Helen Zee

Helen ZeeIn my quest to deepen my life through quality relationships, I discovered the teachings of Tantra. It satisfied my burning question of years “there is something more precious, real and powerful in relating between us”. I now have a pathway of opening deeper, being fully present and living my life with aliveness and beauty.

As a yoga teacher I create spaces where people can connect and surrender to feel more alive and whole. In Tantra spaces, I feel inspired to create curiosity within our bodies, increase vitality, enhance pleasure and explore a deeper way of connecting with each other in a safe nurturing space

Tantra has been a pathway to inner peace – for me I’m able to surrender into a space of being and as opposed to doing and feel my love and bliss shine through me.

Embracing my feminine has enabled flow and ease to exist in my life by changing the quality of my relationships. Appreciating and experiencing the delicate energies in me has given me great zest in sharing the teachings.