December 2013 - Gratitude
Gratitude | Dec 2013
Dear Tantric Blossoming Community
Gratitude is good ground for
sowing new seeds

We are at the end of 2013 and for me it’s a time to reflect on what I am most grateful for whilst I am sowing the seeds for next year. What are you grateful for this year? And what would you like to create next year?

How can Tantric Blossoming support you in what you would like to blossom into for 2014? Send me an email and let me know if you have a wish list for us… maybe it’s a new workshop idea, mentoring, information on our upcoming programs.

December 2013 - Gratitude

I am grateful for an incredibly expansive year – for the growing, open-hearted communities in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra that we (Lilamani, Alison and I) have been working with. It’s wonderful to see my dreams coming to fruition and having a team of us sharing our gifts with a wider range of people.

The current Tantric Alchemy training is now 9 months through, with 3 months remaining. I feel humbled, blessed and so incredibly in awe of the participants and assistants who have so fully committed themselves to exploring tantra to open their hearts, to bring in greater self love and acceptance, and to learn to use their unique gifts for opening, healing and assisting others. It’s so incredible, I am almost speechless! Individually and collectively, there have been challenges, there have been moments of deep surrendering and exploration of shadow. And through all that, we have discovered what alchemy is – creating magic, golden moments out of the dark and the shadows, bringing in so much joy, gratitude and love.

I am also grateful for having the opportunity and passion to follow what brings me a great sense of personal joy and aliveness… that through tantra each day and month and year, I come to know myself more deeply and what I offer to the world deepens in flavour and texture, which has the benefit of me knowing myself more deeply. An ever expanding current of opening and deepening and sharing governs my life.
December 2013 - Gratitude
Increasing Orgasmic Energy – interview

Here is an interview where I spoke with Heather Stott at ABC Brisbane on her ‘Taboo Tuesdays’ progamme about how orgasmic energy can be expanded and used for healing and improving health, wellbeing, relationships and more.

December 2013 - Gratitude

December 2013 - Gratitude
Do It In A Dress videos

I received these heartwarming thank you videos this week from the team at One Girl saying thank you for the money we raised through wearing our school dresses this year.

Such a delight to see their gorgeous smiling faces!! It’s beautiful to know our community is helping to make a difference in Sierra Leone.

MH thank you video:
December 2013 - Gratitude

TB thank you video:
December 2013 - Gratitude
December 2013 - Gratitude
2014 schedule

We have been busily working on our 2014 schedule over the last month or so.

Details for the 2014-15 Tantric Alchemy training, Blossoming Woman retreat and Heartfelt Tantra for Couples are all available on our website – we are currently taking bookings for all 3 events, so may I suggest you act now if you are interested. Information and bookings.

Also, I am currently working on a revised program for our Being Man retreat with Jared Osborne – I feel very excited about this new collaboration and will share more with you when the details are complete.
And all our regular events will be available again in 2014 – Tantric Nights, Beauty of Woman and more…

Have a beautiful holiday season. I go away next Friday, 13 December for 7 days – Satori in Byron Bay and then who knows where to after that.

Tantric Blossoming is officially on holidays from 20 December until 13 January.

We look forward to continuing to support you in 2014.

With love, deep appreciation and gratitude
December 2013 - Gratitude
December 2013 - Gratitude

Calendar ~ events summary
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Tantric Nights for Couples – Sat 18 Jan
Tantric Nights – Sat 15 Feb
Beauty of Woman – Tues 21 Jan

Beauty of Woman – Tues 14 Jan
Tantric Nights – Sat 15 Feb

Tantric Nights – Sat 7 Dec
Tantric Nights – Sat 18 Jan

Blossoming Woman – Thurs Feb 27 to Sat Mar 2
Heartfelt Tantra for Couples – Thurs Apr 24 to Sun 27

Tantric Alchemy – commences June 2014

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December 2013 - Gratitude