Blossoming Woman – Weekend Retreat

Blossoming Woman - Weekend Retreat

A weekend of rejoicing in your feminine essence – reclaim your creativity, joy and passion

This retreat is for any woman who wants to experience herself as a Blossoming Woman – a woman who embraces herself as love, engages deeply with her sexual energy and lives an integrated life.

A Blossoming Woman knows and feels herself as much more than the role she plays in others’ lives… she lives and breathes from the inside out.

  • Support, enhance and strengthen the connection to your feminine essence.
  • Learn how the masculine and feminine qualities within you create harmony.
  • Breathe, feel and dive into the power of you – unfiltered, raw, passionate, tender, vulnerable, alive you.
  • Nurture and nourish yourself with bodywork, breathwork, meditation, dance and tantric practices.
  • Learn how to use your sexual energy for health, pleasure and spiritual opening.
  • Free yourself from the chatter of the mind, feel your being relax into the inner silence.
  • Give yourself permission and space to experience what you have been afraid to feel, your magnificence, beauty and power.
  • Experience yourself as a powerhouse of loving and sexual energies – everything you have been looking for is inside your body and spirit waiting for you to reclaim home on the inside.

“A woman is the full circle.  Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”
– Diane Mariechild

Here are some words from past retreat participants:

“What I experienced during the Blossoming Woman retreat was not what I was expecting: I experienced myself. I found my truth.  I was looking for answers from the outside when it was all inside.  By creating a space of trust, safety, fun and love, Martina helped to peel off the layers. In the middle of this circle of amazing women, there I was – bare, strong and vulnerable, with tears, laughter, screams, love, energies, passion, fun, music, compassion, it all came to me … I have opened to my energies, a breakthrough to different sensations, to a different understanding of the world. Spirituality. Orgasmic flashes of warmth through my body. Feminine connection. Everyone has a unique experience, my opening is deep and profound. There is no turning back. I will keep walking on the path, I love what I found, the possibilities seem limitless.”

– Sandrine, Sydney

Martina has taken me on a beautiful journey through the Blossoming Woman retreat… I have a new sense of calm and freedom in my life. I feel empowered with the tools, the confidence and the commitment, to continue nuturing and loving myself.”
“I have overcome negative feelings about my body, discovered and reconnected with my sexual energy and feel a new life force emerging within me.”
“Blossoming Woman is an opportunity to experience profound transformation from deep inside.”

– Katie, Melbourne

“The Blossoming Woman retreat was the most powerful workshop I have participated in.  Totally heart opening and connected me with the divine feminine in a way I have I have never experienced before.   Martina holds the space for you to experience vulnerability and ecstasy.  A powerful and loving and divine experience!”

– Freya, Sydney

And from a husband of a past participant:

Dear Martina, Don’t know what you did over the Ladies weekend at Lilyvale but whatever it was I just wanted to say thank you for spoiling my darling. I asked her when she got home for a score out of ten when she got home and all she could say was, “TEN TEN TEN TEN.”

A Happy Husband, Sydney

What will you experience during the weekend?

Tantric Blossoming is dedicated to creating spaces for your inner and outer transformation, using a combination of tantric practices with breathwork, dance, silent meditation, active meditation, massage, polarity work, conscious choice, self enquiry and more.

What happens on retreatSome areas of focus will be:

  • Using sexual energy for your inner healing
  • Awakening the many flavours of woman in you
  • Celebrating your unique feminine body
  • Expressing yourself authentically
  • Integrating all these experiences into your life
  • Transform your connections with men and women

About the retreat:

The retreat will be held at Amarant Retreat, 80 minutes out of Melbourne in the Yarra Valley. It is located on 25 acres of temperate rainforest in the Yarra Ranges National Park, making it ideally situated to support us on this transformational journey. Our workshop activities are conducted in a room that overlooks the Yarra Valley, inspiring a sense of expansion and support for the transformational work.  The surrounding bushland is ideal for walking and reflection to integrate your journey.

About the food:

Organic vegetarian food will be provided – dinner on Thursday night; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday.


Spaces are limited, if you’re interested please send an email to

Dates: 26/10/2017 - 29/10/2017

Times: All Day

Location: Amarant Retreat, 1475 Don Road Don Valley Victoria 3139


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