Tantric Blossoming is about integration of heart, body, spirit and sexuality.

We support you in heart-opening tantric practices that open pathways to inner healing, greater intimacy and a more loving and peaceful experience of your life than you could ever have imagined.


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Get Tantric Tips in Your Inbox


What Is Tantra?

Experiences to take you beyond your perceived limitations in life, sex and relationships – and supporting you to open to greater intimacy, inner knowing and spiritual sexuality.

Private Sessions

Tantric breathwork and bodywork sessions for individual or couples. Private sessions support you to integrate heart and sexual energy and become fully available to your life force.

Workshops, Retreats & Training

We hold a range workshops regularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for women, men, couples and mixed groups – suitable for beginners and those more advanced in Tantra.

Thank you again for the Sacred Sexuality experience. It was beautiful to feel so in tune with my body and share that with other women…the energy in the room was incredible. It has been 1 week since the Sacred Sexuality workshop…& I have felt more in tune with my body and settled in my mind than ever before. Before the workshop I felt I feared sex, had lost all desire for making love and was not feeling positive about myself in general…but after learning how to reconnect with myself and understand my body better, the idea of sex is not daunting at all…I’m actually excited! After sharing & spending time with the beautiful women in the group I also feel a strong desire to connect on a deeper level with my female friends which is so nourishing. Thankyou for empowering me and reminding me how blissful and divine it is to be a woman!

Facilitator: Martina 

Women, Love and Sex: Feed Self First

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Healthy Masculine/Feminine Relating

Our society has changed so much in the last fifty years and it’s left some unanswered questions for men and women. Many men are feeling lost about what their role is; and women are trying to do everything. Women often ask me how they can be of support to men, when... read more