Being a Sexual Man – An Introduction

Being a Sexual Man - An Introduction

Sexual energy is your life force energy

Empower your life through connecting more deeply with your sexual spiritual self. Understand how staying present and dealing with the challenges of life, love and relating will support you to reclaim your masculine power and increase the potency of your whole life. In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • enhance your sexual energy
  • feel empowered in your sexuality, an essential ingredient for your potency and wellbeing
  • explore the healing power of touch, connection and sensuality
  • stay centered in relationships with women, bringing clarity, direction and lovingness
  • improve relating and communication with lovers

You will be given simple tantric practices which you can use in your daily life, alone or with a partner. Choose your own level of comfort and participation at the workshop. There are no compulsory exercises or nudity. This workshop is open to all men, regardless of age or relationship status.

Why work with a woman?

My intention is not to teach a man how to be a man – that’s what spaces created by men are for. However, I can share with you what women respond to in men, from a place of authenticity, awareness and no agenda. 

I know women – I’ve spent my life talking with women about relationships and the last 10 years working with women in the relationship space. I know what supports us to feel open, to connect, and to respond to you, as a man. I know, and openly share with my men’s groups the deep, intimate, and often subconscious things that women are often afraid to share with men. 

After working in this field for so many years, I also have the inside story on the games that women play with men and how you, as a man, can transform these games into powerful, loving and mutually fulfilling connections. Every woman longs to open, to have ecstatic loving and sexual experiences – I can show you the pathway to open a woman to those places within.  

Coming into alignment with yourself is key to experiencing fulfilment of your desires – love, appreciation, connection and sexual ecstasy.  

Dates: 13/08/2017

Times: 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: Martina's Meeting Space, Hughesdale Melbourne (Exact address provided after registration is confirmed)


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