Alison Petrie

Alison Petrie

Alison PetrieI came to Tantra as an extension of my personal and spiritual development, to bring spirituality into sexuality, to deepen the connection between myself and my partner and to address my internal feminine / masculine imbalance. Tantra has been a pivotal part of my journey to reclaim and value the feminine, and to embrace my beautiful qualities of nurturing, love, caring, softness and surrender.

Growing up, I rejected the feminine and became quite strongly identified with the masculine way of being in the world. I admired my Father who had a successful career and seemed capable and strong; and I judged my Mother’s choice to stay at home and not work as weak and passive. These beliefs led me to working in IT, a very masculine, analytical and structured world, where I was very successful, well paid and secure. However, I was often stressed and tired and I longed for work that was more satisfying and fulfilling, making a difference to peoples’ wellbeing rather than just making money.

My Mother died suddenly when I was 25 and that event began a deep journey into myself through the study of counselling and psychology, yoga and meditation, and much more.

Opening to my spiritual side, I was attuned to Reiki and participated in an intensive seven day retreat, where I had some overwhelming direct experiences of heightened consciousness and subtle energy which had me question everything I thought I knew about the world. I began to incorporate energetic healing in my counselling practice, ran meditation classes and groups and explored intuition and psychic phenomena, adding this dimension into my work with people. This brought a new depth and level of compassion and an ability to see and feel even more clearly where people are and how they could change and grow, to know more of themselves.

Tantra was my next unfolding – I wanted to explore the woman in me, the feminine side which had been underdeveloped. Tantra has taught me the depths of being a woman; to experience my body from the inside; to connect with myself and another beyond the physical and to truly bring my heart to relationships and my sexuality.

And now through Tantra, my intention is to open people to the beauty of who they are, beyond their issues and wounds and to fully embrace the potent sexual energy that is their life force so they can lead amazing, vibrant lives.

I offer women the gift of returning to their bodies, healing past traumas and gently opening the places where they have shut down. I feel joy in supporting women to own their beauty and feminine power, to enjoy their relationships and sexuality, and to rediscover their amazing capacity for sexual pleasure.

I offer men the ability to heal their relationships with women, to bring more connection into their relationships, and open up new areas in their sexuality that they may not have discovered before.

I also work with couples to deepen the connection, love and intimacy within their relationship and to renew the spark in their sex lives.

Thank you for the wonderful workshop you hosted. It was a very interesting evening, both of us experienced very deep insights into ourselves and how we operate.  Even though we had issues on the evening with each other.  The workshop was the best thing we have ever done (besides commit to each other).  

Smartly, I waited until the next day to chat to him about his experience and mine and this is where we really communicated deeply and truthfully. We now play every chance we get and it’s an absolute joy nearly all the time.  Thank you very much.

Anon, Sydney

Last night I attended the Beauty of Women event run superbly by Alison. I'd had a huge day at work and was tempted to bail out but am so glad I didn't. It was a tender, slowly-evolving evening where time just slowed down. When it ended I was surprised I'd been there 3 hours and delighted at how refreshed I felt. It was like I'd walked through cool rain on a steaming hot day. We talked, we danced, we meditated and we supported ourselves and each other. I love that this monthly event is building a circle for women to connect and feel committed to attending each month and encourage any of your clients and contacts to come along. Blessings and thanks.

Katie, 47, Sydney

Thank you so much Martina for our session on Thursday. I was blown away by the amazing space you helped me create through my courage (in your safe and loving environment) to look at the challenges that stop me feeling fulfilled and happy. Since Thursday, lots of lovely new views have opened up for me and I have been feeling so peaceful and grounded. I have been practising my breathing and breast massage and its really interesting to note that the blockages in my digestion have released over the last few days. I am feeling more energetic, the pain in my back has diminished considerably... its been amazing and I sincerely thank you. I want everyone to know how free, energetic and healthy you can feel when you give up the old stuff, let go and start to love and blossom from the inside out.

Lindi, 49, Melbourne

Focusing on my breath and your direction allowed me to move through the sensations without being overwhelmed. That was refreshing. Throughout a growing spaciousness spread in my body. An unexpected freedom and release occurred so naturally, that it took me by complete surprise. I did not know my body could do that! It felt awesome and humbling. Lots of old "stuff" was surfacing, with sharp pains and twitches occasionally. Once again the breathing and visualisation helped. Immediately after the session, I felt an incredible buzzing through my body. I felt opened up. Something shifted deep down. With your guidance it was a wonderful and challenging first step in my journey. Your calm and reassuring way helped immensely. I look forward to the next part of the journey. Many thanks.

Tony, 37, Sydney

I attended the June 21 Tantric Nights, and would like to thank you for hosting it. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating evening with many activities I've never seen before. I learned things about myself and did a little healing as well. Lovely group of people, open, caring, welcoming. Alison is a great facilitator! I'm looking forward to the next one. 

Lloyd, 56, Sydney

My partner Matt and I attended the tantric couples night to get some quality time together to connect in our busy lives. We had been to tantric nights and really saw value in being in an intimate space where we could feel relaxed and guided by Alison together with other couples. We have been twice now and both times I have felt really nourished and appreciated the space to express myself and my love to Matt. Alison has a beautiful style that really allows whatever needs to happen to emerge. We will definitely keep coming back.

Lou, 34, Sydney

I have found the Tantric Nights for Couples that Alison runs very effective for re-connecting with my partner. We have been to every night she has run and each one has been a different experience. Alison holds a really safe and sacred space for couples to connect. Every time we have been to one of these nights it has been a very positive experience.

DG, 51, Sydney

I came along to the most recent tantric nights in Sydney. Wow, what a night! Thank you sooooo much for creating such a safe and beautiful space to explore in. I'd been a bit nervous arriving, excited but not sure what to expect, and it exceeded all my expectations. 

Kathryn, 35, Sydney