Jules Taylor

Tantric Practitioner & Psychotherapist
Specialises in Working with Over 50s

Jules Taylor

Professional Bio

Jules supports people to reconnect with themselves, find deeper meaning and purpose and learn to embody love in their lives. She has served 100’s of people in her 25 years as a Psychotherapist/Buddhist Counsellor for individuals and groups.

Jules’ presence is infused with compassion, wisdom, warmth and intuition, creating safety for her clients to be vulnerable, knowing they be held with grace.

Her early career was rich and varied, spanning the music, media, fashion, film and entertainment industries. Her study of psychotherapy and Buddhism was a significant turning point for her life and career.

In her therapeutic sessions, Jules’ depth and great capacity to hold space has changed many lives. She is an experienced teacher of meditation and mindfulness practices and more recently, has expanded her offerings to include creation and co-facilitation of leadership retreats.

She now continues her spiritual journey as a student of many great teachers, including the highly renowned Tibetan Buddhist teacher Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche. Jules’ also explores teachings and practices of yoga, food as medicine, energetic healing, meditation and tantra.

Jules offers inspiration through her vibrancy and connection to her deepest desires. As a woman in her 60’s, she is deeply curious about the cycle of life. She is passionate about introducing tantra, spirituality and psychotherapy to her over 50’s clients, activating a connection to sexuality and a renewed spark of life!

Jules’s deepest passion is to hold space for her clients to know themselves as loving beings and to discover their truest nature.

Personal Bio

From an early age I felt, deep at the core of my being, an energy force greater than myself.

During my teens I was searching; reading, exploring, experimenting – looking for the answers. Preferring the big experiences and desiring more from life, I pushed boundaries deep and wide.

Once a lead singer in an inner Melbourne punk band I happened to meet two extraordinary beings Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa.

In exchange for the large belly laughs from them at meeting their first ever punk they gave me the book Compassionate Mind. I carried it with me everywhere for the next 10 years until the day I knew I was ready to open my mind and heart to the Buddha’s vast and tender teachings.

For my own personal growth, over the past 30 years I have explored The Path of The Goddess, The Yogini, The Recovering Addict, The Sacred Feminine and Tantra. During these years I spent a decade at The Sydney City Mission as a Case Worker and Centre Manager whilst studying and becoming registered as a Psychotherapist. I have been in private practice now for 20 years.

For over 20 years I have studied Buddhism first as a student of Zen facing the wall in silent retreats for 8 days at a time meeting myself time and time again. Now as a Vajrayana Buddhist student of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche I travel the world to his teachings most years.

My other loves in life are art and music, both of which have kept me afloat through tough times and helped me to fly during joyous times. I play and create within the visual arts space.

It was that first meeting with the Lama’s that had the most profound effect on me – It was then that I realised that the energy force, that I had felt for so long, is not outside of me and is not greater than me. It is my heart and is capacity to melt, soften and love. It is my minds capacity to stretch, expand and relax. It is my body’s capacity to open and move beyond its limitations. It is my capacity to be free.

Meeting Martina and beginning my Tantra journey was pivotal for me – this was a turning point where what I had learned through all my years of study had come to life in my experience of Tantra. Through my breath and my body I now have access to the immeasurable life force available in every moment of every day.

With Tantra and Buddhisim at the centre of my life, it is with deep gratitude I hold space for people to be free to explore the multitude of dimensions we live in life.

Work With Jules

‘I was first introduced to Jules Taylor at perhaps the lowest point in my life. My marriage had ended, my business was going under and I was fast approaching bankruptcy.

Those early sessions I had with Jules were hard; I felt like I was stuck, staring into a hopeless future but with Jules’ patient and caring guidance I gradually began see the possibilities of being able to move forward again. Regaining my sense of worth and recognising that I was not a prisoner of my situation were key awakenings that would not have been possible without Jules counseling.

I have now emerged from that dark time not only running a successful business, but sharing my life with a wonderful and loving partner (we even occasionally see Jules together to deal with any issues that come up for us as a couple).

– Russell, 62, Melbourne

‘I have been consulting Jules for over 10 years. She is an extraordinary person and a deeply gifted therapist. I initially went to Jules because life back then seemed empty and pointless and I was aware of incipient depression.

Moments into my first session with her, I could feel a remarkable loving energy supporting me to speak. For the first time in my life I felt heard. I felt completely safe. She listened to me with such a vital and deep respect I felt my fears and vulnerabilities were significant and worthy of resolution. Her gentle rigorous questions seemed to pierce my complex camouflage and speak directly to my heart and mind.

Jules enabled me to be brave and honest and to consider my whole self with love and compassion. Her searing holistic intelligence spoke to my heart, my mind, my spirit and my body.

Through her clarity and guidance I learnt to listen to myself and trust my own strength and wisdom. I continue to seek her nurturing counsel and feedback. I am forever grateful I found Jules.’

– Linda, 64, Melbourne

‘I got back in touch with feelings and emotions I haven’t experienced for quite a while. Giving myself permission to feel like a goddess and be blessed with my sexuality. Allowing me some more tools to help trust again and know feeling sexy is ok. Great exercises to share with my husband.’

– Lorraine, 57, Sydney