Beauty of Woman – A Monthly Circle

Beauty of Woman - A Monthly Circle

This circle is to support women in reconnecting with the inner beauty and joy of being woman.

The circle is open to all women – there are no requirements around tantric experience, age or relationship status… If you are a woman you are welcome to attend.

We want to support you in having a monthly space to empower, embrace and embody the beauty of being a woman. The focus of the circle will be practical exercises to embody the feminine through giving and receiving nurturing.

In ancient times woman’s wisdom was passed down through women sitting in circle and communing with each other every day. Let’s bring back the embodiment of femininity through communing regularly with each other.

Each monthly circle may include:Beauty-of-Women

  • sharing ~ to feel supported, to create connection within the group
  • dance and movement ~ to allow your physical body to express itself, to release tension, to open to deeper levels of embodying feminine essence
  • meditation and breathing ~ to slow down, to connect internally, to become aware of your inner voice, to come out of the mind, to feel the body
  • self-massage ~ to reconnect with your body, to know your body, to feel your own pleasure, to embrace your physicality, to explore your sensitivity
  • energetic healing ~ to release past limitations, to open up to deeper feeling within the body, to know yourself
  • partner touch and massage ~ to nurture and nourish each other, to feel supported and connected, to learn to receive

You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated – and the circle’s practices can be maintained at home on your own, to keep opening you to deeper levels of self connection.


Dates: 15/08/2017

Times: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Location: Martina's Meeting Space, Hughesdale Melbourne (Exact address provided after registration is confirmed)


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