Tantric Blossoming is about integration of heart, body, spirit and sexuality.

We support you in heart-opening tantric practices that open pathways to inner healing, greater intimacy and a more loving and peaceful experience of your life than you could ever have imagined.


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Get a Free Sensuality Toolkit when you join our newsletter


What Is Tantra?

Experiences to take you beyond your perceived limitations in life, sex and relationships – and supporting you to open to greater intimacy, inner knowing and spiritual sexuality.

Private Sessions

Tantric breathwork and bodywork sessions for individual or couples. Private sessions support you to integrate heart and sexual energy and become fully available to your life force.


Workshops, Retreats & Training

We hold a range workshops regularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for women, men, couples and mixed groups – suitable for beginners and those more advanced in Tantra.



Martina has taken me on a beautiful journey through the Blossoming Woman retreat... I have a new sense of calm and freedom in my life. I feel empowered with the tools, the confidence and the commitment, to continue nuturing and loving myself.

I have overcome negative feelings about my body, discovered and reconnected with my sexual energy and feel a new life force emerging within me.

Blossoming Woman is an opportunity to experience profound transformation from deep inside.

Katie, Melbourne

Tantric Alchemy Training has changed my life in deeply profound ways that I could not have previously imagined possible. It has awoken parts of myself that were previously sleeping, expanding my experience of life, intimacy and connection with myself and with others. It has given me wonderful tools to tap into my unique truth and expression of who I am. I feel more aligned with my personal power and integrity than I have known before and deeply enjoy relating from this place. I am eternally grateful and blessed to have chosen to go on the journey for the 12 months. I feel like my true life or life of truth has just begun and it keeps beginning! Martina holds an incredible space of deep intuition, trust, wisdom and fierce love. 

Amy, 26, Brisbane

Thank you again for the Sacred Sexuality experience. It was beautiful to feel so in tune with my body and share that with other women...the energy in the room was incredible. It has been 1 week since the Sacred Sexuality workshop...& I have felt more in tune with my body and settled in my mind than ever before. Before the workshop I felt I feared sex, had lost all desire for making love and was not feeling positive about myself in general...but after learning how to reconnect with myself and understand my body better, the idea of sex is not daunting at all...I'm actually excited! After sharing & spending time with the beautiful women in the group I also feel a strong desire to connect on a deeper level with my female friends which is so nourishing. Thankyou for empowering me and reminding me how blissful and divine it is to be a woman!

Stacey, 31, Sydney

I am still blown away from the sessions with you. To me it was a huge experience. I had so many moments of realization and understanding what is really going on. It has been wonderful, I am so glad that you came to Germany. The sessions with you have given me a feeling that true development and improvement is possible. And above all it has given me hope for my future. And for that I am truly very, very grateful. You are an amazing person.

Gerald, 32, Munich

Intimate Nights has been a beautiful experience of personal understanding and growth both for me and the others present. It was wonderful to interact with such lovely souls, who gave such love in return. I have realised that my view of myself has been blinkered by my own sense of worth. I am worthy of love. We are all so worthy of love. Tantra has opened my eyes to a different way of living in the world, and this is the flow that I am buoyed by. It has helped me to look in the mirror and smile... Thank you gifted teacher.

James, 53, Melbourne

Great content and well presented. Very experiential. I have a real sense of growth and understanding. 

Scott, 40, Sydney

Thank you for a wonderful retreat. The course was professionally organized, well structured and ran well. The food was delicious and nutritious and I felt well satisfied with the servings. Speaking from my heart ... You opened up my eyes to see how I was connecting with both men and women. My masculine man was dormant and has now re-awakened. I feel so energized as a sexual masculine man again. I'm finding it easier to stay centred, and to feel grounded in my unique male energy. I felt that my body and mind was cleansed and allowed to start fresh again. The workshops with the women and how to read their bodies and to allow space, was very insightful and powerful and has already been put into positive practice. Thank you for creating the space for a group of courageous men to challenge life and grow.

Damian, 52, Melbourne

WOW!! The space that was created at Sacred Sexuality for Women last night and the wisdom shared by Martina took me to a place within myself that was raw and vulnerable but also authentic and exciting! Feeling into the openness and the aliveness of the energy in the room was healing, inspiring and transforming. Thank you Martina!

Sabrina, Sydney

The retreat took me a big step further on my inner journey towards freedom. Its beautiful setting, the safe atmosphere, and the wonderful people involved, helped me to tap into a space within me which is free of expectations and goals – I found an awareness of the moment, of what’s happening in the here and now of my life. Never have I been as conscious about what I do and why I do it as I have been since the retreat.  The experiences I made there provided me with profound insights into some damaging patterns of my life that I didn’t dare dealing with before and which had turned into tense blockages for my life energy.  Some of those blockages I could release, others I started to tackle. Shrugging off the fear and laziness of going beyond the known path and questioning those self-imposed boundaries was a big challenge to overcome, but oh so liberating. I am now more willing to open myself and tear down the walls around my heart than ever before.  If I manage to stay on track of this process in my daily life, I will be a happier man. Very life changing. Thank you, Martina.

Urs, 31, Germany

Thank you so much for the experience of such an amazing workshop. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Tantra. Not only did my sex life take a step up dramatically overnight but I have new insight into the woman I really am.

Josephine, 40, Sydney

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