April 2013 - Sneak Peek
Sneak Peek  | April 2013
Dear Tantric Blossoming Friends
April 2013 - Sneak Peek Since the last newsletter many amazing experiences have unfolded!

Tantric Alchemy Training has started

We started the Tantric Alchemy training with myself and Lilamani facilitating and our amazing team – Jerika and Maja in the kitchen and Dig and Jenni on logistics and 15 participants from Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Blue Mountains and Melbourne. The opening 5 day retreat for the training is one of my life highlights to date.

There was an incredible flow of healing and sharing, deep bonding, precious wisdoms shared and much more. I am delighted to see the culmination of my dreams, my inner work and business vision in this training. Tantric Alchemy is the deepest gift I can offer to the community and my heart feels expansive knowing that it has been so wholeheartedly received by this group. There has been a new deeper level of peace in my heart and soul since the training commenced.

Tasmanian Breast Cancer Conference

I presented at the Tasmanian Breast Cancer Conference in March to approximately 200 women and a handful of men. I received a great response, people wanted to learn more about how to use the breath and body awareness to create inner healing. I shared how conscious use of the breath calms down the nervous system and creates space for inner healing to happen. A warm welcome to the newsletter to those women who have joined us since the conference. I look forward to continuing this journey with you when I am in Launceston presenting Feminine Sexuality on June 22.

Participation increasing
In April all of our regular events have been enjoyed with big attendances – 174 people have participated in Tantric Nights across Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (as numbers increase, booking in early is becoming even more important!).

Birthday month
And I have been celebrating my 40th birthday and loving it. It was actually 18th of April, but I have been sharing birthday cake at Tantric Nights in Sydney and Melbourne this month in the warm up of my birthday festival. And I shared an incredibly beautiful and loving birthday weekend retreat with family and friends last weekend at Amarant… it was truly amazing and felt like being in a love bubble all weekend!! Thank you to everyone who has offered me birthday wishes.

New venue needed – can you help?

We need a new Sydney venue for private sessions, small workshops and Tantric Nights.. please let me know of any suitable venues.

With deep love and birthday inspiration
April 2013 - Sneak Peek

PS I have shared a little in previous newsletters about the Touch Your Breasts ebook. It’s still in progress in the writing, but I wanted to share a little snippet with you here …

A short excerpt from the Touch Your Breasts ebook
April 2013 - Sneak Peek
When a woman loves her body and her breasts, there will be a vitality reflected back that is alive and vibrant, it will show in how she feels and moves. When a woman carries shame, guilt, grief and repressed emotions in her body, it reflects in a lack of aliveness and vitality.

Women’s emotional states, past memories and hurts can be reflected in her breasts and body. Shut down of emotions can create stagnation in the breasts, can cause her body and energy not to flow as it was intended to do.

A healthy, vibrant woman will love her breasts and her body, will allow the flow of energy and spirit through her each day. An unhealthy body, repressed emotions, shutting down of the spirit leaves a woman disconnected from her feminine, contracted in her being and likely to be unaware of the potential of her breasts.

April 2013 - Sneak Peek

Calendar ~ events summary
go to
or call us on 0438 271 637

Being Man
– 30 May to 2 June (Yarra Valley, VIC)
Blossoming Woman – 30 Aug to Sep 1(Northern Rivers, NSW)
Heartfelt Tantra for Couples – 26 to 29 Sep (Yarra Valley, VIC)

Being a Sexual Man – Thurs 2 May
Beauty of Woman – Tues 21 May
Feminine Sexuality – a day for women – Sat 29 June
Tantric Nights
– Sat 29 June

Beauty of Woman – Tues 21 May
Tantric Nights – Sat 22 June

Tantric Nights – Sat 2 June

Feminine Sexuality – a day for women – Sat 22 June

For Women Only – Tues 7 May

April 2013 - Sneak Peek

Other community events
April 2013 - Sneak PeekZEN THAI SHIATSU – Level 1

4 day intensive with Lilamani


May 23-26

Zen Thai Shiatsu is a unique blend of Traditional Thai Massage, Zen Shiatsu, osteopathic and remedial techniques, and Yoga Therapy to provide effective massage benefits, delivered with loving and present touch. Also with a focus on energy awareness it provides a truly holistic massage experience.

This Level 1 course is ideal for anyone – future practitioner, experienced therapist, or simply for the experience. Gift yourself with the opportunity to soak up being in connection with nature, yourself and others, to give and receive touch with this beautiful form of bodywork for 4 days.

$450, with a deposit of $100 required for booking.
Includes manual and dvd.
Contact Lilamani on 0407 391 163, or email lilamani@templeflame.com


Martina Hughes | 0438 271 637 | inspiration@tantricblossoming.com

April 2013 - Sneak Peek