Martina Hughes

Martina Hughes

Hi there, I’m Martina Hughes. Thanks for visiting the Tantric Blossoming website – it’s always a delight to meet new people who are exploring a tantric journey. It’s been an incredible path for me and I feel very blessed now to be sharing it with others.

Let me tell you a little about myself…

My passion and life’s work is creating spaces where men and women can experience deeper meaningful connections with their unique essence and also with their intimate partner, friends, family and community. I do this through facilitating sessions, workshops, retreats and trainings based on Tantra and Sacred Sexuality as this has been my own greatest catalyst for transformation.

I feel inspired to support people in knowing who they are, being able to live in alignment with their inner being and to restore the masculine and feminine polarity in our world.

Even as a child I loved to sit with people and understand what was going on in their lives, to support them to share, to hear what was happening in their hearts. I knew that I had a gift for listening from a place of support and openness and from that grew my desire for working with people intimately. But I obviously wasn’t ready to take that step: a few twists and turns as a teenager led me to become a chartered accountant. After almost 10 years of chartered accounting and a party girl lifestyle, one day I suddenly woke up to the deeply shocking realisation that I was using career, partying, friends, food, shopping – everything – in a futile attempt to fill a ‘hole’ inside me.

That inner pain became the catalyst to return home to myself, to find peace in being me, to enjoy rather than run from myself. The urge to work closely with people was re-awakened; but, I knew that I needed to do my own inner work before I could truly offer my gifts to others. Transformation came through reading inspirational books, moving away from my home town of Launceston, breathwork sessions, meditation, exercising, adopting a healthy lifestyle, living in London, studying shiatsu and energetic healing, taking 6 months to travel the world, and then returning to Sydney to undertake an intensive training in breathwork and rebirthing.

All of this allowed me to slow down, to know myself, to make peace with my life experiences to date and to align my deepest heartfelt values with my actions in life. Still, there was something missing and I was searching for how to bring home the last disconnected pieces of myself. And then I discovered Tantra.

Ahh, such bliss and contentment……

I knew that my feminine had been underplayed throughout my life, but I hadn’t been able to work out how to bring her home. And then I dropped inside of myself so deeply that I found her and I realised that my tenderness, my receptivity and lovingness, my intuition and beauty were to be shared, rather than locked away inside as they had been for many years. With the gift of Tantra, my life transformed forever, I knew that having come home to myself in this way, there was no way out, that I could be at peace with all the feelings and experiences that move through me, that I could trust myself and feel safe in my body and enjoy incredible pleasure.

And so with the discovery of Tantra and coming home to myself, I also discovered my life’s work.

Tantra has been and continues to be my greatest teacher – for me, tantra is about all of life – the way I eat, the way I treat my body, the way I meditate, the way I relate to friends and family, the way I connect with my intimate partner as well as how I experience my sexual energy.

It’s been an amazing journey and I love how clients inspire me to continue expanding in creativity to find new ways to share what I have received. I look forward to having the opportunity to share these gifts with you.

I had done over a decade of self development work before I attended the Being Man retreat, where I experienced some of the biggest shifts in my life in relating with myself, my sexuality and women.... I wouldn't only recommend this to men, I'd suggest it's a must go! This work has been key in relating with all women in my life including mum and sisters and positively impacted on all areas of my life.

Paul, 45, Byron

Tantric Alchemy Training has changed my life in deeply profound ways that I could not have previously imagined possible. It has awoken parts of myself that were previously sleeping, expanding my experience of life, intimacy and connection with myself and with others. It has given me wonderful tools to tap into my unique truth and expression of who I am. I feel more aligned with my personal power and integrity than I have known before and deeply enjoy relating from this place. I am eternally grateful and blessed to have chosen to go on the journey for the 12 months. I feel like my true life or life of truth has just begun and it keeps beginning! Martina holds an incredible space of deep intuition, trust, wisdom and fierce love. 

Amy, 26, Brisbane

I decided to head along to the Blossoming Woman retreat out of curiosity after experiencing Martina leading Sacred Sexuality for Women evening in Sydney. Wow!  The Blossoming Woman retreat was the most powerful workshop I have participated in.  Totally heart opening and connected me with the divine feminine in a way I have I have never experienced before.   Martina holds the space for you to experience vulnerability and ecstasy.  A powerful and loving and divine experience!

Freya, Sydney

The Couples weekend offered me a safe and warm place to look within myself and challenge my view of my relationship with Lotta. I have a tendency to “give”more than receive and the weekend allowed me to see that being that way not only deprives me of the pleasure of receiving both a loving touch and a warm heart, but also diminishes my partner’s ability to fulfil herself in giving to me with tenderness and heart felt emotion. The workshops, both emotional and physical, were challenging yet rewarding. I was pleased to support Lotta in her times of need and have her hold me when I felt like a hug as well. Martina and all the leaders were knowledgeable and created a loving and safe space for the activities. The location is amazing and the meals were delicious! The weekend opens your eyes to what is possible to create in relationship if two people share a common love.

Jeremy, 54, Melbourne

The Tantric Couples weekend was one of the hardest things I’ve done but also one of the best things I have ever done. The practices and discussions led by Martina and her team released a lot of suppressed emotions in me and I finally allowed myself to cry and start releasing grief. It was an amazing feeling and I found myself finally “free”. Free to explore and free to connect at a deeper and more intimate level with my partner. Thank you Martina for a wonderfully enlightening weekend with lots of caring, listening and tips for us as a couple to take home to our everyday life.

Lotta, 43, Melbourne

Fantastic evening. I was nervous as a first timer, wasn't quite sure what to expect. Left with a buzzing feeling! And I have felt great in the days since! More events please!

Duncan, 28, Melbourne

This event helped me to unravel the 'mystery' around why I was letting myself be treated the same way in my relationships with women. It was confronting at first, but then I was able to see the path that I needed to move on. An unbiased and loving woman's perspective was what I valued more than any other program I'd participated in before. I've learnt so much from Martina and invite you to attend and see for yourself.


"It's amazing what gets squeezed into 3 nights n 3 days - feels more like a weeks worth of personal transformation. You'll be up for a ride..peaks..troughs but it's all carefully structured to make sure you arrive at the end empowered n clear on what you need to do to take your next step n eat life like a lion. Along the way there's a few utterly unique experiences you can't get anywhere else. An added bonus is the special connection you make with your fellow travellers. If you're thinking of doing this - do it! You deserve to back yourself brother." 

Dorian, 47, Melbourne

Thank you for the workshop, saying thank you seems inadequate for the gift of awakening which has occurred within me. It truly was a night of reconnection to myself, my femininity and my sexuality - all of which I have been disconnected from for such a large part of my life. For the first time I could feel the energy within all of me at once and its ebb and flow, where usually I only feel energy circulating around my heart centre or solar plexus. I discovered what it felt to be whole again from within.

For various reasons, sex and love making have not been a part of my life but after tonight I feel ready to explore this aspect which I have denied myself for so long, and that in itself is a major miracle! So once again, thank you Martina for such a profound workshop.

Much love.

Belinda, Sydney

Great content and well presented. Very experiential. I have a real sense of growth and understanding. 

Scott, 40, Sydney