Martina Hughes

Founder of Tantric Blossoming
Tantric Facilitator – Retreats & Training

Martina Hughes

Professional Bio

Martina brings sensitivity, compassion, loving presence and deep insight to working with women and men. Over the last 15 years she has worked with 1000s of people helping them to open their hearts and bodies, to awaken their sexual energy and to cultivate greater harmony in relationships.

Martina’s innate gift to intuitively understand and connect with people has seen her influence span many years across many continents. Her ability to quickly establish a strong rapport with people encourages her clients to feel safe to be vulnerable and share their most personal life challenges. Martina empowers men and women to discover who they truly are, to express the fullness of their humanity and to embody their unique gifts.

Martina’s own journey of transformation has seen her move from a career in Chartered Accounting to dedicating her life to serving others as a Love, Intimacy and Relationships Mentor. Over a number of years, Martina studied and explored yoga, meditation, various therapies, food as medicine, shiatsu, energetic healing, breathwork, rebirthing, and tantra. With tantra as a powerful catalyst, Martina has brought together all of her learnings and embodied wisdom to create a holistic, transformational and integrated body of work

Martina founded Tantric Blossoming in 2005 and it is now the largest tantric community in Australia. Tantric Blossoming provides experiences for women and men to open their hearts and feel the innate aliveness of their bodies. Martina’s heartfelt intention for this work is to empower people to discover, embody and express their authentic selves.

The essence of her work is for people to remember who they are, before they were conditioned to be anything else.

Martina’s vision is to support people opening their hearts to the greater source of love that lives inside every one of us.

From Martina

Human nature has always been fascinating to me – my own and others. Why do we make the choices we make? What are the parts that I hide from view? How do those parts impact my life?

It’s this curiosity that has been my guide throughout my journey of personal development and taking the step of weaving this into how I work with others. Currently much of my structured development happens through either my relationship or a process called Satori that I participate in each year. But of course, life is growth, and everything I do provides an opportunity to grow.

I see my life as a grand experiment with many varied characters at different life stages: the young girl who became a confidant for her family members at a very young age, developing her capacity to listen and support others; the young woman who chose a safe, secure, logical career as a Chartered Accountant guided by her masculine instinct: the impulsive, wild, young woman who enjoyed partying to express her suppressed feminine; the woman who chose to travel through Europe and South America on her own, tapping into her intuition and sense of adventure whilst taking her spiritual journey to another level; the woman who has been inspired by sexuality and its capacity to create transformation; the woman who has dedicated her life to growth and serving others.

I enjoy a deeply fulfilling relationship with Rod Gordon. This relationship, more than any other in my life provides nourishment, support and inspiration. I now have the opportunity to experience new depths of myself through the lens of a relationship. Rod encourages and inspires me to express a more full range of my feminine through communication, sexual union, sharing a household, co-creating our future vision, and being of service.

I am also deeply passionate about creating a business that inspires me and my team of practitioners and facilitators whilst serving our clients and touching the hearts of many around the world.

I am a proud Mumma to 2 beautiful British Shorthair cats – Hades and Pana. They make me laugh and smile everyday and remind me to play.

I love moving my body, through yoga, walking on the beach, running when the moment is ripe, and dancing in my lounge room and at workshops.

My personal journey gives me the opportunity to see myself more deeply, to reflect on how I interact with others, to live in alignment with what is important to me, and to continue growing into the most full and complete expression of myself as a woman.

Trusting life and my journey is at heart of everything I do!

‘I am still blown away from the sessions with you. To me it was a huge experience. I had so many moments of realization and understanding what is really going on. It has been wonderful, I am so glad that you came to Germany. The sessions with you have given me a feeling that true development and improvement is possible. And above all it has given me hope for my future. And for that I am truly very, very grateful. You are an amazing person.’

– Gerald, 32, Munich

‘A friend suggested I go on the Being Woman retreat after I shared my frustration at my uninspiring sex life. I didn’t really understand how the retreat would help, but I was willing to give it a go. To my surprise and delight, the retreat helped me connect with my sexuality and femininity and has given me new ways to relate to myself and those around me. It’s difficult to explain what happened to me – but it was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels like there might be something they’re missing, but they can’t quite put their finger on what.’

– Rachel, 31, Sydney

‘I just wanted to thank you for the ‘Being a Sexual Man’ workshop. Awareness gives you the power to change. I have already felt a great sense of awareness which I believe will help me to recognise, focus and embrace my sexual energy, my ability to freely give love and my openess in receiving love. Thank you so much again’

– Sebastian, 47, Sydney