April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question
Living in a powerful question  |  April 12
Dear Tantric Blossoming Friends
Welcome to the late April newsletter!

Along with the new section ‘Tantric Hearts’ which we launched last month to connect and grow our community, this newsletter has a brand new section to help you keep growing: Tantric Wisdom for Your Life.
April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question
Living in a question

I have had a lot of fun recently dreaming of ways to expand the reach of Tantric Blossoming. I was at a business seminar run by Roger Hamilton and when he suggested that we need to have a ‘million dollar question’… I only had to wait a few seconds before my question landed in my mind and body. My question is How do I take Tantra mainstream globally? And from that moment on, my body started tingling with the question. Simply feeling the question has awakened some of the dormant potential in me and I feel so inspired to take Tantra to a wider audience.

My personal passion is using Tantra for personal development… knowing, feeling and living from the place where Tantra is about all of life. It’s about saying yes to the inclinations, desires, feelings, thoughts that move through the body and creating a life that is in alignment with the inner being. How can I educate mainstream audiences globally about how to use sexual energy for everything, from daily awareness through to life changing transformation?


   Videos for YouTube

April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question
My first thought was to start making some videos for YouTube that can educate people on what we are creating at Tantric Blossoming – to let people know that what we are doing is simple, accessible, transformative, authentic and supportive.

The first four of my YouTube videos are about Tantric Nights answering some of the most common questions that we get asked: What happens at Tantric Nights? Do I have to get naked? What if I am nervous? What if I feel sexually attracted to someone? and more.

You can watch the playlist of videos about Tantric Nights here:

There are more YouTube videos on the way, so if you would like to see more as we upload them, please subscribe to the TantricBlossoming YouTube channel.
And if you have a particular topic that you would like to see me speak about on video, please let me know.



April 2012 - Living In A Powerful QuestionAnd then I thought it is time to start offering some webinars so that all our Tantric Blossoming friends in other countries can join in some of the great sharing of wisdom and exercises that we enjoy.
So, there will be a Tantric Blossoming webinar series starting very soon.

I would love to hear from you about what you would most like to hear / feel / learn from a webinar series.
Some of the topics I have been considering are:

– Making tantra a daily practice for greater potency and radiance in your life
– Creating tantric sexual experiences to transform your life
– Balancing masculine and feminine dynamics in relationships

Please let me know which of the above webinar topics you would most prefer… and any alternative suggestions that you may have.
April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question

Living in a question is very powerful….
I wonder if you might find inspiration by having a ‘million dollar question’ to guide your vision in life? And what might that question be?

Simply allow yourself to breathe into the body with curiosity and innocence and drop in this question: “I wonder what my million dollar question would be?” Then see what arises in response.
It may be immediate or it may dawn slowly. It may surprise you or it may be something you’ve known for a long time

And if you feel inspired to share your question I would love to hear from you; just reply to this email.

I Am Woman Festival

On another subject, I feel honoured to be part of a group of women creating an amazing event, I Am Woman Festival, which will be held at Kangaroo Valley (2 hours south of Sydney) on August 31 to September 2.

For me – it’s about all women, it’s about creating spaces for women to enjoy, celebrate, commune, witness, nurture and flourish into depth of feminine being and lovingness. It gives me the opportunity to co-create a powerful adventure with women I love and admire. I am inspired by this journey as I get to enjoy the powerful and unique feminine essence of each and everyone woman involved from those of us holding space through to every woman who attends and even the women who are unable to attend but whose hearts are touched by hearing of this collective journey.

My wish for every woman globally is that she comes to know the power, grace, vulnerability, beauty and radiance of her unique feminine essence.

in more information on I Am Woman, let me know as the database for the event will launch within the next couple of weeks.

April 2012 - Living In A Powerful QuestionAnd in support of I Am Woman, Tara Fischer is holding a very special kundalini dance next Tuesday 17 April at Mosman.

Find out the details below in our Community Events section.
April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question
New audio product

Also, for women, we have a new audio product available on the website, About a Woman’s Heart and Breasts.

It provides information on why the health of a woman’s breasts are vital to her heart and feminine essence and to her full availability in life. I also provide some tips for men on how to touch a woman’s breasts. There is a beautiful guided meditation for women to connect with their own heart and breasts. If you are interested, click here.
April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question
It is a pleasure to be sharing this journey of wisdom, transformation, lovingness, challenge and expansion with the Tantric Blossoming community.

In love and transformation

April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question
PS ~ This month we are launching the Tantric Nights loyalty program – where members of our community who have attended more than 12 Tantric Nights will be acknowledged. If you might be one of them, make it along to Tantric Nights in April for your gift!

April 2012 - Living In A Powerful QuestionTantric Hearts ~
 ~ meet our community
David Anderson
April 2012 - Living In A Powerful QuestionRole: Tantric Blossoming facilitator,
~ Embracing the feminine
       bodywork sessions for women
~ Empowering the masculine
       sex coaching sessions for men
~ Sacred Sexuality – an introduction for men
~ Being Man weekend retreat co-facilitator
Location ~ Sydney
Favourite Tantric Blossoming event ~ The 9 month training… life altering.
Favourite other event ~ NRL Grand Final
Best ever tantric experience ~ So much sexual energy running up my spine during sex that I was bent sideways.
Describe your ideal day ~ Sex on waking, cooking breakfast together, swim from Shelley beach to Manly and back, followed by sitting on the beach in the sun with my woman. Sex and a snooze in the afternoon, dress for the orchestra at Angel place to hear the Brandenburg orchestra play Mozart – and of course a little more lovin’ before bed.
Recommended tantra book ~ Hard to choose between Way of the Superior Man (David Deida) and Sexual Reflexology (Mantak Chia)
Favourite food ~ Sashimi
What makes your heart sing ~ The sea, animals, children, and realising what a beautiful and divinely perfect world I live in, which sparks me into gratitude.
Favourite song ~ Closer by Nine inch nails
What would you like to be remembered for ~ Fully discovering my masculine power and leading men to find their masculine power.
Favourite smell ~ The scent of my woman
Read more about David’s journey


April 2012 - Living In A Powerful QuestionTantric quote

“Relaxation creates an immediate aura of femininity around a woman. She becomes porous, delicate; her whole being extends an invitation to man in her presence.”

From Tantric Orgasm for Women by Diana Richardson
More information and purchase

April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question
April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question


Tantric Wisdom

for your life

A lot of women say they are not interested in sex. My experience from working with many woman is simply that they haven’t known how to open to truly feel sexual, and their partners haven’t known how to support them to deeply open into sexual expression.

We live in a world where sex education is at the level of kindergarten and people are trying to have sex without embracing the depth of feeling possible in their bodies. We are trying to do all sorts of things sexually without understanding or knowing how to create a healthy foundation.

What is a healthy foundation? Connection with sexual energy in one’s own body first, and I mean the true feeling of sex, not the ideas or desires that arise in the mind.

The power of the mind for sexual arousal fades with time, but real connection in the body keeps on opening men and women to deeper and deeper experiences.

This true connection through the body arises with one’s willingness to self practice, a dedication to feel inside, to release the past, to breathe through the resistance and fears and connect with your unique essence.




April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question
Calendar ~ forthcoming events
To book go to www.tantricblossoming.com/calendar.htm
or call me on 0438 271 637
April 2012 - Living In A Powerful QuestionTantric Nights
Social Evening for men & women, singles & couples  More

Sat 21 Apr, 7pm-11pm
Body Mind Life Yoga, Level 1 / 84 Mary St, Surry Hills (new venue)

Sat 28 Apr, 7pm-11pm
Breathing Space, Level 1/217 Chapel St, Prahran (above Chapel St Bazaar)

Sat 26 May, 7pm-11pm
Vitalelife, 83 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington

April 2012 - Living In A Powerful QuestionBeauty of Woman – monthly women’s circle 

Sydney   More
Wed 16 May,
152 Victoria Rd, Bellevue Hill
Facilitator: Alison Petrie


Tues 24 April, 7pm-10pm
Caulfield North
Facilitator: Martina Hughes

Thurs 24 May, 7pm-10pm
Red Hill
Facilitator: Lilamani

April 2012 - Living In A Powerful QuestionSacred Sexuality – an introduction for women

Sydney   More
Thurs 24 May, 7pm-10.30pm
152 Victoria Rd, Bellevue Hill
Facilitator: Alison Petrie

Brisbane   More
Sat 12 May, 1.30pm – 5pm
Red Hill
Facilitator: Lilamani

April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question
Other community events
April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question

A special ceremonial kundalini dance

~ hosted by Tara Fischer

Tara Fischer is hosting a special event – Deepening in Union with the Earth – a special ceremonial kundalini dance for the base chakra with live and recorded music (drums, didgeridoo and hang drum).

Part of the proceeds from this event will go to www.handswithhands.com. This event will also be a promotional event for the I Am Woman festival.

What to bring: bottle of water, yoga matt and/or shawl, danceable clothing, an open mind

Where: Mosman Community and Art Center cnr of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Way, Mosman

When: Tuesday April 17th 6;30 – 10 pm Investment: $30

Contact: Tara 0416 766 916

Come dance, play, surrender, sing and connect. YUM ♥

Martina Hughes | 0438 271 637 | 02 9664 1110 | inspiration@tantricblossoming.com

April 2012 - Living In A Powerful Question