. You were able to pierce through my layers to the core of the issues that plagued my sexuality. I've been amazed at the results we achieved in so little time. I now have a whole new world of sexuality ahead that already feels so wholesome and rewarding and not just for me.

Peter, 36, Sydney

I have experienced 2 sessions of body work with Tim. I chose to work with Tim because I trust his presence, his ability and capacity to hold space for me in my full power, his genuine care and interest in the expansion of every person he interacts with and supports, and also because he comes highly recommended by my tantra mentor Martina. Both sessions with Tim were profound in how they supported me to deeply connect with my body at a physical, sexual and sensual level while also supporting me to learn how to move energy through and within my body. Tim’s clean masculine presence and support provided the space for me to surrender to the wisdom in my body and drop deeply into my feminine energy on many levels. The power and expansion experienced through the sessions have been a significant part of my tantra journey so far and my growth as a woman. I will be choosing to experience more sessions with Tim in the future.

Karen, 48, Melbourne

Tim was able to create a safe and relaxed space for his work with me. In his gentle and respectful manner he gave me the freedom to set suitable boundaries. It's amazing how your boundaries can expand when given full choice and complete trust! His work was at times subtle and at times powerful. I felt all sorts of things in my body and moving through me. I found it quite profound. I've never had any other therapy quite like it and look forward to the next session. An added bonus is that the stiff achy lower back I've had for months, that massage and osteo didn't clear, has almost disappeared.

Rosemary, 62, Melbourne

Tim worked with me to open up my heart. When I went in I found my heart sealed in a small steel rusty bird cage. After getting it open and disintegrating it with fairy dust, my heart timidly and anxiously took it first few steps towards liberation and eventually grew wings and just hovered over my body near my heart space. The rest of the session went smoothly as I repeated my mantra I LOVE YOU whenever I felt contracted. The session ended in me feeling more expansive that ever before. Tim held space for me in such a caring manner that I felt safe in being so vulnerable. I commend him in his attention and depth of feeling.

Tantric Alchemy Training

Tantric Alchemy Training has changed my life in deeply profound ways that I could not have previously imagined possible. It has awoken parts of myself that were previously sleeping, expanding my experience of life, intimacy and connection with myself and with others. It has given me wonderful tools to tap into my unique truth and expression of who I am. I feel more aligned with my personal power and integrity than I have known before and deeply enjoy relating from this place. I am eternally grateful and blessed to have chosen to go on the journey for the 12 months. I feel like my true life or life of truth has just begun and it keeps beginning! Martina holds an incredible space of deep intuition, trust, wisdom and fierce love. 

Amy, 26, Brisbane

I joined this training to learn how to deepen connection and intimacy with others whilst develop my understanding of Tantra and energetic bodywork. The training has supported me beautifully with this, and it has become the most revealing, intimate, heart-opening journey into the self that I have experienced. It has profoundly altered my perception of myself and deepened my self-love, which ultimately deepens every other relationship in my life. Martina and her team hold amazing space each retreat; it is like being held in an energetic capsule that instigates change and growth. It is one of the most empowering, loving things that I have ever done for myself. 

Tim, 51, Cairns

I was looking to break down the blocks that had me believe I was incapable of being in a truthful intimate and open relationship. It's been very confronting, yet the results and ease of undertaking the teachings have easily outweighed any struggle and resistance to change. I love this work and have never experienced a presenter as open, caring and knowledgeable as Martina. 

Dig, 51, Melbourne

Being part of the Tantric Alchemy training has opened me up to a more authentic relationship with myself and others. It is so much more than a training—it is a community experience where you are held every step of the way by the hearts of the participants in the training. Martina has the gift of holding an incredibly safe space, which has allowed me to explore my sexuality in a beautiful healing way. The training has enhanced my relationship with my husband of 35 years and brought our intimacy to another level. 

Jenni, 56, Melbourne

The training practices have worked on many levels for me—creating openings for me to explore and discover my inner life. The profound effect of the training has been that I have a sense of myself standing more and more securely on my own two feet and staying connected to my inner self while engaging with others. 

Vanessa, 42, Sydney

I had done 4 or so years of self-development prior to participating in the Tantric Blossoming facilitators training. No one had ever spoken about masculine and feminine energy, Presence, Intimacy and connection. On the first weekend away I integrated or healed my fear of being physically seen. My process went on from there. If you want a connected, heartfelt, intimate, loving relationship - do this training! This training is a must for everyday interactions with men and women either in an intimate setting or at work. I didn’t set out to become a tantric practitioner through the training, I did it for my own personal relationships. I received a lifetime of experiences, healing, joy, connection and learnt a whole lot about my psychology and what held me back from being sexual and growing as a man. 

David, 52, Sydney

Feel calmer after the course, happier, more relaxed. Able to feel energy moving in my body. And I now enjoy sex.


The course provided deeper insight into myself. I am more accepting of myself. I feel I am closer to living in joy and contentment. I love how everything could be revealed including my fears, anger and sadness. I feel I have grown as a man. I will have a much better relationship with myself and a partner. The learning from this course was fantastic - I have learned and gained so much.


I felt the space was held by Martina with great love, respect and even in difficult times she held herself with great dignity.


Tantric Nights

Thank you, thank you! I had such a fantastic night. I came with butterflies in my stomach, and left relaxed and joyful. My wish for 2015 was to keep on opening my heart. And now after our Tantric Nights it is “keep opening my heart more deeply with men.” I felt that as a woman I was kind of dead, I have never blossomed in an intimate way with a man. That part has never functioned for me, I was too closed because of the past. I also took with me an urge for sexual experiences, after no desire and abstaining from sex the last 3 years. So I am aware of “the woman that I am "coming alive again.”

Helene, Denmark

A big Thank You to you, Martina, and your team. I started attending your events only this year and they have helped me a great deal by helping me alleviate the negativity permeating my life. You have made me a lifelong convert and fan of Tantric Blossoming and I will continue to attend as many events as possible, for I would like to continue my personal growth under your caring, kind and divine tutelage. Hopefully in time, I too can blossom. Once more, my undying gratitude towards you and your team for helping me rediscover of all that is good and beautiful in this life.

Mundeep, 28, Sydney

I came along to the most recent tantric nights in Sydney. Wow, what a night! Thank you sooooo much for creating such a safe and beautiful space to explore in. I'd been a bit nervous arriving, excited but not sure what to expect, and it exceeded all my expectations. 

Kathryn, 35, Sydney

I attended the June 21 Tantric Nights, and would like to thank you for hosting it. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating evening with many activities I've never seen before. I learned things about myself and did a little healing as well. Lovely group of people, open, caring, welcoming. Alison is a great facilitator! I'm looking forward to the next one. 

Lloyd, 56, Sydney

THANK YOU for last night's Tantric Nights. It was so beautiful and I came away feeling hot, happy and joyous. Everyone was so amazing and it is an honour to be with such people. I look forward to the next one!!!

Gia, 32, Sydney

Feeling so grateful for the opportunity you've provided me with which to grow into my being. I have now attended three Tantric Nights and each one has been incredibly healing, rejuvenating and gratifying where I found a space to meet my need for intimacy. The expertise of all facilitators has made it an enriching and safe experience which I will recommend to others who are also drawn.

Petra, 37, Sydney

I really like how you create and hold the space for respectful sensuality. At your evening people had such a positive vibe about them - safe and very nourishing for the Spirit.

Bruno, 42, Sydney

Tonight was an extraordinary experience for me. There were no dildos or porn, and definitely no sex, but I felt like I had the afterglow of an all-nighter.

This workshop really made me realize that some of us are taking our cues about sex from all the wrong places. Maybe it's about time we switched off how we usually connect to others and start trying to communicate in new ways. If you feel anything like I did, you will be very, very delighted.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Thank you so much Martina for everything! Coming to one Tantric Nights has already made a profound difference in my life. My interactions and connections with people have improved immensely. I can't wait till you move to Melbourne for more journeys ahead. I would love others to receive what I have been given.

Luka, 24, Melbourne

Last night I was blessed to experience a Tantric Night with Martina Hughes in Sydney. The evening was an opportunity to relax, open up, and let down the walls that so many of us commonly hold in our lives separating us from other people, and consequently, ourselves – sometimes without even realising it. It was great fun exploring the diverse range of exercises, great to connect with new faces, and simply amazing to open up long-forgotten parts of myself. Martina’s work is stunning and of incredible value to the world. It’s high time more people found their essence and did something truly brilliant with it.

Just letting you know that I’m so grateful to you for allowing such a nurturing space at Tantric Nights... I’m wide open for all sorts of beautiful tantric experiences and loving it!!

Gabi, 32, Sydney

The only way we can "teach" anything is by embodying the world fully and unconditionally ... in this way we become a mirror for the other to reflect and see themselves at depth ... the clearer we are, the deeper the other can access ... Martina has this clarity in overflowing abundance and she lives as a beacon for others to shine from ... she has done the work that makes it easier for those of us who follow to do so in security ... I was at a workshop with Martina and 17 other beautiful, open people and can only fully recommend her for anyone who has any interest in tantra, in relationships, in deepening their divine masculine or feminine, or indeed any interest in LIFE itself ...And most important of all - she was FUN..... 

Tony, 44, Sydney

A BIG BIG thank you for hosting such a warm, beautiful and truly delicious night!! It was delightful to meet more lovely people who all shared in creating a fabulously sensual time together. Can't wait for the next one.

Rebecca, 34, Sydney

Thanks Martina. It was a really new/different experience for me and has started me thinking about what I truthfully and deeply hold to be important in life. Hopefully see you and all the beautiful goddesses and gods at the next one!

Harry, 32, Sydney

Fantastic evening. I was nervous as a first timer, wasn't quite sure what to expect. Left with a buzzing feeling! And I have felt great in the days since! More events please!

Duncan, 28, Melbourne

Fantastic evening. I was nervous as a first timer, wasn't quite sure what to expect. Left with a buzzing feeling! And I have felt great in the days since! More events please!

Duncan, 28, Melbourne

Women’s Events

Thank you for beautifully facilitating the feminine sexuality workshop last month. I released old baggage and became aware and connected to myself as a feminine woman for the first time this lifetime! It has been very empowering with it rippling into my life in more ways than I could of imagined! Thank you!!

Heather, 43, Melbourne

Thank you again for the feminine sexuality workshop on Saturday. I'm so glad I made the effort to go along (after randomly googling to find something in Melbourne around getting in touch with one's femininity....). Meeting you and the other women there was fantastic. I was seriously impressed with your intelligence, easy-going/down-to-earth nature, alongside your spiritual depth and feminine-confidence!! I feel that in meeting you I have come to the right place.

Belinda, 35, Melbourne

Sacred sexuality work connects me to my core in a way that no other work does. The experience feels whole – inwardly and outwardly. To connect and be intimate only with myself and other women is a sacred, healing experience for me. I’m finding that this work with you, Martina, and my own personal work is combining and creating some deep awareness and shifts. Thank you!

Anna, 32, Melbourne

I did a weekend with you in Kangaroo Valley 6 years ago, bought Diana Richardson's lovely book, which I have read, and use her practices regularly; tantric practices have given me a whole new life with my body and I love it!! Somehow your newsletter mails always arrive at the time when I most appreciate the thoughts and meditations. I follow your own journey from Sydney to Melbourne and the other places around Australia where you are expanding your work; I always promote it, as I think I am typical of many Western women who have been quite cut off (unwittingly) from their bodies, and I have loved being reconnected with it, through all you offer. Thank you so much! I have a far more enriched life now that I can connect the wealth and wonders of my mind to those of my and my partner's body.

Catherine, Kangaroo Valley

I had a great time on Saturday, getting to know myself more - and experiencing the other women was amazing, I really loved it. The oil has been a fantastic investment; I had a wonderful experience Saturday night..... so thank you. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Maggie, 42, Sydney

The workshop gave me the opportunity to see some of my fears around sexuality and to move through them. To see the masculine and feminine archetypes in my consciousness was very enlightening. It has been wonderful to spend time in my body, to notice how I am really feeling, amongst my busy ‘doing’ life. Thank you!

Michelle, 30, Melbourne

Thank you for the workshop, saying thank you seems inadequate for the gift of awakening which has occurred within me. It truly was a night of reconnection to myself, my femininity and my sexuality - all of which I have been disconnected from for such a large part of my life. For the first time I could feel the energy within all of me at once and its ebb and flow, where usually I only feel energy circulating around my heart centre or solar plexus. I discovered what it felt to be whole again from within.

For various reasons, sex and love making have not been a part of my life but after tonight I feel ready to explore this aspect which I have denied myself for so long, and that in itself is a major miracle! So once again, thank you Martina for such a profound workshop.

Much love.

Belinda, Sydney

I just wanted to write and thank you with all my heart for offering not just a workshop full of inspiration but one with such open heartedness, comfort, care and that gentle whisper of self empowerment. Whilst in the begining hesitancy played a big part of even attending, surrendering to the flow of life itself and taking that step forward has proven to be such a blessing. Lots has unfolded since and I'm sure will continue to do so, and now there is a certain air of excitement that stirs within. Thank you for your help in opening my eyes once more to the true beauty of this world in which we share.

Fleur, 33, Central Coast

Thank you so much for your work, I find you really inspiring, and your work very revealing. I seemingly have some trauma around intimacy and I notice that doing the exercises you recommend has really got things moving. It feels a lot better than the stuck feeling I have had around intimacy for years.

Katherine, 33, Melbourne

I got back in touch with feelings and emotions I haven’t experienced for quite a while. Giving myself permission to feel like a goddess and be blessed with my sexuality. Allowing me some more tools to help trust again and know feeling sexy is ok. Great exercises to share with my husband.

Lorraine, 57, Sydney

Thank you for facilitating a fabulous workshop on Saturday afternoon, Sacred Sexuality for Women, it was truly an amazing experience and a wonderful birthday present. The sacred space that was created was magical and an eternal bonding with all the women globally, the divine feminine was awakened in us all and it was beautiful.... I expanded in consciousness and felt a deep healing and connection within my self and universally. I would like to highly recommend this course to you all and especially as it makes a great birthday present for your friends. You are a gifted and authentic facilitator and we thank you for your energy and efforts in providing a great opportunity for us to experience the beauty of Tantra. Existence seems to have become even more colourful after Saturday's participation. Thank you.

Jasmine, 37, and Larisa, 26, Sydney

Thank you so much for the experience of such an amazing workshop. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Tantra. Not only did my sex life take a step up dramatically overnight but I have new insight into the woman I really am.

Josephine, 40, Sydney

Thank you again for the Sacred Sexuality experience. It was beautiful to feel so in tune with my body and share that with other women...the energy in the room was incredible. It has been 1 week since the Sacred Sexuality workshop...& I have felt more in tune with my body and settled in my mind than ever before. Before the workshop I felt I feared sex, had lost all desire for making love and was not feeling positive about myself in general...but after learning how to reconnect with myself and understand my body better, the idea of sex is not daunting at all...I'm actually excited! After sharing & spending time with the beautiful women in the group I also feel a strong desire to connect on a deeper level with my female friends which is so nourishing. Thankyou for empowering me and reminding me how blissful and divine it is to be a woman!

Stacey, 31, Sydney

I decided to head along to the Blossoming Woman retreat out of curiosity after experiencing Martina leading Sacred Sexuality for Women evening in Sydney. Wow!  The Blossoming Woman retreat was the most powerful workshop I have participated in.  Totally heart opening and connected me with the divine feminine in a way I have I have never experienced before.   Martina holds the space for you to experience vulnerability and ecstasy.  A powerful and loving and divine experience!

Freya, Sydney

I came to explore Tantra after an opening I experienced with a man. I was eager to learn how to become a better partner and lover, to enrich the connection, to reach higher levels of intimacy through lovemaking. My first step was to attend Sacred Sexuality for Women facilitated by Martina. At the end of the session she told us about the Blossoming Woman retreat and there were a few spots left. I followed my gut and said ‘yes’ to the experience, with no idea what I was opening to. It felt scary and it felt very right at the same time.  

What I experienced during the Blossoming Woman retreat was not what I was expecting: I experienced myself. I found my truth.  I was looking for answers from the outside when it was all inside.  By creating a space of trust, safety, fun and love, Martina helped to peel off the layers. In the middle of this circle of amazing women, there I was - bare, strong and vulnerable, with tears, laughter, screams, love, energies, passion, fun, music, compassion, it all came to me ... I have opened to my energies, a breakthrough to different sensations, to a different understanding of the world. Spirituality. Orgasmic flashes of warmth through my body. Feminine connection. Everyone has a unique experience, my opening is deep and profound. There is no turning back. I will keep walking on the path, I love what I found, the possibilities seem limitless. A beautiful phrase was given to me during the retreat “the mind knows restrictions, the body knows freedom”. I want freedom. The freedom to be just me; imperfect and flavourful.

Sandrine, Sydney

Thank you so much for your wisdom, magnificence and guidance, I feel truly rejuvenated and inspired to learn more on how to bring out the free women in me! The retreat was an amazing experience! 

Milena, Melbourne

Martina has taken me on a beautiful journey through the Blossoming Woman retreat... I have a new sense of calm and freedom in my life. I feel empowered with the tools, the confidence and the commitment, to continue nuturing and loving myself.

I have overcome negative feelings about my body, discovered and reconnected with my sexual energy and feel a new life force emerging within me.

Blossoming Woman is an opportunity to experience profound transformation from deep inside.

Katie, Melbourne

Tim worked with me to open up my heart. When I went in I found my heart sealed in a small steel rusty bird cage. After getting it open and disintegrating it with fairy dust, my heart timidly and anxiously took it first few steps towards liberation and eventually grew wings and just hovered over my body near my heart space. The rest of the session went smoothly as I repeated my mantra I LOVE YOU whenever I felt contracted. The session ended in me feeling more expansive that ever before. Tim held space for me in such a caring manner that I felt safe in being so vulnerable. I commend him in his attention and depth of feeling.

The space you hold is so safe and soft, like a warm womb unconditionally loving and allowing, it's a very precious gift. Thank you.

Amy, 25, Melbourne

Last night I attended the Beauty of Women event run superbly by Alison. I'd had a huge day at work and was tempted to bail out but am so glad I didn't. It was a tender, slowly-evolving evening where time just slowed down. When it ended I was surprised I'd been there 3 hours and delighted at how refreshed I felt. It was like I'd walked through cool rain on a steaming hot day. We talked, we danced, we meditated and we supported ourselves and each other. I love that this monthly event is building a circle for women to connect and feel committed to attending each month and encourage any of your clients and contacts to come along. Blessings and thanks.

Katie, 47, Sydney

Martina, it's hard to put into words the overwhelming feelings of incredible love and unconditional giving associated with this magic experience I have every time I am in the beautiful nurturing space you create for us all to "fall in love" with each other and be every one of those things!! Thank you from every beautiful part of me to every beautiful part of you!!!

Lindi, 49, Melbourne

Thanks for the very lovely evening last night....the atmosphere of trust, openness and intimacy you create is very very beautiful.

Judy, 56, Melbourne

A friend suggested I go on the Being Woman retreat after I shared my frustration at my uninspiring sex life. I didn't really understand how the retreat would help, but I was willing to give it a go. To my surprise and delight, the retreat helped me connect with my sexuality and femininity and has given me new ways to relate to myself and those around me. It's difficult to explain what happened to me - but it was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels like there might be something they're missing, but they can't quite put their finger on what.

Rachel, 31, Sydney

Dear Martina, Don't know what you did over the Ladies weekend at Lilyvale but whatever it was I just wanted to say thankyou for spoiling my darling. I asked her when she got home for a score out of ten when she got home and all she could say was, "TEN TEN TEN TEN."

A Happy Husband, Sydney

I felt the six weeks was a time of coming home to womanhood, sinking deeply into myself, my knowing, and the Divine within. Martina holds such a nourishing, nurturing, comforting, inspiring, revealing and unfolding space. I was invited into a deep rest within, letting my own truth be seen and heard without the need for explanation or words of justification. During this time, I moved within, feeling grounded in every sense and essence, giving myself permission to live fully, freely and passionately as a woman.....opening my heart to love and be loved..... Thank you for the beautiful gifts you share, so open heartedly from within.

Kate, 29, Sydney

Thank you so much. I am continuing to enjoy the fruits of the course and have been blossoming in many new and wondrous areas. I am currently in the process of creating a new business to further support myself. I thank you again for creating such a wonderful course.

Nicola, 28, Sydney

Dear Martina I just needed to take a minute out to express my gratitude for the remarkably shifting effects of your delicious tantra for women workshops. I can feel the awakening of my feminine essence thru so many areas in my life. A sense of honesty has been pervading my life, freeing up so much stress and discomfort that has masked the constant suppression of what I am afraid to reveal. I send thanks and sincere gratitude for this opportunity to grow within myself and affect others around me in such a positive way. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Zoe, Sydney

Thank you so much for the course – I really did get some very valuable and useful tools and there are things that I think about all the time that help me operate in my world in a more mature and loving way. Lots of love and thanks.

Tammy, Sydney