Tantric Blossoming is about integration of heart, body, spirit and sexuality.

We support you in heart-opening tantric practices that open pathways to inner healing, greater intimacy and a more loving and peaceful experience of your life than you could ever have imagined.


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Get a Free Sensuality Toolkit when you join our newsletter


What Is Tantra?

Experiences to take you beyond your perceived limitations in life, sex and relationships – and supporting you to open to greater intimacy, inner knowing and spiritual sexuality.

Private Sessions

Tantric breathwork and bodywork sessions for individual or couples. Private sessions support you to integrate heart and sexual energy and become fully available to your life force.

Workshops, Retreats & Training

We hold a range workshops regularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for women, men, couples and mixed groups – suitable for beginners and those more advanced in Tantra.

Being part of the Tantric Alchemy training has opened me up to a more authentic relationship with myself and others. It is so much more than a training—it is a community experience where you are held every step of the way by the hearts of the participants in the training. Martina has the gift of holding an incredibly safe space, which has allowed me to explore my sexuality in a beautiful healing way. The training has enhanced my relationship with my husband of 35 years and brought our intimacy to another level. 

Facilitator: Martina 

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