Tim Hopkins

Tim Hopkins

Tim HopkinsMy search for a new model of masculinity brought me to Tantra. Tantra transformed my life greatly. With the gifts of Tantra I discovered new ways of living and being. My sensitivity was welcomed and celebrated here. In fact, this sensitivity has been the key to feeling more deeply and being of service to others.

My journey with Tantra has reaped enormous benefits including greater presence, reconnecting with passion and discovering a new purpose. Initially, this journey was all about me and how I show up as a man in the world. Now I am passionate about sharing this work with others.

I love supporting women and men to be more in touch with their bodies, to feel more pleasure, and to have greater access to their life force energy (sexual energy). This opens the doorway for releasing tension and stored emotions that may inhibit connection and their capacity to feel.

As a child growing up, I was extremely sensitive and could often sense intuitively how others were feeling. As a boy, I was supposed to just tune out my feelings and conform to certain norms of behaviour. I gradually learnt to suppress my feelings, sensitivity was perceived as a weakness.

This took me very much into my head and away from my body. I spent much of my early life looking for fulfilment outside of myself, working too hard and without any real intimacy. I grew up in England where I trained as an electrician. My curiosity about life led to 2 years of travelling and exploring the world. Eventually, I fell in love with Australia and relocated.

Whilst I worked hard growing and maintaining my electrical business, there was a voice inside that was growing louder. I became more disconnected in an attempt to ignore that voice.

About 10 years ago I decided things needed to change. Externally I was experiencing success but inside I wasn’t happy with how I felt. I knew I needed to get in touch with myself on a deeper level and try to make sense of this inner voice that was screaming at me.

Meditation was the first step. It helped to slow my mind and started the journey back into embodiment and feeling.

Tantra came into my life and spoke to my soul. It took me much deeper into my body, uncovering painful feelings long buried but still very much alive. I learnt methods for processing these feelings, which supported me to experience more energy and aliveness in my body.

I discovered that masculine and feminine aspects live inside of me, and that I could integrate both into my life. This allows me to utilise either of them as the need arises. I found new ways of relating to others and life on a much deeper level.

Most importantly, my relationship with myself became enriched and healthy. I felt greater self-acceptance and my heart started to open again. I experienced the benefits of using sexual energy for deeper integration and healing in the body.

I have completed several Tantric and bodywork trainings, where I learnt how to hold space with integrity, to honour boundaries and to facilitate healing for others through energetic presence and intuitive touch.

What I once believed to be weaknesses, I now know are my strengths; my caring, intuitive and gentle nature combined with empathy and presence.

A new way of being a man in the world!

An initial spark has turned into a flame that has ignited a passion within me to share this powerful and transformative work.

“Tim was able to create a safe and relaxed space for his work with me. In his gentle and respectful manner he gave me the freedom to set suitable boundaries. It’s amazing how your boundaries can expand when given full choice and complete trust! His work was at times subtle and at times powerful. I felt all sorts of things in my body and moving through me. I found it quite profound. I’ve never had any other therapy quite like it and look forward to the next session. An added bonus is that the stiff achy lower back I’ve had for months, that massage and osteo didn’t clear, has almost disappeared.” Rosemary, Melbourne

“I have experienced 2 sessions of body work with Tim. I chose to work with Tim because I trust his presence, his ability and capacity to hold space for me in my full power, his genuine care and interest in the expansion of every person he interacts with and supports, and also because he comes highly recommended by my tantra mentor Martina. Both sessions with Tim were profound in how they supported me to deeply connect with my body at a physical, sexual and sensual level while also supporting me to learn how to move energy through and within my body. Tim’s clean masculine presence and support provided the space for me to surrender to the wisdom in my body and drop deeply into my feminine energy on many levels. The power and expansion experienced through the sessions have been a significant part of my tantra journey so far and my growth as a woman. I will be choosing to experience more sessions with Tim in the future.” Karen, 48, Melbourne

“Tim worked with me to open up my heart. When I went in I found my heart sealed in a small steel rusty bird cage. After getting it open and disintegrating it with fairy dust, my heart timidly and anxiously took it first few steps towards liberation and eventually grew wings and just hovered over my body near my heart space. The rest of the session went smoothly as I repeated my mantra I LOVE YOU whenever I felt contracted. The session ended in me feeling more expansive that ever before. Tim held space for me in such a caring manner that I felt safe in being so vulnerable. I commend him in his attention and depth of feeling.” Regina, Melbourne