Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Tantric Blossoming is dedicated to your awakening, supporting you to return to your inner source of divinity, to know yourself as bliss, love and gratitude. We create experiences through tantric sessions and workshops, to give you permission to feel, to open to your inner source of knowing and to experience orgasmic bliss vibrating through your body.

We use Tantric practices including bodywork and breathwork to support you to engage with sexual energy in your body. Feeling your natural source of sexual energy uncompromised and flowing freely through the body opens you to truly experience your masculine or feminine essence. As a result you will feel more alive and vibrant in everyday life and begin to release the places physically and energetically where you have restricted your true expression.

Our Practitioners

Martina Hughes

Based in Melbourne, Martina offers:

  • private sessions for individuals and couples
  • workshops for men, women and couples
  • retreats
  • a monthly women’s circle
  • a 1-year self -development / practitioner training program
  • mentoring packages for men, women and couples
  • skype sessions available for men, women and couples globally

My passion and life’s work is creating spaces where men and women can experience deeper and meaningful connections with their unique essence and also with their intimate partner, friends, family and community. I do this through facilitating sessions, workshops, retreats and trainings based on Tantra and Sacred Sexuality as this has been my own greatest catalyst for transformation.

I feel inspired to support people in knowing who they are, being able to live in alignment with their inner being and to restore the masculine and feminine polarity in our world.

Tantra has been and continues to be my greatest teacher – for me, tantra is about all of life – the way I eat, the way I treat my body, the way I meditate, the way I relate to friends and family, the way I connect with my intimate partner as well as how I experience my sexual energy.

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alison-petrie-oct14Alison Petrie

Based in Sydney, Alison offers

  • private sessions for individuals and couples
  • workshops for men, women and couples
  • a monthy women’s circle

I came to Tantra to bring spirituality into sexuality, to deepen the connection between myself and my partner and to address feminine / masculine balance in my life.

Tantra has taught me the depths of being a woman; to experience my body from the inside; to connect with myself and another beyond the physical and to truly bring my heart to relationships and my sexuality.

And now, through Tantra, my intention is to open people to the beauty of who they are, beyond their issues and wounds and to fully embrace the potent sexual energy that is their life force so they can lead amazing, vibrant lives.

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Helen Zee

In my quest to deepen my life through quality relationships, I discovered the teachings of Tantra. It satisfied my burning question of years “there is something more precious, real and powerful in relating between us”. I now have a pathway of opening deeper, being fully present and living my life with aliveness and beauty.

As a yoga teacher I create spaces where people can connect and surrender to feel more alive and whole. In Tantra spaces, I feel inspired to create curiosity within our bodies, inc rease vitality, enhance pleasure and explore a deeper way of connecting with each other in a safe nurturing space

Tantra has been a pathway to inner peace – for me I’m able to surrender into a space of being and as opposed to doing and feel my love and bliss shine through me.

Embracing my feminine has enabled flow and ease to exist in my life by changing the quality of my relationships. Appreciating and experiencing the delicate energies in me has given me great zest in sharing the teachings.

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Tim Hopkins

Tim HopkinsTim Hopkins is Cairns based, with regular availability for private sessions in Melbourne and Sydney. Tim also provides support at our Tantric Blossoming retreats.

My journey with Tantra has reaped enormous benefits including greater presence, reconnecting with passion and discovering a new purpose. Initially, this journey was all about me and how I show up as a man in the world. Now I am passionate about sharing this work with others.

I love supporting women and men to be more in touch with their bodies, to feel more pleasure, and to have greater access to their life force energy (sexual energy). This opens the doorway for releasing tension and stored emotions that may inhibit connection and their capacity to feel.

An initial spark has turned into a flame that has ignited a passion within me to share this powerful and transformative work.

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Supporting Facilitators

Joanne Barron

Joanne is our Admin Assistant, supporting Tantric Blossoming facilitators and clients to have a harmonious experience by ensuring that all the details are taken care of. Your first point of call for any issues with bookings or logistics for our workshops and retreats.

Joanne is available to answer your enquiries about sessions and events by email –

Workshop Assistants

Our team of assistants supports each Tantric Blossoming event to ensure that you have the best possible experience from start to finish. Each of the assistants has a commitment to the creation of community around this work and is happy to provide practical or emotional support as needed.

The assistants are men and women who have expressed a commitment to their own process and a desire to live in alignment with their inner being. They come from varied backgrounds and have all explored a variety of modalities. What they have in common is that each one feels deeply moved and inspired by tantra.