February 2014 - Creating More Joy
Creating more joy  | Feb 14
Dear Tantric Blossoming friends

Creating more joy

There is so much beauty and joy in my life at the moment! We are almost at the end of the Tantric Alchemy training – just one non-residential weekend in a few weeks and it’s complete.

I know I have shared a lot about this experience… but there have been so many amazing moments that I want for our whole community to have a sense of the beauty and consciousness that is this group.

Here are my reflections after our most recent 5 day retreat:

Imagine journeying so deeply and intimately with a group of 20 or so people that you know them as though they are family… Being able to tune in and feel their hearts, feel their passion, feel their joy and sadness… To know them as you know yourself because you have been so naked and raw and real with each other over the course of twelve months… Such that gratitude, smiles and love fill your body when you think or recollect any of those shared moments… This is the experience I have shared with the Tantric Alchemy training group. 

I find myself smiling at various random moments remembering these amazing people who have touched my heart so deeply with their open hearts, through their raw pain, through the revealing of their deepest desires, through their blissful ecstatic expression of love and orgasm. 
I feel so grateful and joyful to know and love and to have shared with this amazing group of people. I will always remember the experiences we have shared together.. from sitting in circle, sharing through role plays, healing through bodywork, opening through self enquiry, watching them facilitate experiential meditations and co-create group exercises, walking in the bush, eating sensual meals together, dancing to crazy songs, tender dancing, dancing in the rain and the hail, celebrating “Earth Hour” and so much more.

What do you do to bring spark and fresh energy
– and joy! – into your relationship?

It’s easy to fall into familiarity and routines with each other, to repeat the things you enjoy. But sometimes the familiar starts to feel too comfortable.

For many people this is where disagreements and projections come into play. It’s a way to avoid looking deeper and creates a different dynamic / tension between you and your partner. It may feel easier to blame your partner than looking inside of yourself. 

There are two strategies I like for bringing in fresh energy:

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Retreat time!

It’s retreat time here at Tantric Blossoming, with 3 amazing retreats on offer over the next 3 months:

Blossoming Woman 7- 10 March
Being Man 24-27 April
Heartfelt Tantra for Couples 22-25 May

Being on retreat for 3 days is an ideal way to simply be you, to uncover new parts of yourself, to be nourished by delicious food, to have staff support your journey and to enjoy the incredible learnings and wisdom we share. All this happens in a luxurious setting where we are surrounded by beautiful bush and views over the valley.

FOR WOMEN, I highly recommend Blossoming Womanas a way to dive into your feminine and to be completely supported in reigniting your inner spark. Come home to know yourself as the women you truly are! You will explore healing of your sexual energy, embracing your sensual self, knowing your divinity and re-creating the relationships you desire.

FOR MEN, Being Man is an opportunity to challenge, to open and to have a look at how you can bring more of your authentic male to women in relationship. We have practices for opening sexual energy, for supporting your authentic expression, learning how to fully make love and much more.

FOR COUPLES, Heartfelt Tantra for Couples is an absolutely delicious three days of sensuality, communication and transformation for couples. With each day’s practices, you learn something new about yourself and each other.

If you have any questions about these events please let me know or head to our website to view the flyers.

Tantric Alchemy – 3 month Foundation course

We are reintroducing the 3 month Tantric Alchemy Foundation course – click here for details. Spaces are limited to 16 people.

Love and gratitude for all the beauty and joy in our community,

Calendar ~ events summary
www.tantricblossoming.com/calendar.htm or call us on 0438 271 637


Tantric Nights – Sat 15 Feb
Beauty of Woman – Tues 18 Feb
Tantric Nights for Couples – Sat 29 Mar

Sacred Sexuality for Women – an introduction Sat 15 Feb
Tantric Nights – Sat 15 Feb
Beauty of Woman – Tues 18 Feb
Tantric Nights for Couples – Sat 1 Mar

Tantric Nights – Sat 22 Feb
Tantric Nights for Couples – Sat 5 Apr

Blossoming Woman – Fri 7 to Sun 10 Mar
Being Man – Thurs 24 to Sun 27 Apr
Heartfelt Tantra for Couples – Thurs 22 to Sun 25 May

Tantric Alchemy – commences June 2014

Community events


Raw chocolate caramel cake with wild blueberries.Tempe balls with tomato salsa


Raw Food Raw Sense Playshop

with Jerika Black

It will be a beautiful day creating raw food, as well as exploring sensuality, connection and intuitive nourishment. 

We will be making five different delicious raw food creations and weaving in sensory awakening exercises to connect more deeply to inner and outer ways of nourishing yourself. 

You will learn some basic raw food recipes that can easily be incorporated into any diet and will leave with plenty of inspiration to play within your own kitchen. I have been exploring my passion for flavours for many years now catering for retreats, cafes and many loved ones. Combining my love of simplicity of ingredients with passion and joy you will be interactively guided into your own inner orgasmic chef.

We will be creating amazing raw meals and playing with sensory awakening exercises to deepen the creative experience. The focus is on creating using intuition, exploration and sensuality.

All you need is an appetite… no prior experience in raw food or cooking.

Spaces are limited to 7 participants so book in ASAP
Please message Jerika on 0447 627844 to book a place. 

2 March, 11am to 3pm
Cost will be $120.
Venue – Hughesdale (Melbourne)
Address upon booking

Martina Hughes | 0438 271 637 | inspiration@tantricblossoming.com