Wisdom from a female elder   |  February 2013

Dear Tantric Blossoming Friends

As the leading Tantric community in Australia, Tantric Blossoming is delighted to be able to share with you events from Brisbane right down the east coast to Launceston, Tasmania . . . Yes, that’s right we are launching in my hometown in June this year!

Tantric practices for women

I was recently interviewed by Camille Thurnherr of Ignite Mr Right about how tantric practices can support single women. I share some useful insights which are relevant for both single and attached women in this video.

Upcoming news: Margot Anand Workshops

I enjoyed connecting with Margot Anand at the recent Sydney Spirit Retreat last weekend. It’s a great gift to be able to spend time with a female elder who has spent 30 years exploring and sharing Tantra internationally.

Margot brings incredible wisdom on tantra, spirituality, relationships and sexuality. Her 5 books on Tantra have sold over 1,000,000 copies, touching the hearts and souls of men and women around the globe. She describes Tantra as weaving together all aspects of the self to create an integrated whole, paving the way for inner peace. Margot is presenting in Sydney and Melbourne over the next two weeks and I highly recommend attending one of her workshops.
Here is a video of Margot talking about her upcoming workshops.


She has taught Skydancing Tantra to thousands of men and women . . . in Margot’s words, Skydancing Tantra is “being fully engaged and fully in witness at the same time, being full of desire and desire-less at the same time.”

If you would like to see Margot in Sydney or Melbourne …
Her Sydney workshops are on 16 and 17 Feb, and in Melbourne on 21, 23 and 24 Feb. For details and bookings visit www.spiritfestival.com.au/margotanand As part of the Tantric Blossoming community, you can receive a 5% discount by entering ‘martina’ in the promotion field when booking.

There is also a retreat with Margot Anand from 5 – 10 March 2013 …
It is almost fully booked. As a few extra men are required, there is a retro early bird price available together with 5% discount by using the code – ‘shiva/martina’ – for men only!
Tantric Alchemy Training – commencing


Also coming up is the commencement of our Tantric Alchemy Training program. For more information view flyer and the more details sheet.

Our Tantric Blossoming team is very excited and full in preparation mode for commencement of the training on 20th March!!

We have only 3 places remaining in the 12 month program. Please contact me today if you would like to take one of these places.
With love, passion and admiration,

Calendar ~ events summary
or call us on 0438 271 637

Regular events:

Beauty of Woman – Tues 19 Feb
Tantric Nights – Sat 6 Apr
Being a Sexual Man – Thurs 2 May

Beauty of Woman – Tues 19 Feb
The Masculine Man – Fri 22 + Sat 23 Feb
Feminine Sexuality – a day for women – Sat 13 Apr
Tantric Nights – Sat 2 Mar

Tantric Nights – Sat 23 Feb

Feminine Sexuality – a day for women – Sat 22 June

For Women Only – Tues 5 Mar

Other events:

Byron Spirit Festival

Byron Spirit Festival is coming up in Mullumbimby, and there is an amazing line up of guests sharing Tantra, Dance, Yoga, Music, Healing and more.. for the full program visit www.spiritfestival.com.au

As a Tantric Blossoming friend, you can receive 10% discount on a weekend pass, by using the code ‘BLS’.

I will be presenting two sessions at the festival: 1.30pm on Saturday and 10am on Sunday… would love to see you there. I have heard from many people that this is an amazing festival and the line up looks sensational!!

Martina Hughes | 0438 271 637 | inspiration@tantricblossoming.com


February 2013 - Wisdom From A Female Elder