Tantric Blossoming Intensive - Living Your Essence

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Tantric Blossoming Intensive – Living Your Essence

October 9 @ 7:00 PM - October 14 @ 4:00 PM

$2997 – $3497
Tantric Blossoming Intensive - Living Your Essence

Beyond the Masks and Identities

Explore the deep longing within you. The longing to live your most authentic life, to express yourself without censorship, and to feel the joy of being at peace on the inside – it is possible to live and love authentically.

This 5 day retreat explores the masks and identities that we have carried throughout our lives and creates experiences for releasing these habitual ways of being. It is for anyone who has been on Blossoming Woman or Being Man retreat and is looking for the next step to powerful intimacy and freedom in life and relationships.

Being authentic and fully expressed arises naturally when we allow ourselves to see and feel who we are beyond the past conditioning; underneath the layers of protection and armouring we have collected over the years. Letting go of these allows space for us to simply be who we were born to be.


The Program:
This retreat focuses on supporting you to feel and embody all that you are. Together, we explore the impact of childhood and family dynamics on your unique expression. Inside each man and woman, there is a powerful unique being wanting to be lived fully and completely.

When you spend your life catering to others expectations and needs, your innate nature becomes overlooked.

During this retreat, you will be encouraged to explore your dynamics with mother, father and other significant caregivers so that you can integrate and grow beyond the familial expectations imposed on you, to claim the aspects you have embodied from your family that are part of your nature and to discover more of who you are underneath your conditioning.

The greatest healing and transformation occurs when we have a suitable combination of support and challenge. The support comes about through loving gentleness in the facilitation, through openhearted exchanges with fellow participants, and through the incredibly nourishing land and environment. The challenge arises through being facilitated to look even more deeply inside of yourself and through practices that are designed to take you to new places, beyond what you currently know. It is a delicious blend of masculine and feminine journeying for your deepest integration and healing.

The Facilitation:
One of my greatest gifts as a facilitator is being able to feel the energy that is in the room and what is needed for individual and collective openings. Tuning in like this every day means that the retreat experience is very alive, fresh and dynamic. The greatest healing and transformation occurs when we have a suitable combination of support and challenge.

My facilitation style includes a variety of tantric practices – embodying different types of energy, activating sexual energy to bring suppressed aspects to the surface, tantric breathing, healing touch and massage, movement, eye gazing, self enquiry and reflection, dynamic exchanges with the group, revealing sharing circles and other inspiration that may reveal itself on the day. The retreat will include nudity.

Topics that we explore may include: relationships, enhancing sexual energy, creating clarity in communication, expressing healthy boundaries, learning to say a deeper yes to yourself, what does true self nourishment look like, can you ask for your needs to be met, how do you show up open hearted in daily life, integrating power and vulnerability.

Your first retreat with Tantric Blossoming:
If this is your first retreat with Tantric Blossoming, you will need to have done extensive personal development work in other spaces. And you will be required to commit for the full five day experience. Please contact Martina first to discuss your suitability for this retreat.

King Parrot Cottages is near the Great Ocean Road and Lorne in the Otway Ranges, nestled on the north-facing hillside of the spectacular Pennyroyal Valley.

The architecturally designed accommodation offers comfort, character and privacy in a peaceful bush land setting, including stunning valley views. The surrounding bushland is ideal for walking and reflection to integrate your journey.

There are 2 more private, self contained, exclusive cabins available. Email joanne@tantricblossoming.com.au for more info.
Exclusive cabins: additional $550. Available for singles or couples.
**Exclusive cabins are fully booked for this retreat.

Our caterer, Rachel Marshall, tunes into the energy of the retreat and provides soul nourishing meals from delicious and healthy ingredients. The menu is all organic gourmet vegetarian and will surprise your taste buds at every meal.

9th to 14th October 2019 – starting at 7pm on the 9th and finishing at 4pm on 14th.

We offer quality in all our experiences from the facilitation, the space that is created, our assisting team, the venue and the food! It’s an ideal way to move away from daily commitments and immerse yourself into an experience that will transform your life.


What others have to say:

“You will be supported to experience the very depths and edges of your internal truth. You will be supported to experience your courage to express these truths in relation to others, through the retreat journey. I strongly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting a next level experience with a loving, unwavering facilitator and looking for a strong group to journey with.”
Katie McMurray, mother, business owner and creator of Dangerous Blogging.

“Intensive is very apt. Every feeling I experienced seemed intensified. Nothing was beige. There was challenge, support, love and connection. A beautiful environment that facilitate further connection. The depth I dropped into was amazing. At times I felt raw, tender, frustrated, light, dark and so much more. The connection and love that I feel for the other participants has been ongoing and continues to evolve and deepen. We all continue to ride life’s waves but the voyage is so much easier now with this crew in my boat. The retreat is now an essential part of my life’s learning.”
Fergus Nelson, Canberra


October 9 @ 7:00 PM
October 14 @ 4:00 PM
$2997 – $3497


King Parrot Cottages
195 Dunse Track
Pennyroyal, VIC 3235 Australia
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