Tantric Embodiment Training - 12 Month Program

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Tantric Embodiment Training – 12 Month Program

October 1, 2019 @ 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Tantric Embodiment Training - 12 Month Program

Stepping into a greater YES for all areas of your life

Are you looking to create a more solid and stable foundation for your life?

Would you like to feel more consistently aligned with the truth of who you are?

Tantric Alchemy Training is for those who truly desire to live and express their full potential.

Our Tantric Embodiment training is a 12 month program designed to give you a greater sense of your true self and to be able to embody and live from that place more consistently. Maybe you have noticed significant shifts and openings in your life following on from retreats and sessions, but would like to have a greater sense of stability and support in your life.

Tantric Embodiment training is open to anyone who wants to delve more deeply into living tantra as an everyday experience. It’s for women and men who choose to increase their consciousness through tantric breathwork and energetic practices.

During the 12 months, you will have the opportunity to journey deeply with others who are committed to transformation. Transformation is most potent in the group space, where you can be nourished, supported and challenged by your peers and those who are experienced at holding space.

During the program, we will utilise the 3 core elements of…


✓ Self-love
✓ Activation of sexual energy
✓ Healing and transformation of the past

In order for healing to be effective, to break our long held patterns and create something new, all three of these elements need to work together. This is a blueprint for creating the life that is your hearts deepest desire, through the discovery, embodiment and expression of your authentic self.

The training will be offered in an ONLINE version and a LIVE version. Further details are outlined below:

The Online Version includes: 

✓ Four x 9 week modules
– Self Love, Activation of Sexual Energy, Healing and Transformation, and Integration
✓ Thirteen monthly group webinars
✓ Ongoing, regular support via private Facebook group and community buddy calls
✓ Eight Tantric Embodiment Mentoring session with Martina Hughes (via Zoom)

No retreats required.

The Live Version includes:

✓ Four x 9 week modules
– Self Love, Activation of Sexual Energy, Healing and Transformation, and Integration
✓ Thirteen monthly group webinars
✓ Ongoing, regular support via private Facebook group and community buddy calls
✓ Six Tantric Embodiment mentoring session with Martina Hughes (via Zoom)
✓ Nine non-residential training days – which includes basic bodywork training that can be used for healing and connection with your loved ones.

The Live Version requires you to undertake a minimum of 10 days of retreats during the 12 months, this is to include Blossoming Woman Level 1 & Level 2 or Being Man Level 1 & Level 2, and one of the Intensive retreats. (The couples retreat does not count towards the training requirements).

At the completion of the 12 months, you will:

✓ Have greater self-awareness
✓ Enjoy a deep sense of embodiment
✓ Feel more aliveness, vitality and well-being
✓ Have a sense of operating from the inside out, rather than being driven by societal expectations
✓ Have the capacity to come back from trauma and breakdown in your life
✓ Know how to release the hooks from the past in your life
✓ Have a deeper integration of your own masculine and feminine qualities
✓ Have clarity in communicating who you are
✓ Have tools to transform the stuckness in your life
✓ Have tantric energy practices for opening your heart and sexual energy
✓ Have access to supportive meditations to open yourself energetically
✓ Be able to activate higher levels of sexual energy
✓ Be able to channel sexual energy into various areas of your life
✓ Have a solid foundation of self-love
✓ Have new tools and gifts to bring to your relationships
✓ Feel greater connection and intimacy in all your relationships
✓ Know how to use Tantric Bodywork to improve intimacy and connection
✓ Be able to create the quality of sex you long for
✓ Be tuned into the benefits and gifts of self-love and self-pleasure in daily life
✓ Enjoy community with like-minded people

Embracing the powerhouse of loving energy and sexual energy that is at your core will transform every area of your life.

People who have undertaken the training in the past have included doctors, teachers, coaches, tradesmen, accountants, healers, business people and academics – people with a broad range of backgrounds and life skills, but all sharing the same desires to live more fully and to make a difference in the world.

Past participants have reported some incredible shifts in their lives both during and after the training.

These include:

✓ A sustained experience of self-love and self-respect
✓ Enhanced communication and flow with family, friends and colleagues
✓ Improvement in mental health and well-being, including reduced anxiety and depression
✓ Creating clear boundaries with family members and cultivating new healthy connections
✓ Deeper intimate connections with partners, and greater sexual satisfaction
✓ Re-defining their life’s work, including those in traditional professions
✓ A greater feeling of love for life
And so much more….


Logistical Information

The training (for both online and live versions) will commence with our first group Webinar on Tuesday the 1st October at 7:00pm.

For the live version, the in-person training days are scheduled for:
– 25th to 27th October 2019
– 27th to 29th March 2020
– 18th to 20th September 2020


Pricing and Payment Options

Online Training Program
Price: $4400 in total
Payment plans available on application

Live Training Program
Price: $6950
Payment plans available on application
*Retreats are priced separately

For all inquiries, or to request an application form, please contact Joanne via email joanne@tantricblossoming.com.au


Further development and training… 
Our Tantric Embodiment Training is the first 12 months towards the 24 months Tantric Alchemy Teacher Training. Following on from this 12 months, you can immerse more deeply into this work and learn how to utilise your gifts to create facilitator and practitioner experiences.

Tantric Alchemy Teacher Training provides an opportunity for learning more about holding space, energetic work, sexual energy and transformation whilst creating bodywork, coaching and group opportunities for your clients.

Martina will coach you on the experiences you are creating so that you can benefit from her years of wisdom and experience.


October 1, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM