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Your first retreat with Tantric Blossoming:

If this is your first retreat with Tantric Blossoming, you will need to have done extensive personal development work in other spaces. And you will be required to commit for the full five day experience. Please contact Martina first to discuss your suitability for these retreats. 

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Walking on the Edge

The Tantric Blossoming Intensive is a 5-day retreat for stripping away the layers and falling into the deeper, sweeter and more authentic parts of yourself. Transforming happens in loving and supported ways, transforming happens gracefully when you allow yourself to dissolve into what you don’t know, transforming is powerful when you are held by those who have journeyed deeply with you. This retreat is for people who have already been exploring deeply via tantra, personal development, spirituality – and are ready for the next challenge. We create a deeper foundation in the group by having a minimum requirement of past experience, this leads to more grace through the processes and sharing. It’s for people who are willing to be naked emotionally, to be witnessed in your depths by others, and to hold space for others in their depths.

tantra for couples

Living Your Essence

Each Tantric Blossoming Intensive 5-day retreat provides deep and heartfelt experiences to support you in stripping away the layers and falling into the deeper, sweeter and more authentic parts of yourself. Transformation happens when we give ourselves permission to be all that we can be, the space to feel, to express, to expand and be present to our innermost desires.

This particular retreat will focus on supporting you to feel and embody all that you are. We explore the impact of childhood and family dynamics on your unique expression of you. Inside each man and woman, there is a powerful unique being wanting to be lived fully. When you spend your life catering to others expectations and needs, your innate nature becomes overlooked. During this retreat, you will be encouraged to explore your dynamics with mother, father and other significant caregivers so that you can integrate and grow beyond the familial expectations imposed on you, to claim the aspects you have embodied from your family that are part of your nature and to discover more of who you are underneath the conditioning.

tantra for couples

Integrating the Shadow

Each Tantric Blossoming Intensive 5-day retreat provides deep and heartfelt experiences to support you in stripping away the layers and falling into the deeper, sweeter and more authentic parts of yourself. Transformation happens when we bring to consciousness the suppressed parts of the personality. Suppression includes the denial of the spectacular, magnificent and bountiful parts of self and hiding the messy, dramatic and unappealing parts of self.

This particular retreat will focus on supporting you to feel the parts of your psyche that have been suppressed, controlled or distorted throughout your life. When parts of yourself have been denied they will leak out unconsciously in the way you relate to others. It may be that others exhibit the suppressed flavours of your personality or that you compensate for certain uncomfortable aspects by being overly focused on the opposite polarity. The shadow can include your beauty and light as well as your darkness and fears. Having the shadow aspects witnessed in the group space brings tremendous healing and transformation. In seeing, feeling and embodying these parts of the personality, space can open inside for new ways of being and living. Suppressed parts of self are equivalent to holding trapped and stale energy in the body, there is enormous relief and increased capacity when this is released.

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The Walking on the Edge retreat was amazing! I’ve never experienced anything like that. For me there is a depth of love and openness that I have only felt in the retreat space. A certain magic that happens when people are free to open, to bring all the deepest darkest parts of who they are to the table - to be seen, to be heard and received for all they truly are. And then held in love, with compassion and empathy as they journey through what is showing up for them. There’s a certain awe for me around watching Martina create this space and the community around Tantric Blossoming. For me it’s more than that, the love, the safety to show up as I am in that moment - to be heard and supported in ways I have never felt before. It’s like what I imagine as the ideal version of family. Yet it goes much deeper for me - to receive love, so much love, it frightened the pants off me. Yet leaving the retreat, I was so sensitive to my environment. I could feel so much, the people in the street, the sounds, the energy of Byron. And as I settle into daily life I long to return to a place of love in such abundance. To open with my new friends and journey together to places deep within and shine the light of love on places not yet explored.  See you on retreat!

Rod, 44, Torquay

Thank you so much for creating such an incredible space at the Spirituality Meets Sexuality (SMS) Retreat. You have opened my heart and eyes to a more authentic place. The challenging, yet beautiful experiences and connections I had at the SMS will be with me for a very long time. You helped me to open up to new places within myself that allow me to be more connected with myself, those around me and to the richness of life. I think differently, I feel different, I am different... in a delicious, beautiful way. You all were able to guide me to accept and embrace my Mars and Venus, my spirituality and sexuality and start to understand the importance of each in my life. I am conscious of how I now act and feel differently. My connections with people are more open. My conversations with myself are more honest. Thank you so much. This is just the beginning and I'm excited about the journey ahead. Thank you from all of my heart.


Rob, 48, Sydney

The retreat took me a big step further on my inner journey towards freedom. Its beautiful setting, the safe atmosphere, and the wonderful people involved, helped me to tap into a space within me which is free of expectations and goals – I found an awareness of the moment, of what’s happening in the here and now of my life. Never have I been as conscious about what I do and why I do it as I have been since the retreat.  The experiences I made there provided me with profound insights into some damaging patterns of my life that I didn’t dare dealing with before and which had turned into tense blockages for my life energy.  Some of those blockages I could release, others I started to tackle. Shrugging off the fear and laziness of going beyond the known path and questioning those self-imposed boundaries was a big challenge to overcome, but oh so liberating. I am now more willing to open myself and tear down the walls around my heart than ever before.  If I manage to stay on track of this process in my daily life, I will be a happier man. Very life changing. Thank you, Martina.

Urs, 31, Germany

The retreat was a wonderful experience and I felt inspired by the processes and communication that occurred. The space that was created by you and the other participants was very special. so, thank you. 

Vanessa, 38, Sydney

I have had a very powerful experience coming back into my normal programming / conditioning after the retreat. I can clearly see the illusions of my life, and how I have set myself up in a way where I am always busy / full and needing to get somewhere other than here - I have lovingly simplified my life over these last few weeks, creating space around and within myself to breath, listen and feel . . . I feel that this inner journey is about awakening and loving myself in ways I cannot even imagine at present. Thanks for a beautifully rich weekend :) 

Cass, 38, Sydney


tantra for couples

Heartfelt Tantra for Couples

Heartfelt Tantra for Couples is an opportunity to experience heartfelt intimacy, together with powerful sexual energy. On this 3 day retreat you have an opportunity to learn how to cultivate deeper union, increased passion and greater bliss in your everyday interactions with each other. Transforming your everyday interactions with each other can be simple, but when you are both reacting out of your old patterns it can be more than challenging. We will share with you how to bring about this transformation with simple steps… You will learn how to recreate and feel the joy of a lingering loving glance across the kitchen table, the power of a caress on the back as you pass in the hallway and the expansive nature of deeply felt lovemaking which creates sensations and pleasure which lasts way beyond the physical experience.

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The Couples weekend offered me a safe and warm place to look within myself and challenge my view of my relationship with Lotta. I have a tendency to “give”more than receive and the weekend allowed me to see that being that way not only deprives me of the pleasure of receiving both a loving touch and a warm heart, but also diminishes my partner’s ability to fulfil herself in giving to me with tenderness and heart felt emotion. The workshops, both emotional and physical, were challenging yet rewarding. I was pleased to support Lotta in her times of need and have her hold me when I felt like a hug as well. Martina and all the leaders were knowledgeable and created a loving and safe space for the activities. The location is amazing and the meals were delicious! The weekend opens your eyes to what is possible to create in relationship if two people share a common love.

Jeremy, 54, Melbourne

The Tantric Couples weekend was one of the hardest things I’ve done but also one of the best things I have ever done. The practices and discussions led by Martina and her team released a lot of suppressed emotions in me and I finally allowed myself to cry and start releasing grief. It was an amazing feeling and I found myself finally “free”. Free to explore and free to connect at a deeper and more intimate level with my partner. Thank you Martina for a wonderfully enlightening weekend with lots of caring, listening and tips for us as a couple to take home to our everyday life.

Lotta, 43, Melbourne

We want to thank you both for an amazing experience on Sunday - we learned so much about what is possible for us and you provided us with many tools that we can now practice and enjoy. It was a caring, intimate atmosphere and we would like to be kept in the loop on forthcoming events.

Anita, 55 and Ian, 51

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing weekend. It was excruciatingly painful, interesting, insightful, powerful and worthwhile. I feel more connected with my husband than I have for some time, and my mind is still processing a lot of my own 'stuff'. And, yes, there has been some sensational sex since.

Woman, 43, Sydney, married 20 years

I wanted to thank you so much for a beautiful weekend. I feel really open today. Steve and I both feel very close, connected and so looking forward to our adventure to England. I woke up this morning feeling quite amazing!! Kate and Lilamani were incredible support and their presence really enhanced the complete love I felt during the weekend. Also, the people at the retreat were truly inspiring - it is really such a reflection of the space you create and invite people to enter. A big thank you to Ben for being present in every way too. What an awesome man he is! Thank you again for holding the space you always do and being an inspiring woman, and friend!

Gia, 34, Sydney


tantra for couples

Tantric Alchemy Training

Tantric Alchemy Training is for those who truly desire to live and express their full potential. Alchemy is the process of turning lead into gold. The training will help you to transform the leaden parts of your life into golden aspects of flow.

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Being part of the Tantric Alchemy training has opened me up to a more authentic relationship with myself and others. It is so much more than a training—it is a community experience where you are held every step of the way by the hearts of the participants in the training. Martina has the gift of holding an incredibly safe space, which has allowed me to explore my sexuality in a beautiful healing way. The training has enhanced my relationship with my husband of 35 years and brought our intimacy to another level. 

Jenni, 56, Melbourne

Feel calmer after the course, happier, more relaxed. Able to feel energy moving in my body. And I now enjoy sex.


I joined this training to learn how to deepen connection and intimacy with others whilst develop my understanding of Tantra and energetic bodywork. The training has supported me beautifully with this, and it has become the most revealing, intimate, heart-opening journey into the self that I have experienced. It has profoundly altered my perception of myself and deepened my self-love, which ultimately deepens every other relationship in my life. Martina and her team hold amazing space each retreat; it is like being held in an energetic capsule that instigates change and growth. It is one of the most empowering, loving things that I have ever done for myself. 

Tim, 51, Cairns

I had done 4 or so years of self-development prior to participating in the Tantric Blossoming facilitators training. No one had ever spoken about masculine and feminine energy, Presence, Intimacy and connection. On the first weekend away I integrated or healed my fear of being physically seen. My process went on from there. If you want a connected, heartfelt, intimate, loving relationship - do this training! This training is a must for everyday interactions with men and women either in an intimate setting or at work. I didn’t set out to become a tantric practitioner through the training, I did it for my own personal relationships. I received a lifetime of experiences, healing, joy, connection and learnt a whole lot about my psychology and what held me back from being sexual and growing as a man. 

David, 52, Sydney

The course provided deeper insight into myself. I am more accepting of myself. I feel I am closer to living in joy and contentment. I love how everything could be revealed including my fears, anger and sadness. I feel I have grown as a man. I will have a much better relationship with myself and a partner. The learning from this course was fantastic - I have learned and gained so much.


I was looking to break down the blocks that had me believe I was incapable of being in a truthful intimate and open relationship. It's been very confronting, yet the results and ease of undertaking the teachings have easily outweighed any struggle and resistance to change. I love this work and have never experienced a presenter as open, caring and knowledgeable as Martina. 

Dig, 51, Melbourne

I felt the space was held by Martina with great love, respect and even in difficult times she held herself with great dignity.


Tantric Alchemy Training has changed my life in deeply profound ways that I could not have previously imagined possible. It has awoken parts of myself that were previously sleeping, expanding my experience of life, intimacy and connection with myself and with others. It has given me wonderful tools to tap into my unique truth and expression of who I am. I feel more aligned with my personal power and integrity than I have known before and deeply enjoy relating from this place. I am eternally grateful and blessed to have chosen to go on the journey for the 12 months. I feel like my true life or life of truth has just begun and it keeps beginning! Martina holds an incredible space of deep intuition, trust, wisdom and fierce love. 

Amy, 26, Brisbane

The training practices have worked on many levels for me—creating openings for me to explore and discover my inner life. The profound effect of the training has been that I have a sense of myself standing more and more securely on my own two feet and staying connected to my inner self while engaging with others. 

Vanessa, 42, Sydney

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