Articles by Martina

Articles by Martina

About Last Night
(The Age newspaper, Dec 2015)



Articles by MartinaThe Circle of Love
How to connect with your inner feminine power and nurture it with the ancient tradition of women’s circles. In tribal cultures,women understood the power of sending time together and ther lives were centred around this connnection. Today, however, women are missing the fulfilment that comes from being in inconditional spaces with each other…. More


Articles by MartinaBeing Woman
An article about what it means to be a real woman. Download

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Articles by Martina Switching Back to our Natural Polarity
(Inner Self magazine, Mar 2011)

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Articles by MartinaCreating Real Intimacy – Part 2
(Inner Self magazine, Dec 2010)



Articles by Martina Creating Real Intimacy – Part 1
(Inner Self magazine, Sep 2010)



Articles by Martina The Dance of Communication
(Inner Self magazine, Sep 2009)



Articles by Martina Conscious Intention in Love-Making
(Inner Self magazine, Dec 2009)



Articles by Martina Orgasmic-ness is a Woman’s Natural State
(Inner Self magazine, Mar 2009)



Articles by Martina Feeling Sex in the Body
(Inner Self magazine, Jun 2009)



Articles by MartinaPleasing and Performing Sexually
(Inner Self magazine, Sep 2008)


Articles by Martina Woman Returning to the Feminine
(Inner Self magazine, Nov 2008)



Articles by MartinaForeplay and Afterplay
(Inner Self magazine, Mar 2008)



Articles by MartinaKeeping Sexual Desire Alive
(Inner Self magazine, Jun 2008)


Articles by MartinaSexual Union for TRANSFORMATION

(Inner Self magazine, Sep 2007)


Articles by MartinaMaking Deeper Love through RELAXATION
(Inner Self magazine, Dec 2007)