Tantric Blossoming is about integration of heart, body, spirit and sexuality.

We support you in heart-opening tantric practices that open pathways to inner healing, greater intimacy and a more loving and peaceful experience of your life than you could ever have imagined.


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Get a Free Sensuality Toolkit when you join our newsletter


What Is Tantra?

Experiences to take you beyond your perceived limitations in life, sex and relationships – and supporting you to open to greater intimacy, inner knowing and spiritual sexuality.

Private Sessions

Tantric breathwork and bodywork sessions for individual or couples. Private sessions support you to integrate heart and sexual energy and become fully available to your life force.


Workshops, Retreats & Training

We hold a range workshops regularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for women, men, couples and mixed groups – suitable for beginners and those more advanced in Tantra.



Fantastic evening. I was nervous as a first timer, wasn't quite sure what to expect. Left with a buzzing feeling! And I have felt great in the days since! More events please!

Duncan, 28, Melbourne

The only way we can "teach" anything is by embodying the world fully and unconditionally ... in this way we become a mirror for the other to reflect and see themselves at depth ... the clearer we are, the deeper the other can access ... Martina has this clarity in overflowing abundance and she lives as a beacon for others to shine from ... she has done the work that makes it easier for those of us who follow to do so in security ... I was at a workshop with Martina and 17 other beautiful, open people and can only fully recommend her for anyone who has any interest in tantra, in relationships, in deepening their divine masculine or feminine, or indeed any interest in LIFE itself ...And most important of all - she was FUN..... 

Tony, 44, Sydney

Thanks for the workshop today... It was interesting, challenging, appealing, useful... love your work :)

Darren, 48, Melbourne

This workshop is the most beautifully supportive and safe environment to conquer body issues, if you truly wish to do so. Martina holds such a nurturing, accepting and beautiful space!!! This is not just 'one of those workshops' :)

Wayne, 34, Melbourne

The Couples weekend offered me a safe and warm place to look within myself and challenge my view of my relationship with Lotta. I have a tendency to “give”more than receive and the weekend allowed me to see that being that way not only deprives me of the pleasure of receiving both a loving touch and a warm heart, but also diminishes my partner’s ability to fulfil herself in giving to me with tenderness and heart felt emotion. The workshops, both emotional and physical, were challenging yet rewarding. I was pleased to support Lotta in her times of need and have her hold me when I felt like a hug as well. Martina and all the leaders were knowledgeable and created a loving and safe space for the activities. The location is amazing and the meals were delicious! The weekend opens your eyes to what is possible to create in relationship if two people share a common love.

Jeremy, 54, Melbourne

I was surprised by how natural and 'wholesome' the psychology/philosophy of Tantra came across to me on Sunday. The elucidation was thoroughly engaging. Your exited gestures - energetic nature - your gratitude... validate the efficacy of Tantra. I am convinced that this system could be very pragmatic, perhaps more so than many other practices I have encountered. From anecdotal reports of Tantra work, I was expecting some kind of internal conflict. Instead I found myself laughing and laughing on the inside! How joyful to hear someone challenge the psycho-social trash they've inoculated us with. Where to from here? 


I just wanted to thank you for the 'Being a Sexual Man' workshop. Awareness gives you the power to change. I have already felt a great sense of awareness which I believe will help me to recognise, focus and embrace my sexual energy, my ability to freely give love and my openess in receiving love. Thank you so much again.

Sebastian, 47, Sydney

This event helped me to unravel the 'mystery' around why I was letting myself be treated the same way in my relationships with women. It was confronting at first, but then I was able to see the path that I needed to move on. An unbiased and loving woman's perspective was what I valued more than any other program I'd participated in before. I've learnt so much from Martina and invite you to attend and see for yourself.


Just letting you know that I’m so grateful to you for allowing such a nurturing space at Tantric Nights... I’m wide open for all sorts of beautiful tantric experiences and loving it!!

Gabi, 32, Sydney

I wanted to take this time to thank you for the amazing influence and inspiration you have had on my life to get me to this stage where I can commence a new life of service. You were my first introduction to tantra. I have so much gratitude for your presence in my life. Your presence, the space you hold, your wonderful shining heart and your professional integrity are such gifts to the world.

Sean, 41, Melbourne

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